Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lala's Birthday

Today is my darling niece, Nicolette's 6th birthday. She's the loudest, most outgoing, adventureous, sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. She's also my God daughter. Marissa has been best friend's with her since the day Nikki was born.

One day (when the girls were about 18 months old), Nikki was walking into our house when Marissa sees her, she points to her & says "Lala". On that day Nicolette Marie was officially christened as "Lala" & will always be "Lala". So today I would like to say I love you sweetie and.....

Happy Birthday Lala!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

10 years ago....

On this day 1o years ago the sweetest man asked me if I would be his wife...and I said yes! Today is our "Engagement Anniversary". Yes you heard me right--we celebrate it! We also celebrate our "Dating Anniversary" as well as our Wedding Anniversary. I've gotten a lot of shocked looks when I tell people that we celebrate the day we got engaged. But really that's such an important day how could you NOT celebrate??

He asked me to marry him in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. He took me to Tony's Townsquare Restaurant because it's themed like "Lady & the Tramp" & he knows how much I LOVE Lady & the Tramp!! He 's just SO romantic!! Here's a picture of use the day we arrived at WDW that changed my life. I scrapped this for an album I did of just "US". No kids. Just us. If you lift the flap open it tells the whole story about how he proposed. He's just so darn ROMANTICAL! I had to cancel getting my nails done today with my friend Samantha because Joe let it slip that he was sending me flowers & I had to be around to accept delivery. Not just any flowers but red roses. There's 2 dozen there all full & beautiful. My man does it with STYLE! He's a keeper!

This is us tonight after dinner. Marissa took this picture for us. I think she did a GREAT job! Might be needing her own camera soon!

The beautiful roses proudly displayed in the dining area of our kitchen. He's SO ROMANTIC! I just LOVE him roses or not! Can't believe it was 10 years ago....can't wait to hit our 10 year Wedding Anniversary! We've been "together" 12 years which just AMAZES us on how fast it's gone! It seems like it was only yesterday but it also feels like we've known each other forever! Now that's AMORE!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knots so sure....

This morning I went to visit the preschool that I'm thinking about sending Gianna to. Turns out one of the teachers I know. Her daughter was in Kindergarten with Marissa last year. So she talked to me about the school & told me everything up front about fundraisers & what's expected of the parents. While I feel more at ease I'm still just second guessing myself!! Part of me just wants to go back to where we took Marissa even though it's 15 minutes away & that'll add up to an hour a day of driving back & forth (although it would be a full day for Gianna). What to do...what to do!! I'm debating going to visit other schools as well. I did all that when I was searching for Marissa's preschool. I know things change so I'm not sure if I should.

Regardless, when I picked Gianna up at school today I told the teacher that she would no longer be going there. I *lied* & said that my husband's office assistant gave notice & I'm going to have to go to work so I wouldn't be able to bring her there anymore. I feel terrible about lying BUT I couldn't tell them the truth that they demand more of my time than I'm willing to give. Well I could tell them but I don't think I could be nice about it! The teacher's aren't the ones I have the problem with so the lie was the way to go.

HOWEVER I still have a knot in my stomach! I don't know if it's from withdrawing her from school. Or if I'm doing the right thing. Or if it's because Gianna had her 1st accident at school!! While they were playing outside the teacher saw that she was holding herself & when she asked if she had to go potty Gianna said no but started crying & let loose all over the playground. UGH!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Made a decision...

I talked to my sister Marie this afternoon. I really wanted a Mom's opinion in the matter & gave her an earful. I vented to her all my concerns about the school & found that I am not "Nelly Nuerotic" (at least not with this). Long story-short...She says this school is not worth my time & Gianna will not remember or be traumatized by the change. I am not even the least bit worried that the moms on the tricky tray committee will be upset with me because only 3 live in town & I'll probably never see the others again. I feel that the school wasn't upfront about all that the parents have to be involved in ahead of time...they don't tell you until you're signed up & it's too late.

After picking Marissa up at school I made a call to where my friend Samantha took her kids & they ARE still accepting kids!! YEAH! They are a bit more expensive but the fundraisers are fewer AND you can always "buy out" (add an extra fee so you don't have to work the fundraisers). I talked to Joe about it & he says the cost makes up for all the time the current school wants me to "work". He's really against me schelping around from various stores soliciting for donations. I don't blame him a bit! The only time I like to go store to store is when I'm SHOPPING!! ;)

I'm going to visit the school this Thurs but I'm going to bring Gianna to her current school first. Just in case I don't want to confuse her. I do think I'll like it because I trust my friend Samantha. I feel the knot in my stomach already loosening up!


Yesterday was our 1st Tricky Tray committee meeting. In case you're like me & have never been to go to a hall where you have dinner (you pay an entrance fee) & buy tickets. Then you put your tickets in to win prizes that are displayed around the room. The committee has to solicit prizes from businesses. So I have to go around a certain area & bother people. If you ask Joe the whole thing boils down to gambling. He's really annoyed that I've got to spend so much time "working" with the school. SO. AM. I. He says that for the time Gianna's in school it doesn't pay to have her there if it's going to eat up so much of my time. We're seriously considering taking her out of this school. I'd rather pay more than all this crap.

The only reason I'm dealing with it right now is I feel the school is more focused on educating the kids rather than a daycare like place where it's more playtime. Also I don't know what kind of effect it will have on Gianna if we switch school's on her so soon. These tricky tray meetings will be once a month until the event which will be towards the end of Feb. There's also the school monthly meetings to go to as well. Not for nothing but who's going to watch my kids (since some of these meetings are at night) & make sure they get to bed ontime??? Joe sometimes doesn't get home until 7:30-8:00 so can you see how crazy this is going to make my life?!?!

At the meeting Gianna had 2 other little girls to play with & for the 1st half of the meeting everything was fine. At one point she comes to me & says she has to go potty so I find out where it is but she doesn't want to let go of the toys she was playing with. There was another girl that wanted to play with those toys & Gianna felt she wouldn't get them "back". Finally I just pried her fingers loose & carried her into the bathroom. As I knelt down to help her she let loose!! I quickly put her on the toliet to finish but her panties were soaked! I cleaned everything up & tried going back to the meeting. Gianna however didn't like the little girl having the toys she was playing with & supposedly hit the girl. I don't doubt that she did hit her but the little girl was hovering around like a vulture & sounded like a whiner. I tried getting Gianna to apologize but she is one stubborn kid! I finally apologized to the girl (let's call her "whiney") & she repeated AGAIN that Gianna hit her! If she kept it up I think I would hit her (no not really)!! Finally the woman whose house we were at turned the TV on for the kids & I sat Gianna down on the couch & told her not to move. She wasn't happy about it but sat. HOWEVER "Whiney" kept hovering because Gianna had a little toy house & wouldn't share. You'd think "Whiney's" mother would step in but NO. I was so embarrassed!!

When it was FINALLY over we left to pick up Marissa from school & she fell asleep in the car. We come home & find out that Marissa was accepted into CCD at church (there was a waiting list believe it or not!!) & last night was the 1st class. So I helped Marissa with her homework which was draining since she fights me on it. Then I started dinner so I could drop her off at CCD & come back to finish cooking. I was SO stressed last night! I tried talking to Joe but he just says we should take Gianna out of the school if it's going to stress me like this. He wouldn't understand that I was stressed more about her behaviour when we're out than about school.
So now I'm sitting at home feeling DRAINED. I don't know what I should do. I want to scrap to regain some sanity but I have no energy & either want to cry or go back to bed. All this drama & it's only lunchtime! I'm ready to soak my head...again!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Fun

Today I took my girlfriend Samantha out to get our nails done, (I was treating her for her birthday that was earlier in the month) We were supposed to have lunch & then get our nails done but she couldn't make lunch so we settled on our mani/pedi.

I got to her house at 3pm to leave time to get to the salon for our 3:30 appt, but she was running late & we didn't leave her house until 3:30. Ok no problem I had called to let them know we were running late. When we finally got there it was 4pm (I missed the exit on the highway!!-DUH!!) so they told us we had to pick either the manicure or the pedicure. I left it up to the birthday girl & she chose the manicure. No problem it'll be nice having my nails done for a change but I was REALLY looking forward to having a pedicure-oh well. I picked a REALLY cool color for my nails. It's a purply/burgundy color & it had a funny name which really sold me on it-something like "stop your whining yukon do it". It made me laugh & think of all the Adam Sandler movies where Rob Schneider always yells out "You can do it!" in EVERY movie!

So we decided to reschedule our pedicures for Fri somewher in town while the kids are at school. I'll have Gianna with me but if she gets her toes done too she'll be in heaven! Then after we'll grab lunch like we had planned. It'll be nice considering this Fri will be Joe's & my "anniversary"of sorts. He proposed to me on Sept. 28, 1997 & we celebrate it like all our other anniversaries. Come on now everyone all together......HOW ROMANTIC!!!

When I got home the girls were wound up & Bobby was over hanging out. Joe wanted to go out to eat & since the girls kept insisting on Fuddruckers that's where we went. It's easy, it's fast & it's simple. That pretty much sums up my Saturday, but remember "You can Do It!!"

Friday, September 21, 2007


I know Gianna hasn't been feeling good all week but I thought the worst was over. This was her at 5:30 today.... She was out cold sitting on the chair like that!! How do you like that booger smear across her cheek?? She didn't wake up for more than a a sip of water & a quick cuddle while I was cooking dinner. Speaking of dinner.....

I marinated some chicken in Lawry's Hawaiian marinade this morning figuring it would be nice & tasty for dinner. Nope never tried it before-wait strike that-I once broiled it but didn't realize the broiler was on HIGH & boy was it crispy!! Joe constantly refers to that my "Volcano chicken" recipe! To give him credit he DID eat it!! So I guess you could call this my 2nd attempt at this dish. I cooked it in one of those Reynolds oven bags & it still came out dry & tasteless. Once again my brave husband ate it without comment. He actually said he likes my meatloaf better (not that that was dry-exactly).

Y0u see my husband's mother (whom I sadly have never met due to colon cancer) TRAUMATIZED Joe when he was little with her meatloaf. She made it with mushrooms & peas & corn. I've told him over & over that I don't make it like that AT ALL! Growing up, my mom made it more like meatballs shaped in a loaf & that's how I would make it. In all the years we have been together (12 together & 8 married) he has NEVER let me make meatloaf. FINALLY last week I was given permission! So I poured through recipes & looked up recipes online because I was gonna make him a ROCKIN' good loaf! I finally found something to my liking but I decided to top it with bacon instead of the tomatoe sauce it called for. It smelled SO GOOD! I was super excited about it & couldn't wait for him to get home. I made mashed potatoes because honestly what's meatloaf without mashed potatoes?? He ate it silently & when I finally asked he said it was good but needed tomatoe sauce on top because it was a little dry. I was a little annoyed that he didn't appreciate the bacon BUT at least I got the OK to make it again!

So there you have it. My attempt at keeping this short & sweet turned into a lenghty spew of randomness...Bon appetit!

Nothing to post about...

Saw this on Shaunte Wadley's blog & had to give it a try.....I'm a sucker for these things!

1. your rock star name (first pet & first car).
Frosty Reliant

2. your gansta name (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie).
Chocolate OatmealRaisin (yeah I'd get my ass kicked!)

3. your “fly girl” name (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name).

4.your detective name (fav color, fav animal).
Purple Dog

5. your soap opera name (middle name, city where you were born)
Katia Bordighera

6. your star wars name (first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first).

7. superhero name (”the” + 2nd fav color, fav drink).
The Pink Pepsi

8. nascar name (the first names of your grandfathers)
Ciro Archangelo (no lie)

9. stripper name ( the name of your fav perfume/cologne/scent, fav candy).
Amirage Snickers

10. witness protection name (mother’s & father’s middle names ).

11. tv weather anchor name (your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter).
Neumiller Neptune

12. spy name (your fav season/holiday, flower).
Summer Freesia

13. cartoon name (fav fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”). Strawberry Panties

14. hippy name (what you ate for breakfast, your fav tree).
Oatmeal Cherry Blossom

15. your rockstar tour name (”the” + your fav hobby/craft, fav weather element + “tour”).
The Scrapbooking Sunshine Tour

Give it a try & share with me! See you all on
"The Scrapbooking Sunshine Tour"!

Oatmeal Cherry Blossom

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Only MY child

Today was Gianna's 1st full day of preschool. We got there early & she couldn't wait to go in the classroom! Finally her teacher came out & the parents walked the kids in. I helped Gianna find her name tag & her teacher said they could all have playtime. So I quickly reinforced to her "You gotta pee on the potty & keep your underwear clean" & pointed to the bathroom. I gave her a hug & kiss & left. I was SO nervous about getting a call from school saying she wet herself...or WORSE!!!!

I wanted to stay local in case I got that dreaded call so I wen to Michaels to return somethings & then FINALLY I went to my LSS. I have been WANTING for the LONGEST time to go there by MYSELF & CASUALLY browse the store without saying "STOP don't touch that or stop chasing your sister!" So I took the opportunity today. I'm so glad I did! I managed to find the Basic Grey file set that I've been eyeing online. YEAH! (Yes it's the little things that excite me!)

I left a little early to pick up Gianna because the teacher comes out 5 minutes early to report about the day. Right before she came out to talk to us we heard some crying & I could SWEAR it was Gianna. It really sounded like her. Great!! Finally her teacher came out & said it was an interesting day. The kids not being used to the routine needed extra time to do things like cutting with scissors & glueing & just basic listening. She said there were some tears & some kids throwing toys (I cringed...ONLY MY KID!!). Finally the kids came out & Gianna looked so drained that I knew by looking at her she had been crying at some point. I asked the teacher how she did & she said that she was the one throwing toys & despite being warned Gianna would smile & throw the toys again. I apologized & she said that's why they're in school to LEARN & that they'll straighten her out. Yep, my daughter will be the class bully. ONLY MY KID! This just re-assures me about what I said over the summer....she needs REFORM school! Joe called it & said she'll be kicked out by the 3rd day! Marissa never did that at school. She was the opposite. She would listen at school but misbehave at home. UGH!!!!

Tonight is Marissa's Back to School night. I can't wait to see the classroom & hear what they'll be doing this year. I also want to find out who the class mother is. I hope she's good like the one they had for Kindergarten (I got along with her real well). Is it Friday YET???

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Latest Layouts

Last of Marissa's 5th Birthday....
Gianna's 2nd Birthday Almost done with Gianna's 2nd birthday-only 1 more to do.
My Favorite LO!! LOVE how this came out!!

Just posted these on 2P's & wanted to share here too. They've been sitting on my desk & I wanted to post them so I could slip them into the girls' albums. I'm so close to being caught up on the girls' birthday albums!! WOO-HOO!

Little Man's Birthday

Today is my darling sweet little nephew Tyler's birthday. He's now officially 4. He's no longer a little boy he's more of a big boy now. He's a sweetie with the clearest blue eyes that will suck in any girls that get near him--young or old.

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whew!!! Another 1st day...

Is it any wonder I had dreams of Gianna at school last night?? In my dream I was talking to Marissa's old preschool teacher that I loved & explaining why I waited so long to enroll her & the problem I have with Gianna's original school.

While I was getting ready this morning I rehashed it all in my mind. Depending on how she feels this morning I think I'll send her to this school despite my gut feelings. We'll give it a try. I got the impression that this school focuses a lot on education (unlike Marissa's old preschool) which I like A LOT & that's the main thing for me so I think we'll give this school a try after all. I'll deal with it...for now! I'm also going to catch Marissa's teacher today at school & ask for her opinion being that she was Marissa's Kindergarten teacher & would know about the preschool here in town. Are you following this??? I feel like I'm rambling.

After dropping off Marissa at school this morning Gianna & I came home to get her ready for her 1st day. I took her temperature (it was 101 when she got up) & luckily the medicine I gave her worked. She was well enough for school. She was so excited! I tried a few different outfits on her but finally opted on a dress. This would make going potty easier for her especially since I wasn't sure how she'd do on that.

She was pretty cooperative model posing for 1st day pics. The whole time she wore her backpack & WOULD. NOT. take it off! Too cute! Since it was still too early to leave I was getting my magazines ready so I could sit in the car & wait. Yes I decided to stay & wait--the hour will FLY by with some scrap magazines I've been wanting to go through!! The entire time Gianna kept asking me if she could get in the car she was so anxious!! Finally I was ready & even though it was still too early we left. I had to go to the bank so we went there first. She was quiet the entire time until I pulled up at the school. I parked in front on the street & she says "No go to school-I go home!" Uh-oh! I tried to re-assure her while we waited in the car. Finally as it was getting closer I realized I had parked too close to a fire hydrant (oops) & drove around back in the parking lot. I got her out of the car & she was still saying she wanted to go home as we walked to the doors. Finally I used the only thing I could think of to get her to stay-TOYS! I said "Don't you want to see all the fun toys in your classroom?" She immediately agreed & let me take her inside. Whew-that was CLOSE!

Shortly after we walked in another little girl came in with her mom & we talked a little as more kids came in. Gianna was acting her usual self & then finally the teacher came out. The moms walked the kids in the classroom & were told to find their name necklaces. Gianna didn't even want to bother with hers so I finally grabbed it myself & explained it was a pretty necklace that all the kids were wearing. She let me put it on her & take a pic--Whew! I then talked to her teacher about her needing to be reminded about the potty & that she can be stubborn about doing things. We both tried showing her where the potty was but Gianna didn't want to so that's when I quickly said goodbye & left. No tears--WHEW! I'm so nervous but glad that she was ok & DIDN'T cry!

The hour flew by & she came out with her class with a small smile on her face. I picked her up & hugged her. I asked if she had a good time-she said no. I asked if she wanted to come back & she said uh uh--at least it wasn't a no!! I talked to her teacher & she said she did fine. She noticed when Gianna doesn't want to do something she'll ignore you & do what she wants (that's when I apoligized!!!) She quickly told me that it's ok & that's why she's in school-she needs to learn how school works. Day one--complete. BIG relief!! I realize that this post is a lot longer than my actual day so far (since I ramble a lot) so I'm going to leave it at that & go soak my head!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Serious Doubts

I sat down tonight to FINALLY go through the folders they gave out at Gianna's pre-school being that tomorrow is her 1st day. As I was reading all the papers I realized WHY they didn't explain all this at the orientation last week. If parents knew how much WORK would be involved with this school the parents would pull them out (the school is a "co-op", run by parents to keep costs low)! I've asked several times what to expect but they always gave a vague answer. So now that it's all spelled out in black & white I'm ANGRY! They think parents have nothing better to do than go in & clean the classroom & run fundraisers!! What is up with THAT!!

Joe & I have some serious doubts about all this. We've come to the conclusion that we won't send her tomorrow & try to get her into Marissa's old preschool (even though it'll eat alot of my time driving back & forth). I don't want to dissapoint Gianna that she's gonna miss her 1st day of school when she's so excited about it! Am I being a terrible mother??? I don't know what to do! I'm not even sure if Gianna will make it school one way or another because this afternoon she started coughing & has a runny nose. Her eyes are a little glassy & she's running a slight fever. I don't want to upset her!! Who said being a mother was easy????

On a brighter note....I've been explaining to Gianna that she's going to be at school by herself & Mommy will drop her off & come home. She seems fine with that. By Sunday when I'd tell her about school she would tell me that I'd go home. I feel good about that at least! I don't think she'll be a crier like her sister was. That just broke my heart! Going to sleep on this & hope I can deal with it in a calmer tone tomorrow!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why won't this work??

I'm still trying to figure out how to post my slideshow on my blog without it appearing as a daily post. I want to keep it on my side bar. I've seen it on other blogs but can't make the instructions work for me! What am I doing wrong?? Can anyone help me PLEASE???


After not having much time the past couple of days to go online at ALL, I turned on my computer today finally. I checked out the 2 Pea's to get my daily fix of awesome layouts only to discover that they CHANGED EVERYTHING about the website!! I was in shock I tell ya! My BOS (bucket of scraps) isn't a BOS anymore, now it's a "bookmark". It seems very confusing right now. I know I need to give it some time but I liked how easy it was to go through everything & now I have a hard time finding my favorite things. How dare they make such a major change like that!!! hehe!

So Fri night my girlfriend came over with her 3 kids (her hubby couldn't make it after all) & we had a nice dinner but they night FLEW by so fast! It was over before we knew it! The kids were all SO tired too as we let them stay up way later than they normally would & they were up early for school that day.

Saturday was the birthday party for my neice Nikki & nephew Tyler. They turn 6 & 4 later this month & my sister has 1 party for them at her house. She was hoping to have a pool party but it was WAY TOO COLD for that non sense! You could certainly feel fall in the air but we mostly stayed outside eating & having a good time until it was time for cake. Then everyone headed inside to singe Happy Birthday. I ate WAY too many YUMMY desserts!! From the ice cream cake to the delish rice pudding my Aunt made to the spongy moist zucchini bread that my Aunt made as well. Then towards the end I couldn't resist the gooey brownies that my sister made anymore! The kids loved their presents that we gave them. We got Nikki (our goddaughter) an American Girl doll with a matching outfit for her & the doll (which my sister loved as well) & got Tyler his 1st bike. Now that he's 4 he should upgrade from his trike.

Today I hope to take in the summer outside "stuff" like the lawn statues & put out the fall "stuff". It's already the middle of Sept & I feel so far behind!! Before I know it I'll be putting up the Halloween decorations!

Gianna starts school Tues. She's got a 1/2 day-which is ONLY an hour long!! I guess it's a good way to get her feet wet. I don't know what I'll do for that hour. I was joking to some mothers that I'll bring a bunch of magazines with me & sit in the car to wait for her! What's the sense in going home!!! We'll see....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Worry Wart

I've noticed that since I started this blog I'm more aware of other people's blogs. I've always seen them listed on 2Peas but never peeked in on other people's lives (except for a certain few)--until now. If I thought I was on the computer a lot before I've gotten even worse now! My list of blogs that I "lurk" on just keeps getting longer & longer!

Tonight was Gianna's school orientation. I've got to say that I'm skeptical about the school. After I had signed her up I started hearing more & more about the school & I've got to say I'm not thrilled. Of course I find things out AFTER she's signed up!! Tonight the people talked more about fund raisers than about the school & everything seemed so jumbled & un organized. The teacher herself sounds really nice but it's the other stuff that I'm not sold on. Like Joe said I have to relax & see how it goes for a couple of months & if worse comes to worse then we'll find another school for her. AAARRGHHHH!!! I'm still mostly worried about her not being well trained on the potty but she'll get the hang of it when she sees other kids doing it. I guess it's all my motherly instincts driving me up the wall! I'm probably worrying over nothing & she'll be fine. I keep send guessing myself & wondering if I'm making the right decsions. I'm driving myself crazy being a worry wart!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finding an un-used gift card....PRICELESS!

After dropping Marissa off at school Gianna & I decided to go to AC Moore. It's in the area of Joe's shop & since I had to drop Gianna off there while I got my hair cut I figured I had some time to kill.

On the way there I was listening to the radio & the morning show had on a retired NYPD policeman, he's aptly named the "Singing Policeman". I never heard of him but thought he was known because he was on the force & since it was 9/11 they brought him on to commenerate the day. The show played him singing "God Bless America" & he blew me away! He had an AMAZING voice almost like an opera star. I can see why he's so well known. He gave me goose bumps he was that good! I've mentioned how important today was to Marissa before but I don't look forward to the day when she fully understands the impact that it has on our wonderful country.

We got there nice & early shopped for scrap supplies I didn't NEED but HAD to have!! **wink** When I went to check out the total came to over $100.00 even with the coupon I remembered to bring so I used a gift card that I thought had a small $10.00 balance on it. Imagine my surprise when the entire amount went through as PAID!! The cashier checked the id# on the back of the card just to make sure because I had told her it had a $10.00 balance on it. I must've kept the wrong receipt with the gift card I had. WOO-HOO!!! It made my DAY!

After that jackpot I dropped Gianna off at Joe's work & went to get my haircut. She did a wonderful job as usual! I let her dry my hair curly since it was raining out & the humidity would only turn me into a poofy poodle head & she did a great job (it never looks like that for me) but I'm not used to my hair curly anymore. I'm sure the cut is good but I can't wait to see the new cut blown out straight.

From there I picked Gianna up from Joe's & went to Target. I bought Joe "2 & a Half Men" season 1 since I forgot to tape last night's episode & also to thank him for watching Gianna during his busy day at work so I could get my hair cut. He's the best hubby!

So I got a lot of compliments on my curly hair but I'll be loving it straight better. Marissa had her double playdate & all went well. No drama queens or hissy fits (although aren't they the same thing???) All in all I had a GOOD DAY! I feel pretty darn good! It's amazing what a un used gift card can do for a girl!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

This is the start of a busy busy week/month! Today I had a bunch of phone calls to make-which I still haven't finished. Joe has a meeting tonight that's going to run late. So I won't get a break from the girls at all tonight (selfish I know). Tomorrow is a desparetly needed haircut in the morning & then a double playdate for Marissa with her BFF Ariel & the new girl Katelyn. Wed. night is Gianna's school orientation at 7:30. Thurs. will be some errands & food shopping in the morning & having my FIL over for dinner that night. Fri. we're having my girlfriend Connie & her family over for dinner which I'm looking forward to. Sat. my sister Marie is having a joint party for Nikki & Tyler's birthdays being that their birthdays are about 10 days apart. Then thankfully I have Sun to recharge before starting all over again on Mon!! I've got so many dates spinning around in my head of things that are coming up that I'm dizzy!! I'm tired already & that's just THIS week!! Next week is filling up too!

Last week I was getting worried that I was losing my scrapping mojo. It was taking me too long to finish a LO & then I wouldn't be happy with it & change things over & over. I think my problem is that I'm trying too hard to use up some old stash when I'm more motivated to use my newer stuff. I should just let it flow but I feel guilty not using things that have been sitting in my stash. I also feel pressure to get more caught up. I'm almost caught up with the birthday albums for the girls but I'm starting to get bored doing layout after layout of birthdays. There's just no pleasing me I guess.

I've got to finish projects before starting any new ones!!!! Those recipe binders are still sitting on my counter almost done. I just have to clean it up a little. My to-do list just gets longer without crossing anything off....hmmmmm....maybe I'm sitting on the computer too long????? Yeah that's it but THEN I'd be behind on my blog!! hehe!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

T G I F!!!

Marissa today -6 yrs old Gianna today-3yrs old

Marissa 3 years ago-3 yrs old

I had the WORST morning! I woke up extremely tired due to my unfriendly visitor. Then the morning zooms along where it's time to leave for school but when I get in the car it says 8:31 am & Marissa has to be there by 8:35! I know it doesn't take that long to get there but I have to park on the street & walk in & that takes time. I decided to park in the school parking lot & I take off towards school BUT I forgot about the EXTREMELY long light at the intersection. As usual I'm stopped at the light & there's no one in front of me. I'm sitting there panicing that she's gonna be late meanwhile the cars across from me are making the right hand turn & for some reason I got mixed up thinking we were at a stop sign (which used to be at that intersection instead of the light) & when the car across from me stopped I started making the left!! I saw the crossing guard make a face & looked up & saw the light was STILL RED!! I freaked out! I immediately pulled over because I started shaking & saw in my rearview mirror that there was a car really close to me so I must've cut him off (although he didn't honk at me) He kept going when I pulled over so then I pulled out got to school & parked. I thank GOD that we weren't in an accident!!! AARRGHHHH!! I get to school on time & missed having an accident! It could've been worse!

Today was my friend Samantha's 35th birthday. She was going away for the weekend & I made her brownies so we figured I'd drop them off at her house later so she could take them with her. I told her to pick a date so we could celebrate her birthday by getting our nails done & dinner together my treat. She did that for my birthday last year & I like having that spa/girly way to celebrate. It'll be fun-can't wait!
I also went today FINALLY to sign Marissa up for CCD at church. I had heard there was a waiting list (& there was) but the lady told me that it sounds a lot worse than it is. They really make sure everyone gets in because they have to make communion next year. It sounds like she'll get into the Sun 11 am class but it doesn't matter to me as long as she gets in! I should know by late Sept early Oct.

The girls got up this morning bright & EARLY!! Marissa was up at 6:30 & then she woke up Gianna despite me telling her not too. I'm amazed at how well they behaved during the day especially after school! Gianna was funny around 1pm. I had asked her if she was tired but she wouldn't answer me so I said that I was tired. After we ate our lunch she asked me to lay down & nap with her! She kept insisting saying "Mommy take nap with me" so I figured I'd give it a shot since she must be tired. We laid down on the couch & she looked through some photo albums & named everyone in the pics. She seemed very interested in the album of mine & Joe's wedding. After going through the album she messed around not taking a nap but we got some together time & I LOVED every minute of it! She was so clingy most of the day but I think it's because she's lonely without Marissa. I guess she feels left out because she hasn't gone to school yet but her day will come-soon! She's my little pal & I'm gonna miss her when she's in school!

Marissa today was dressed in a High School Musical t-shirt & beige shorts nothing out of the ordinary but she looked SO GROWN UP! I couldn't believe how big she looked! I know I'm biased BUT she's BEAUTIFUL! Joe constantly says that he's gonna have a problem beating off the boys when she gets old enough to date! (see above)

All I can say is thank GOD I wasn't in an accident (especially with my kids in the car). What started out to be a crappy day could've been MUCH worse's FRIDAY--no school tomorrow to rush to! T G I F!! YEAH!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

It's the 2nd day of school & I am already so tired! I stayed up TOO late last night & had to get up early again this morning. My body has not adjusted yet. The girls aren't adjusted either. Gianna woke up before Marissa did this morning. If Joe hadn't still been home it might have gotten ugly but he helped get her out of bed & moving.

After I dropped her off at school I went food shopping & then kind of "floated" around. I tried working on a LO but couldn't find my "mojo". I had every intention of putting clothes away but took a short (but sweet) nap with Gianna. It helped me SO much! After that we went to pick up Marissa & after dragging them away from the playground we came home.

I played with Gianna outside for a little bit (Marissa didn't want to go outside until AFTER we came in!!). Then we went upstairs to FINALLY get to work on those clothes! I'm still not done but did manage a dent. Luckily I have the greatest husband in the world! He wanted to go out to eat but I'm still tired plus Marissa (and I) have homework AND the girls need bathes tonight so I opted for Pizza! He agreed & is on the way home with some YUMMY pizza.

I think we're "free" this weekend so hopefully we'll catch up on some sleep! How pitiful does that sound??

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1st Day of School!

Marissa woke up right away this morning when her alarm clock went off without any problems. She was all dressed & had made her bed before coming in to see me. She was so excited about being all ready without being told & about her day today. Her excitement was contagious, Gianna understood Marissa was going to school & wanted to know where her backpack was. I had to explain again to her that her school starts next week (which really means 2 weeks on the 18th!).

After Marissa had her breakfast she posed for the "1st day" pictures. At school I had wanted to take her picture in front of the school like I did last year but she was cold (having picked out a sundress) & it WAS chilly in the morning. I didn't push it but she did at least let me get a picture with her best friend Ariel. The kids lined up on the blacktop outside & the parents stood in the back taking pics & talking. The principal made some announcements led the pledge of allegiance & then the music teacher sang the national anthem & the school song. By the time this was all said & done it was almost 9am! School is supposed to start at 8:35. Needless to say after the kids went inside the moms hung around talking catching up-all we needed was coffee & we'd be sitting pretty! It was nice though. Sam & her MIL invited me & Gianna to the diner for breakfast but I ate & wanted to go the Kohl's to get Donovan (Ariel's brother) a belated birthday present.

I can't believe how much time I had to do things around the house with her being in school all day! I went to Kohl's then came home to make meatballs only to discover the chopped meat had gone bad--CRAP! But I did make lentils which the girls love & breaded the veal. Then during the rest of the time I did laundry. I had fallen behind on laundry in the last weeks but I've been slowly catching back up.

Gianna was good at Kohl's but when we got home she kept insisting on having bubblegum. I stood my ground since it was still morning AND she never ate breakfast that morning. What was she thinking??? I explained she had to eat first but she wouldn't listen & kept demanding the gum. I started breading the veal & soon she got into it & "helped" me because I turned it into a game of burying treasure. She stopped insisting on the gum & by now the pot of lentils was just about ready to eat. THEN she demanded her pasta & lentils which I made her say please first & THEN gave it to her. I think she's just testing the waters today to see how far I'll let her get away with things. Well I'm NOT having it! To give her some credit she did pretty good peeing on the potty with no accidents all day. She had a small drop of poop in her pull up but never pooped today so I'm counting it as no accidents. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Joe promised Marissa he'd be there to pick her up at school so when he got home we left. We parked in our usual spot & walked over to school. We met up with Regina (the new girl-Katelyn's mom) & I introduced her to a few moms that were around. When Marissa came out she was all smiles! She had a GREAT day! She was telling us about her day on the walk to the car.

When we got to the car we gave Donovan his gift & while he was opening it. Joe said something about walking home but I thought he was joking----sure enought he kept walking! Turns out Gianna wouldn't listen to him & let him buckle her up in the car seat so he just took off! I said goodbye to Samantha quickly & went to pick him up after getting her in her seat & threatening her with some form of punishment. I couldn't believe him! I know he's having a lot of trouble at work but this shouldn't get to him like it did AND he should stand his ground when it comes to OUR kids! I got mad at him because he embarrassed me in front of Sam plus when I pulled over to pick him up I had to get in front of our neighbor's car so I don't know if she'll say anything or not. How child like was HE?? But I said my peace & I'm done with it...for now.

After we got home & took a few more pics. Marissa told me more about her day- she kept talking about eating in the all purpose room & going to the playground as her favorite parts. Throughout the afternoon I heard more things she was excited about too. She sits at her own desk in a group of 6 kids made up of her, Ariel, Katelyn, another girl & 2 boys but she didn't remember their names. She told me about the hall pass system to go to the bathroom but she kept talking about lunch & the playground! Too funny. She also got a binder with folders for homework & another for notices to go home. Of course she doesn't have homework but I DO! The begining of the year is mounds of paperwork to fill out. Which I still have to do!! Talk about putting it off!

Tonight they were in bed a little after 8pm. When I checked on them at 8:45 Marissa was still awake. She's gonna have a tough time getting up tomorrow but she'll get used to it soon enough. I made her pick out her clothes for tomorrow before going to sleep. She needs to wear sneakers because she has gym tomorrow & Fri. She wasn't sure what gym was about so Joe & I tried explaining to her that it's different sports & it sounded like she was interested-not like she has a choice!! I hope she stays as excited about school throughout the year. Especially since she'll be learning to read this year.

So now that I've said all there is to say about the day I'm off to pack her lunch & do my "homework"! Who says you're done with homework after graduating from school??

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One more day!

Today is the day before school. That's it no more days off! Marissa starts 1st grade tomorrow! I'm excited! We went to school today to see her teacher's classroom & to meet a new girl in her class to help make her feel welcome. It was nice. Marissa's kindergarten teacher got moved up to 1st grade due to some teacher's retirement & Marissa was lucky enough to get her again this year! We got to see her classroom & found out tomorrow will be a full session day not a half like last year. It'll be her 1st time eating lunch at school in the "cafeteria" (actually the all purpose room). She'll also get her own desk this year instead of groups of kids sitting at tables. It'll be more challenging with the homework but she'll be learning to read more. I'm so excited for her-it's all such a new adventure! After visiting the classroom we went to the playground with the new girl so the girls could have some playtime. The girls hit it off right away & had fun playing together. Didn't hurt that I got to have some adult conversation either!

We stopped at A & P after the playground to pick up some lunch meats for Marissa to try. She already likes bologna & ham but I wanted her to try turkey. She agreed to try it. When we got home she tried the turkey 1st & immediately said she liked it! YEAH! I was a little worried about her lunch selections but at least she's expanding her horizons.

Gianna starts school on the 18th. So we have some more time to work on that whole potty training thing. That'll be a day I dread & look forward to at the same time. I HOPE she doesn't cry when I leave. I don't think she will exactly but you never know. She's usually with me so I'm not sure how she'll take it. I also hope she doesn't have any potty accidents! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out fine!

Tonight everyone will be off to bed early so we can get to school on time & take plenty of pics!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Countdown commencing....

2 more days until the 1st day of school! Marissa will start 1st grade on the 5th. If you ask her if she's excited she says yes but she doesn't really act excited. I know I'M excited! She's lucky because her Kindergarten teacher got moved up to the 1st grade & she got her AND her best friend in the same class! How cool is that?!?! I just loved her teacher last year & knowing that she knows Marissa's work/study habits already makes me happy.

Gianna doesn't start pre-school until the 18th. It'll be good for her to play with kids her own age & I'll enjoy having some "me time". I'm happy she doesn't start school yet only because she's still not done potty training. She's doing GREAT most days except for when it comes time to do #2. The school says if the kids aren't potty trained yet they'll have to wear a pull up & if they pee they stay that way for the 2 hour class but if they poop then they will call you to come & change them because they are not allowed by law to change the kids. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will do good! I don't want to put a pull up on her because she'll be taking a step back & has no problem staying in a wet/dirty diaper to a degree. I can't wait for this phase of childhood to be OVER!

So I have to admit that I started blogging not only because I intend on using my posts for journaling in my scrapbooks BUT also I haunt a few blogs from people I admire on 2 Peas. Stalking comes to mind but it's much simplier than that - I just really love their scrapbook style. I know their lives are non of my business.

I spent some time yesterday re-organizing my recipe binders. I had a HUGE one about 4" thick but decided to break it down into 2 binders -baking & -everything else! I love finding new recipes in magazines & online but I ran out of space in the binder. By splitting the 2 up I have more room. I'm still not done it's going to take some time to finish it to my liking plus a trip to Staples to get some more binder tabbed dividers. I split things up into easier to find me anal but it DOES make it easier to find things! So maybe I'll come up with some tasty new dish the whole family will love! I know I'll find something YUMMY in the baking book!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Trying to include this on my blog not as a post....will have to work on this! Saw this on another blog & thought it was so COOL!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Hour....

After posting my 1st attempt at blogging, I spent some time yesterday messing around with the settings until I was happy. I'm not sure if I'll keep everything this way but it's me for now. I'd really like to figure out how to include pictures in my posts-wait I think I just figured that out-DUH!

I posted my latest Layout on 2 Peas tonight. I love sharing my layouts with the people there since I don't have anyone to scrap with at home.

Last night while I was cooking dinner Marissa offered to help me cook. I wasn't about to pass up her sweet offer so she got to work peeling potatoes while I peeled some garlic. She's watching how I'm peeling the garlic & she says " Mom you should try doing that like Rachael Ray." I was FLOORED by her comment!! She gets into the Food network but I never realized how much she absorbs!

Today was my father-in-law's 76th birthday. We took him to Cheeseburger in Paradise & I had 2 frozen cocktails. There wasn't a lot of alcohol in them but they sure were YUMMY! They left me FULL which was a good thing since I wasn't crazy about my BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Oh well there's always CAKE! We came back home & had the cake I baked for him...Devils's food cake with chocolate frosting--YUM! He's a big chocolate fan so this was right up his alley. I'm alittle upset I gave him the rest of the cake to take home but at the same time I'm happy because I'd be TOO tempted to have a piece now at 11:30 pm!!