Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art Show

Tonight was Marissa's art show. It was low-key & casual--you just walked around looking for your kids artwork. In the all purpose room they had some artwork that the kids could take home with them tonight. Here's Marissa holding her snake & puppet. Here she is with her owl.

There's the Vanna White wannabe point to her cat in red up top.
More fun times ahead tomorrow.......

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week of Craziness!

This is the time of day when I can finally breathe. The girls are in bed. Time to relax. Since I picked them up from school they've both been cranky!! Call it hunger, or being tired, I call it ANNOYING!!!

This week is crazy busy. Here's a rundown of the craziness.

Yesterday was Marissa's last day of CCD. This means Mondays won't be as crazy anymore. Wrote out & mailed the invitations for her party, while trying to keep her mind on her homework & not on what I was doing--frusterating!!

Tonight was supposed to be Brownies but it got cancelled again. Gave Gianna a haircut while she squirmed around like a rabbit (or whatever other squirmy animal you might think of).

Tomorrow both girls have dentist appts. Have to remember to feed them beforehand so they aren't cranky after their cleanings & won't be able to eat! Then later at night Marissa's school is having an art show displaying the kids art from throughout the year. Hopefully we can do the whole ooh & ahh thing quickly so we can eat relatively early & they can get to bed on time.

Thursday I'm getting my hair cut, which can not be soon enough!! Seems like it grew so fast & feels shapeless right now! That night is Gianna's dance recital at her pre-school. Hopefully she won't freak out when she sees us (namely Joe--she's been weird with him lately). It's open seating so I'm hoping to get there early enough to get good seats without getting pissed off at the obnoxious people. Keep your fingers crossed on everything!!

Then Friday--ahh Friday the end of the crazy week! Hope to get a baby fix from my friend Patrizia & her daughter Sabrina. You'd think I wouldn't want to be around kids at this point but it's just the opposite! This one doesn't talk back!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wanna know what the Tropics taste like?

Then eat this!! This is "Tropical Sunshine Cake". I got the recipe from "Carnation" I think. Since my first attempt I have since modified the recipe & have used this as my go-to dessert. It's always a crowd pleaser or a husband pleaser--whichever comes first. Joe absolutely loves this cake! It's got Pineapple, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts & oh yeah yellow cake mix! What I'm trying to say is -- It's a YUMMY cake!

The finished result. Doesn't it look yummy??

Close up of the yummy pineapple & coconut.

Can you tell how yummy this is???
Are you hungry yet??

Then go make it for yourself! This here yummy concoction of sweetness is what I'm taking to my friend Connie's house for dessert. Otherwise I'd cut a nice chunk out of it purely for tutorial purposes to show you what the inside tastes like--I mean looks like!!




1 pkg. yellow cake mix

1 cup chopped macadamia nuts

1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk

1 ½ cup sifted powdered sugar

2 large eggs

2 cups flaked coconut toasted

1 can (20 oz) crushed pineapple in juice drained (juice reserved), divide


Preheat oven to 350. Grease 13x9 inch baking pan. Combine cake mix, evaporated milk & eggs in large mixer bowl. Beat on low speed for 2 minutes. Stir in 1 cup pineapple. Pour batter into prepared baking pan. Sprinkle with macadamias.

Bake for 30-35 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan on wire rack for 15 minutes. Combine sugar & reserved pineapple juice in small bowl, adding juice 1tblsp at a time; mix until smooth fluid consistency. Spread over cool cake, sprinkle with coconut & remaining pineapple. Cool completely before serving.

Store wrapped in refrigerator. Tastes GREAT cold!!

Disney Flowers

Finally adding pics from Disney mostly from the Flower & Garden show at EPCOT.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Better Late Than NEVER!

I was super productive today! Got the food shopping done. Got some never-ending laundry done. Then I tackled my dining room. I should have taken a pic of how bad it was. We aren't real "formal" people & hardly ever use the room except for holidays & when we have a lot of people over or parties. The rest of the time it's a "drop zone" for things that can't find a home right away.

When we were getting ready to go to Disney I was too busy getting ready for the trip to take down all the Easter decorations. I figured no one but my F-I-L would see them since he was watching the house for us & didn't bother. Last week I started taking things down & tossed them on the dining room table. Today I decided I had had enough & tackled the mess! First things first, I had to pack up the Valentine's decorations that I threw in a box & put downstairs until I could pack them up!!! I'm a procrastinator--what can I say?

So I went to work & got it all done. From the Valentine's stuff to Easter--it's all packed up!! I even put out some "Spring stuff" out, but let's stay real--I didn't finish it!! LOL!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Non-sense

Not much to say today so I'm gonna make this pretty random.

I'm happier to report today was better. Can't stop thinking of my nephew though.

Took this pic Monday. Gianna couldn't wait to get outside to play & I wanted to take pics of this tree so we compromised! This is in the front of the house, isn't it pretty? For so long I've wanted to take pics of it but usually when it blooms it's rainy & knocks all the petals off. So I made her hang out with me in the front while I took some pics. Tried getting her to stand still in front of it but that didn't happen too well. Got some great close up shots of the tree but I'll share those another day.

I spent some time scrapping today--very relaxing. Eventually my stomach reminded me that I hadn't eaten yet & that's when the flow was interrupted. I still got some stuff done & I'm happy.

Didn't get a chance to re-shoot those pics of my LO's. I thought about it but didn't want to stop scrapping to do it--maybe tomorrow.

My friend Samantha called & asked if I wanted to walk to school to pick up the kids. Great!! It'll count as exercise & I won't have to go on the treadmill!!

After picking Marissa up we came home jumped in the car (so much for Earth day) & went to book her party. I drove up & panicked a minute when I saw they changed the name from last year but luckily they still do the same parties & everything's the same inside. It's all set & Marissa got to choose what activities they'll be playing. She's so excited!! I let her get a scoop of ice cream when we were done & we sat at one of the tables while she ate. It was so nice to sit & talk with her. I feel like we don't get a lot of alone time.

Went to Payless Shoes afterwards because Marissa desperately needed new sneakers. She picked out a "Hannah Montana" pair but I told her if she wants them she has to learn how to tie the laces. Yes, my almost 7 yr old child never learned--velcro is just too easy!! They were running a BOGO sale so she got the pair she liked & I got her the pair I liked!! Hey I'm a sucker for shoes!! I looked around for me when she was all done & she just could not wait to get out of there! What a pain! Tried on a few pairs of shoes like these that were so cute & surprisingly comfy but I don't own enough green to qualify me buying them. Looking at the website I see they come in pink which might lead to a purchase in the very near future!! Have I ever mentioned how many pink clothes I own?? Funny but my favorite color is purple!! But I did find these CUTE pair of shoes that I don't really need & a pair of flip flops. I'm happy! Shoes+Me=SUCKER! Did some LO's a few years ago about how many shoes the girls had this one summer--it was insane!! Just so you know? I didn't buy all of them myself either! Seriously, I swear!! LO #1 & LO #2.

Marissa learned how to tie her sneakers tonight after dinner. She caught on quick too! No "bunny ears" for her! Guess she realllllllyyy wanted to wear them tomorrow for gym!! Had to wear them with a "Hannah Montana" shirt so it "matches"! Is she my kid or what?? I've taught her the value of making sure things match!!

I'm eagerly waiting for Grey's tomorrow night! I warned Joe that nothing & I mean nothing will pry me off the couch until it's over. There better be no interruptions from the peanut gallery either if they know what's good for them!

Never realized how many people visit the blog by way of Laura's blog. Thanks Laura for putting me on your "list"! I was very surprised to see me there! Now if I could just make these people stop long enough to say Hi.......that means LEAVE A COMMENT PEOPLE!!! LOL!!

Gave Joe a haircut tonight. I was done in record time...maybe 'cause I really didn't feel like it. Had to be done tonight--he has a grand opening for a new location he's in on Fri & there is NO WAY I'm missing Grey's tomorrow!!

Went through my horde of supplies for give aways from the RAK the other day. It's surprising how much stuff I have & don't use!! I think half the fun of scrapping is shopping for the supplies!! That's gonna be my new motto. "what's a motto? "nothing!" "what's the matter with you?!" Quick name tht movie (sorry it's late & I'm punchy)!! Susan & Crystal, your pkgs will be in the mail by the end of the week. Don't ask me my logic in how I chose the stuff--there's just no answer!

Wow! Was this a random post or what?? Didn't think I had much to say. With that I'm going to bed so much for scrapping anymore tonight...bad computer! It just draws me in I tell ya!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Tonight I had to go to a wake. I didn't want to go--who does?? This was different for me, it was for my nephew Michael's father. I was never a fan of John (long story) but he was too young to die never mind that he left behind 3 young kids. I went to the wake out of respect for Michael but man it weirded me out when I saw his dad in the casket & I was struck by how much Michael looked like him! Freaked me OUT!!

It didn't hit Michael yet--he actually seemed like he was in a daze, the poor kid. My sister Rita took it hard they broke up a few years back but the way she was crying you'd think she was the widow . His widow & his parents were inconsolable--it was heart-breaking to watch. No one should die that young. My other sister Chet was very upset too since they were all friends. Watching Michael with his half brother & sister was different since I've only ever seen him & Destiny together. The kids were floating around like they were at any family function, I don't know how long it's gonna take for them to fully understand. They are just too young to be without a father.

Peace be with you John.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy LO's -- Crappy pics

Yep that title sums it up right. The LO's made me happy, both the memories from the pics & getting them done.

Was using my other not-so-favorite-camera today & these are the results. Had the time stamp turned on & of course those pics of the LO's came out better than the ones without. Just bear with me 'Kay??

Did this pg for Gianna's album before we went away but didn't want to post it without doing a matching one for Marissa's album. Tried including some wildlife pics on this without making them the focal point so I made them into a tiny mini-album on the bottom with the journaling. Just don't mind my chipped nails in the pics!!

This LO was on my mind the day after we got back as I was unpacking & had to get it on paper before my inspiration was gone. Can't believe I never did this before. This is kinda simliar to this LO I did awhile ago with the characters & this I did with the Princesses.
This is a very simliar pg to Gianna's "1900 Park Fare" a few posts ago. I just changed the cardstock & the title really, but now Marissa has one in her album.

LOVE the title for this one. Again kinda lifted myself from this one but I'm ok with that.
Finally this is Marissa's copy of the 1st LO at the top of the post. Changed it ever so slightly. Tried matching the paper colors to the girls clothes--don't know if anyone noticed or not.

So there you have some crappy pics of happy LO's! I'm gonna re-shoot these tomorrow if I get a few minutes when the girls are in school (my QUIET time)!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Creative Release...

Stayed up late last night (till 2am) & got some scrapping done. YEAH!! I had a few LO's all ready to go since before the trip that I just had to put together & last night was my chance. They're simlilar to some of my last few LO's but since I'm doing an album for each girl I need to do 2. I'll take some pics later on to share. It felt so good to get them done!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Not a Tough Decision After All....RAK Winner???

Yesterday I started asking Marissa where she might want her birthday party this year & right off the bat she said "The candy place!!". I let it got & gave her some time to roll it over in her mind.

Tonight at dinner I asked her again & right away she said "The candy place!". So I mentioned some of your great ideas (Thanks Crystal & Susan!) & I mentioned mini-golf which she jumped at but in a nano-second changed back to "The CANDY PLACE!". This kid knows what she wants & doesn't care if it's "been done". (She had her party at the same place last year)

Here I was stressing about finding something original but nope not my girl---she's perfectly content with C-A-N-D-Y. Let's be real though, what kid isn't OK with candy???

Oops, I actually know one....nope take that back...I know TWO!

What's wrong with these kids???

Since I made you two ladies think about frivolous girly things, I'm feeling the need to share & decided to send a little scrappy something your way. Leave me your addy's on 2P's peamail here & I'll send you some goodies....I might just throw in some candy for good measure!!

Disney Pics

I'm done going through the pics from the trip--finally! I've deleted the crappier ones & I'm now down to 927 pics! Made a quick slideshow with the better pics. I plan on making another one of just the flowers I took--it was the Flower & Garden Festival at EPCOT--so pretty!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Any Ideas?? And a RAK!

It's that time of year when I have to play "Party Coodinator" & I'm coming up empty. You see this kid.....
Marissa dressed as Princess Jasmine at the "Pirate & Princess Party" in the Magic Kingdom.
is turning 7 next month & I've been nagged by her doting father about planning the "event". Frankly, I'm drained. I feel like it's been one thing after another since school started. I finish one project/holiday & something else lands in my lap. So I say again, I'm drained.

I need to come up with an idea for her school party (we have a big party at the house in between both girls birthday's for family). I don't want to have it at home since like I said I'm drained & would rather have it at a "place" that would handle the activities, the kids & oh yeah, the mess!!!

Last year we had it this Ice Cream/Candy shop & the girls made their own sundaes, sang karaoke, & made candy jewelry & stuff. Everyone had fun & it was relaxing for me!! So I'm asking for ideas so I can lay them on the soon-to-be-birthday-girl/diva.

This one.....

Gianna shaking her pom poms while waiting to see the "High School Musical 2" show at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios)

will be 4 in June & I'm up in the air about her school party. She goes to pre-school in the next town & she'll only be going to Kindergarten with about 2 of those kids so I'm not sure if I should just keep it simple & do the whole cupcake-party-in-school or try to have it at a place as well. Hmmmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.....

So leave me a few ideas in the comments & if the princess picks your idea there might just be a prize for the 1st one to come up with the idea. So if you're a lurker LEAVE A COMMENT!! Other than that it'll be a toss up between the 2-3 people that read this!! LOL!! I'll leave it open until Thurs. night with the winner to be announced sometime Fri.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I did it!!

After tackling 5 loads of laundry today I put the girls to bed & made myself go on the treadmill! Yeah Me!!! (Sorry it's stuck in my head---if you have kids you know what show that's from!)

I told myself that I'd set the timer for an hour but could get off in a 1/2 hour.

At 1/2 an hour I wanted to go past 2 miles. So I stayed on.

At 2 miles I wanted to burn 200 calories. So I stayed on some more.

Finally I said to myself that I had to do it & stayed on the full hour -- despite the cramp building up the back of my knee up my thigh. I am proud to say that I did it!! I walked over 2 1/2 miles (2.79 to be exact) & burned 222 calories. Go Me!! I thought about Susan starting up on the treadmill & used her as a motivater! Thanks Susan!!


I'm happy to report that all the suitcases (all 6--I TOLD you I was an overpacker!!) are empty!! I started tackling the pile of laundry & I'm on load #6. That's the excitement that's my life right now.

I ran to Michael's today to get the mini-album I used for our last trip's autograph album I made but they didn't have it. Damn! So I ran to AC Moore which is farther away & found it there. YEAH! I always find more of what I'm looking for there than M's--wish they had one closer to me.

This seems to be a new tradition with the autograph album but it's fun & the girls like flipping through it. I took blank tags with me & each time the characters would sign the girls autograph books Marissa would give them a tag to sign too. Now it's time to work some magic!! I know I have other projects in the works but I plan on doing a pg here & there unlike last time when I worked strictly on that album.

Yesterday I even started a LO that popped into my head & had to get it started. I just wish I had the time to keep up with all the ideas I'm having right now!! With that I'll leave you with one of the few family pic that we got. I'm still purging & resizing pics from the trip so this is just a little something to make this post more interesting. Now I hear the laundry pile calling my name.....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're Back!!!

Home Sweet Home. Got back tonight. Flight was good. We arrived an hour early but had to wait on the tarmac for "15 mins." which turned out to be 40 mins., but I'm not complaining. I've got 1 suitcase unpacked & already did a load of wash. Go me!! (Guess which Disney show that's from!!)

Here's a shot that I'm amazed came out of my camera. I never get anything this close to being good! No I'm not bragging, I'm just excited about it. Believe me there were several crappy night pics that got deleted.
I came home with 1,169 pics on my camera. Yeah I said 1,169!! I would rather take a bunch of pics & have a couple come out good than only taking 1 & have it come out crappy. The power of digital photography--gotta love it!! I already started purging some crappy pics & currently I'm down to 1,093 pics.
Got to watch Desperate Housewives--it's back!!! Sounds like the season finale will be a doozy. I'm really looking forward to Thurs. night for Grey's!! I saw a commercial that looks like it's gonna be GOOOOOD!
So that's all here. I'll be back tomorrow with more. Oh, yeah & I did I mention that we already booked our next trip? Yep, the countdown is on for Aug!! Call us crazy!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Greetings from WDW!!

It's been a beautiful last few days here in FL. The weather started out rough the 1st 2 days were stormy & rained all the time but we managed to have fun. Had a chance to get online tonight & while everyone is sleeping I figured I'd blog. **wink wink**

I'm in paparazzi mode & as of tonight I've taken 731 pics!! I know it's crazy but I like playing with the settings on my camera. Just think by the time we leave I just might reach 1000. You never know!!

Tonight we saw the Spectro Magic parade & while we waited I took some shots of the castle. I am thrilled to say that I got some GORGEOUS shots!! I'm so happy!! I can't wait to share them!!

Off to check some blogs! Night!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For all you QK Scrappers

Have you ever needed a QK die & not be able to find just the right one? Well check out Scrap-Mart's Blog. There are some neat ideas on how to take a die & create a totally different shape from it. This weeks idea is with the "juice box" die. Did you ever look at it & think "tissue box"?? Well one of the creative ladies there did & made a cute little Get Well card!

Oh and btw--I won this week's "March Madness" challenge (by default--but who's counting!)!! You can see it here.

Target fix

Had to run some errands today. My list was as follows....

Go to the Post Office
Go to the bank
Return some shirts to Kohl's
Buy Joe new sneakers
Go to several mall stores for returns
And my favorite part??
Go to Target!!

Don't let my list fool you they were mostly really quick stops...well except for Target!!

So thanks to Laura I realized I HAD to go to Target this week for an assortment of things but namely this. They re-vamped the scrapbook aisle after their mega super sale from the last time I was there & boy was I a kid in the candy store! I saw American Crafts ribbons, KI Memories, & best of all some new MM kits!! So I stocked up on a few different kits that I've been drooling over, because well basically Laura is an enabler & I will do pretty much anything she says!! LOL!!!!! Then I proceeded to the medicine aisle & picked up some of these....cause well we're all sick again!! Fun.

Yep, my head is congested as I type. The only thing I feel like doing is sleeping. Still have more to pack but don't think I'll get to it before I have to pick up Marissa from school. The plane ride should be super fun as we're all sniffling & you're hoping you're not sitting next to us on the plane!!