Monday, July 14, 2008

Pity Party

I have been in a foul mood all day. That would basically be from me still not allowed to wear my contacts (I go see the eye dr. THURSDAY). Thus not being able to wear make-up to go out. Thus feeling trapped inside. BESIDES that I've got my "Aunt Flo" visiting, making my life a misery in itself. I haven't slept good. I'm in pain. I'm just an all around bitch!! I feel miserable & it's all just making me crazy!!

I even warned Joe when he got home tonight that I'm in a foul mood & that it's got nothing to do with him or the girls. Just me.

I think he wanted to run back to work!!

Or maybe he was wishing he had thought to bring home brownies!! LOL!!

I feel like I haven't had a relaxing week YET this summer!! Oh yeah & as of tomorrow the summer is 1/2 over! Can you just believe it???

ETA: Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I've also got a sore throat. I think Gianna got all "typhoid Mary" on us & we need to detox the house or something!!

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