Friday, July 25, 2008

Need a Change....

For the past 2 days my computer has been driving me up the wall! It's been sloooooooow & acting up. Yesterday I didn't even turn it on until 8:30-ish & the entire time I could NOT get online! Finally I gave up, turned it off....and snuck onto Joe's computer to use his Microsoft Explorer (mine has issues).

I didn't last long on his computer, because frankly I don't like his set up. Drives me nuts & I like mine better--it's got all my STUFF on it! Like these pics of some cards that I made a few weeks ago.

I was writing out the Thank You cards for the girls birthday parties & realized that I was about 3 cards short so I made some up.

Then since I had some scraps left over I made this one.

The other night I had this mini book idea that I sort of started getting together so I wouldn't "forget" to do.

Me? Forget? HA!

The mini book is Christmas related & that's all I'm sayin'. Last night I pulled out some papers to maybe play with but then I got an attack of "the guilts" about starting something new without finishing the Disney albums. I really want to get it done before our Aug trip. Especially since I still have to scrap the April trip. I'm seriously considering Laura's sugggestion & doing an online photo book printed for some of the older trips that I'm seriously, seriously behind on!!

I'm just slightly "done" with working on the Disney albums.


I'm hoping to break it up some older pics I printed the other night. I just need to work on something different for a change.

On another note, Have you seen the latest CK KOTM? Becky Higgins came up with an "extension kit" to her orginal "School kit" & it is FULL of FUN stuff! I'm loving the stamp that comes in the kit! I've got both kits & can't wait to play with them! My extension kit came the other day & I hear the girls yellin' "MOM! You got HAPPY MAIL!". They had no idea how "HAPPY"!

Yeah....just count the school years MORE stuff that I'm behind on....but not too bad!


denine zielinski said...

Hi your cute little cards.

Just wanted to tell you that you won the RAK on my blog. Drop me am e-mail with your addy!


laura vegas said...

cute cards! and i can totally get that you would need a little break from disney. lol!

i can't wait to dig into my BH school kits too! i got 2 of the extension kits. they came 2 weeks ago ... and yet for some reason they are still sitting on my kitchen counter in the wrappers. lol! must make time to check it all out!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

very cute cards...i've been soooo uncreative lately! i didn't get the school kits, wish that i had i didn't get the extension kits. enjoy them girl!