Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Reading

I've been in a reading sort of mood lately. I picked this up at BJ's while getting some things for the girls party the other weekend. I finished it in about 3 days...and I was drawing it out. What can I say? I like Jackie Collins for the pure fiction it is. It was ok, not one of her best novels but readable, unlike some other books that I've had to struggle to finish.

Like this one.

The Host

I fell in love with Stephanie Meyer when I read Twilight & totally expected another fantastic book. I was so disappointed. I know the story line was nothing like the Twilight series but I couldn't wait for it to pick up. I must say the ending is the best part of the book & not just that it was over. I finally finished it awhile ago but never got around to posting about it. It's not worth a second read in my opinion.

However this book is!! I started this again on Wednesday night. I still LOVE it!! I'm almost done with it again & just love everything about it! Can't wait until the movie comes out!!


Luckily, I'll be getting my hands on this gem in August!!



So now that I've got the book review done I'll be back later with some scrappy goodness.

Pinky swear!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i agree...wasn't a fan of the host...didn't care for all the "other planet" talk. her twilight series seemed more of an adult book, than this.

Patty said...

I have been a reading your blog for a while now. Thought I'd finally leave a comment! I started reading the twilight series after seeing your blog and some others recommending them. I am now half way through the eclipse...these books are so great! Just bought the host before reading that it wasn't too good..oh, well! anyhow your blog is great, I try to read it everyday..... also,your girls are adorable!