Friday, July 18, 2008


I've been wanting to post about last weekend & since my computer is tied up at the moment, I figured now's a good time. These pics are all from last Saturday.

We went up to my sister Marie's house for a day of fun at the pool. My mom was there & my sister Chet & all the grandchildren. My mom was in her glory. Being that my pink eye was still pink, I stayed out of the pool (mostly) & took a TON of pics.

Here's Marissa & my neice Nikki towards the end of the day. Their lips were blue but they insisted they were fine!

This is pretty much were Gianna spent most of the day. She can touch the bottom, I know this since she & my nephew Tyler are the same height & he can touch the bottom but she wasn't buying it. Unless someone carried her around she stayed put.

She had such a good time splashing everyone (including herself) with that water cannon thingy.

I even got these crazy shots of all the kids (except Gianna) jumping into the pool at the same time.

Note to self: next time have them jump from opposite side of the pool where there isn't so much distraction in the background!! **SIGH**


laura vegas said...

some cute pics! isn't it funny how kids can be totally freezing in the water ... and yet claim that they're totally fine. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love shots like the pool jumping! very cool!!

our pool here is still so cold, too...and we still get the blue lips...