Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Scrapped!

I now know the real reason why I can't scrap during the day & have to wait for everyone to be in bed.

Oh and I spend a lot of time online...but that's not my point!

Somehow through all the interruptions, I managed to create some LO's. I stayed off the computer & played with papers & pics until it came together & made me happy.
The only thing is I didn't do any Disney LO's. Nope! Not a one! I figured I wouldn't feel guilty if scrapping these would break me out of the dry spell I was having. Besides they didn't take as long as mini album would so I feel no guilt in taking a break from the Disney albums. The topic that I scrapped is way off of Disney as they could possibly be!

The only reason I can give of wanting to scrap these are that I found the journal that I kept when I was pregnant with Gianna & it brought back so many memories of the belly. So I dug up these pics.
Looking back, I wish I had taken pics of the belly each month, but I didn't so these are the best I've got. I have even less when I carried Marissa. Both of my girlfriends in the pics had boys & both had different due dates than me. I actually scrapped this LO second & kept it pretty simple. The colors are REALLLLLLLY better IRL. I swear!

This LO was inspired by Amy's, you can see her LO here. I went & channeled my inner Laura on this LO. I used buttons & floss AND I used my new threading water punch! LOVE that thing!!

So there! I did get some creative juices flowing & I'm a happy girl!

FYI--Just in case you're wondering....I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look what I got!!

I just LOVE my hubby (more so than normal)!! I mentioned that I wanted to go to Borders to buy the Twilight Calendar & after dinner tonight we took a ride to get it!

Here's a sneak peek!!

Borders Twilight Calendar

Borders Twilight Calendar

Borders Twilight Calendar Borders Twilight Calendar

I can't tell you which month I like'll take some intense drooling over to figure it out!

While looking for a better pic of it I came across this site. You can order all sorts of Twilight t-shirts. Some are pretty cute too.

I WANT this!

Just saw the Twilight Calendar is for sale at Borders. Why haven't I seen this before?? I was just near the Borders this afternoon!! I could have stopped there! I could have already had this in my hands drooling over it! But I don't!

Borders Twilight Calendar

I HAVE to get this!

I'm curbing the urge to run out right NOW to buy it!! Yes, I'm obsessed!

Random Blah Blah Blah....

So yesterday as I was cleaning out my scrap area I also went ahead & purged some old stash. I filled a priority mail box to send to a charity. It's not even worth using as a RAK.

I also realized I have SO MUCH STUFF! I've got to stop spending so much time online & scrap more! What's the possiblity of that happening??

I also think I lost my scrapping vibe. This tends to happen when I'm on a roll. Everything I want to work on has nothing to do with the Disney albums that I feel like I have to get done in order to do other stuff. It just makes me feel guilty to think of starting something else without finishing that up. On the plus side I managed to order some of the 6-Up Pgs from We R Memory Keepers you can get them here. Hopefully that will make my life easier on the whole Disney front.

On another Disney/RAK related note....I won a RAK from Denine. I've recently found her blog but always admired her work. She needed some tips for--what else--DISNEY! I always like helping people out on that topic so I sent her some tips...actually 3 pgs worth...and then I got picked for the RAK. My goodies arrived yesterday after my eyes were all screwy from the eye Dr dialating them so I haven't really gone through it well. Maybe it was a sign that I was cleaning my stash!

BTW--If anyone is headed to Disney World & needs some tips just let me know & I'll be happy to send you my notes updated every trip! Just call me a nerd!!!

Today I plan on hitting Target. Marissa has a friends birthday party tomorrow so she needs a gift.....and Mommy needs to see if they got any new goodies! I saw on Laura's blog that her Target already has the new MM Spellbound collection. Can you say Happiness??

Yes, I know I was complaining about having too much stuff, but isn't the rule..."for every new thing you bring home you must throw something old out?"

I think that applies to scrapping perfectly!!

I also think that will be just the thing I need to jumpstart my vibe.

That and a Large Dunkin' Donuts coffee!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Cleaning & Stuff

Today I unintentionally ripped apart my desk trying to organize it better. I fully intended on getting a few more LO's done but I guess you can say......I'm avoiding it.

I had the overwhelming desire to completely rip everything apart & start all over but I knew I didn't have the time today so I started small-ish. Hopefully once I'm done I'll post some pics.

On another note (and another excuse as to why I didn't scrap), I went for my annual eye exam today & the Dr. dialated my eyes. That is the worst part of going!! It completely throws my eyes out of whack for hours & gives me an awful headache! But I'm in the clear for another year!


Last night Joe & I watched "21". It was GOOD!! It's something I'd watch again AND buy the DVD.

Speaking of movies....My sister Marie called me today about plans for a group of girls I used to work with (yes my sister & I worked together AND that's where I met Joe.) to go see Mamma Mia! on Fri. I can't wait!!! It'll be good to have a Girls Night!

Counting Down....

In just 4 more days I'll be reading this!

I am so ready for this to be in my hands!

Still not sure if I'll get my pre-ordered copy delivered on time. B&N seems a little fuzzy on that area. I'm debating on cancelling my order & just running out that day to go buy it.

Yes, I'm that desperate!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Need a Change....

For the past 2 days my computer has been driving me up the wall! It's been sloooooooow & acting up. Yesterday I didn't even turn it on until 8:30-ish & the entire time I could NOT get online! Finally I gave up, turned it off....and snuck onto Joe's computer to use his Microsoft Explorer (mine has issues).

I didn't last long on his computer, because frankly I don't like his set up. Drives me nuts & I like mine better--it's got all my STUFF on it! Like these pics of some cards that I made a few weeks ago.

I was writing out the Thank You cards for the girls birthday parties & realized that I was about 3 cards short so I made some up.

Then since I had some scraps left over I made this one.

The other night I had this mini book idea that I sort of started getting together so I wouldn't "forget" to do.

Me? Forget? HA!

The mini book is Christmas related & that's all I'm sayin'. Last night I pulled out some papers to maybe play with but then I got an attack of "the guilts" about starting something new without finishing the Disney albums. I really want to get it done before our Aug trip. Especially since I still have to scrap the April trip. I'm seriously considering Laura's sugggestion & doing an online photo book printed for some of the older trips that I'm seriously, seriously behind on!!

I'm just slightly "done" with working on the Disney albums.


I'm hoping to break it up some older pics I printed the other night. I just need to work on something different for a change.

On another note, Have you seen the latest CK KOTM? Becky Higgins came up with an "extension kit" to her orginal "School kit" & it is FULL of FUN stuff! I'm loving the stamp that comes in the kit! I've got both kits & can't wait to play with them! My extension kit came the other day & I hear the girls yellin' "MOM! You got HAPPY MAIL!". They had no idea how "HAPPY"!

Yeah....just count the school years MORE stuff that I'm behind on....but not too bad!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Made This.....

I was cleaning up my desk today & going through some drawers when I got all inspired to make this. I got the idea from Laura.

I sort of like it but I'm not sure if I'll use it for my banner. Just being creative. Used all MM except for the clocks those are Heidi Swapp.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disney LO's

Got a few more LO's done for the June 2007 trip. Yep, I'm STILL working on it. It seems like it's taking forever because it was a 2 week trip. There were A LOT of pics taken during that time, so it's gonna take awhile.

I sorta feel like the LO's are starting to look the same, it doesn't help that I'm using this one design a lot either, but it works. I've also been using wallet size a lot because I have so many pics for this trip & it gets more pics in the album.

Marissa's version....

Gianna's version.....

Marissa's version (sort of lifted from my friend "Runnerrae" on 2Peas). She's a Disney fanatic too, her name is Rae & she runs)

Gianna's version (again sort of lifted Rae's LO)

So that's what I've been doing. As much as I like working Disney LO's I'm ready for something different. I think a mini album might be in order......

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slip 'N Slide

Yesterday was a mostly do nothing day. We took the girls outside & they finally wanted to play with the slip & slide my sister Chet bought them for their birthday. Marissa knew what to do with it right away.
Gianna was timid at first & didn't get the slide part but she managed to have fun & get wet.
Marissa was a trip on this thing! She ran at it full tilt to get a good splash!
Gianna liked to crawl through it army style, taking her time. I think she did that to tick her sister off!

At one point Gianna just stood there & posed. She's not one that likes the camera too much but she was just hamming it up & being all cute for me.

As cold as the water was, she could have laid there all day.
So that's my re-cap of Saturday. Today? We didn't do much at all. I scrapped some (I have a few more LO's to share). Other than that not much to report. Just a lazy day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mickey in the Morning

I got these done the other day & never got around to posting them. I have another 2 all done except for the journaling to share soon.

If you've never been to WDW & you plan on going soon make sure you make a reservation to Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary. GOOD STUFF!! They have a pretty good dinner too but I'm a breakfast person. You just can't go wrong with breakfast.

Gianna's LO (version 1)

Marissa's LO (version 2)

We're Booked!

So last night we were all hanging out in the den when Joe calls me over to his computer. He shows me the website to Great Wolf Lodge. He says "Wanna go?" I asked him when, I had to make sure it wasn't the same day "Breaking Dawn" was released. Not entirely joking about that either! LOL!! He named a date, (it was clear), I said "Sure".

Gotta love vacation planning!

He showed me all the different cool rooms they have available, which of course the girls had their opinion about. Before we knew it, we even asked my sister Chet to come with us (can you say "babysitter"??), she said yes, of course. By the end of the night, the date was set, the trip was booked & the girls were in bed. The end.

Sure enough we're excited. We've never been there & it does sound like a LOT of fun. I bet we'll all be pruney by the time we come home from all the time we'll be in the water park.

The girls need to see other places besides Disney.


Did I just say that??

Yep I did.

This morning they were asking me all sorts of questions. Gianna had a slew of them...

"They have beds there?"
"They have pillows there?"
"I bring my blankie?"
"Titi Connie Ice Cream coming too?" (that's what they call Chet)
"We have food there?"

I had to explain to her that it's at a hotel & we'd be staying in a room there like Disney. Marissa was easier.....

"What time does our plane leave?"

I laughed (on the inside) & told her we'd be driving there since it's not that far away.

So we're excited about the trip. It'll be nice to do something different like this. I'm excited about the packing too. We're going away for a few days & will be in our suits for most of it, that we won't be needing a lot of clothes. It's the little things that make me happy.

Ahhhhhhh, let the fun begin!!


I've been wanting to post about last weekend & since my computer is tied up at the moment, I figured now's a good time. These pics are all from last Saturday.

We went up to my sister Marie's house for a day of fun at the pool. My mom was there & my sister Chet & all the grandchildren. My mom was in her glory. Being that my pink eye was still pink, I stayed out of the pool (mostly) & took a TON of pics.

Here's Marissa & my neice Nikki towards the end of the day. Their lips were blue but they insisted they were fine!

This is pretty much were Gianna spent most of the day. She can touch the bottom, I know this since she & my nephew Tyler are the same height & he can touch the bottom but she wasn't buying it. Unless someone carried her around she stayed put.

She had such a good time splashing everyone (including herself) with that water cannon thingy.

I even got these crazy shots of all the kids (except Gianna) jumping into the pool at the same time.

Note to self: next time have them jump from opposite side of the pool where there isn't so much distraction in the background!! **SIGH**