Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blogging - Since 2007

Seven years ago I wrote down a few words floating around in my head.  It wasn't anything mind-blowing, just my thoughts.  Since then, I have shared scrapbook layouts, my random everyday life, our love of Disney, our sweet puppies and everything else in between.  I have made some wonderful friends, some of whom I've been lucky to meet in real life.

Lately, I haven't been on top of the sharing part, but I still try.  Sometimes, I like to go through some of my old posts and re-live the memories I've shared.

If anyone is reading this, I thank you for stopping by.  I like it even more when you take the time to leave a comment, I like connecting with people that way.  It's fun to share when you have things in common and can connect on that level.

Hoping to share more as time goes by, whether it's something fantastic or the everyday.  That how life goes and these words describe mine.

August 365 2014

Love having these monthly calendars with a peek of our lives to include in our Project Life album.

August has been a fun filled month!  I'm going to miss Summer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things I Am Loving August 2014

A quick post to share what I'm loving lately, or always. ;)

My husband

My girls 

These puppies

These flip flops

This camera 

This place

This song
I choose you

Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 9

Week 9 was a tough week around here. Joe lost the hearing in his one ear and it was constant doctor visits for awhile.  (spoiler alert!) Thankfully he did get his hearing back, thanks to his doctors aggressive treatment. 

So much Oscar goodness to include but I made it work. I like using the vertical photo pages for a change.  Need to mix up the different page designs more.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 8

More Project Life pages! I'm so far behind in posting these! At this rate I'll be posting 2014 well into 2015! 

Funny how the puppies have taken over my pages. They're the most cooperative photo subjects I have since the girls won't let me take their pictures. **sigh** I've resorted to becoming a photo ninja! Whatever it takes, right??

Friday, August 22, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 7

More Project Life to share! 

Looking back at this week, I'm liking what I did. Had more fun with it by adding some stitching around the card with the heart. 

Small alpha letters have become one of my "must haves" when working on PL. I love how it makes things easier and add the right touch to things.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 6

Looking at week 6 of project life brings us back to winter. It was a COLD winter and with this cooler than normal summer, I'm not ready for more winter. (does that make sense??) 

Nothing out of the ordinary for this week. 

Parts of me doesn't want to keep posting my project life pages anymore. Not that I don't want to share but it's nothing that hadn't been done already. I'm currently stating June but with vacation around the corner I'll be behind even more. Nothing wrong with that really but this has turned into a time consuming project when it should be an easy one. I need to do something about that. Maybe keep it very simple to make catching up more likely to happen?? We'll see, maybe the answer will come to me with the help of an umbrella drink....or two! ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Piper Turns 1!

Our sweet Piper turns one year old today!

She has the sweetest disposition. She can be feisty and playful with the other dogs but she is more of a lover.  She will  sit by you for hours if you show her some love and pet her or rub her belly.  If you stop she'll remind you that she's still there waiting for more love. She will gladly curl up on your lap or snuggle with you if you nap on the couch. 

And she's one.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 5

Trying to regularly share my project life pages. Hoping by doing so, they might inspire someone that's stuck in a rut with PL, like I am.  I'm plugging along, just starting to work on June.  Hoping to get more accomplished on it before our vacation.  Crossing my fingers!

Using the design G page protectors makes things a little more fun.  Maybe I should say more interesting, it  does make me have to think a little harder when I plan my pages since I tend to have a routine when printing my pictures, printing them wallet size.  

Someday I hope to be caught up with both Project Life AND sharing the pages, but for now, I'm behind on both.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Project Life 2014 Week 4

While going through the pictures on my phone, trying to make room and deleting some, I came across a batch of Project Life spreads that I had taken pictures of but forgot to share.  No wonder I'm so far behind!  It's amazing what you find when cleaning!!

Keeping it all pretty basic, just trying to catch up.  I like adding the weather screenshot from my phone each week.

I tried mixing things up on this spread, using the Design G pages.  I like that I can use both vertical and horizontal pictures on a spread, though I know I kept the pictures here wallet size. It's a good option to have and play around with.

I couldn't leave this card alone, and had to embroider it just to make it pop.  I love how it turned out.

Trying to keep project life motivating and mixing it up with the page design and embroidery keep it from getting boring.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Around The House

Things around our house aren't typically the norm. We are a Disney family and we tend to decorate with Disney. I'm not saying everything is Disney themed by there are touches of it around the house, in some rooms more than others.

On our recent June trip, we picked up some art work and I had some ideas of where to hang it all. Today Joe and I picked out frames and hung them up. I know it's weird but it makes me so happy to get them hung up so we can admire them, and remind us of our trip. 

We added the two frames on the right this trip, loving the tropical feel and how it ties in with the painting on the left. The bottom print reminds us of Riley and Emma even though it's Stitch and Pluto. 

I've long admired these prints on our visits to Disney, and brought them home this time for our kitchen. I love everything about them!

This Tony's sign was a must. We have a long history with this restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. I've always loved the movie Lady and the Tramp that it's themed after, and Joe used the idea to propose to me there. We eat there a few times on each trip. Love it. 

It's the little things that make me happy.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Things About Me Currently August 2014

Things about me lately...

1. Trying to form a schedule of sorts around here for myself. Been slacking on paperwork and things and need to stay on track. That includes balancing the checkbook, cleaning, and laundry...always laundry.

2. Been struggling to catch up on my Project Life album so I'm not 2 months behind all the time.  Which reminds me that I need to share some pages soon....

3. Currently over doing Project Life since it's taken over all my scrappy time and I miss scrapbooking in 12x12 format. Which doesn't help item #2. 

4. Realizing I have a lot of scrappy supplies and need to use them more. Or do a big sale/purge.

5. Been on a "purge everything" mood since coming back from vacation. Papers, toys, clothes, nothing's safe. 

6.  Not looking forward to the summer ending and school starting back.  The homework struggles are my least favorite.

7. Find myself wishing we lived in Florida. This is a constant wish.  

8. Amazed that we now have 4 adorable puppies! Never thought we'd have one!

9. Feel judged by people too often.  Not a fan of people forcing their opinions on me either.

10.  Still battling the bulge, but I'm seeing changes and it's a great motivator to keep going.

11. Trying to be a better blogger. Realizing I miss writing about the "everyday" stuff and that it doesn't have to be all about scrapbooking. I want to share all of life.

12. Struggling to get to bed earlier so I'm not wiped out by the afternoon, needing a nap.  Being a night owl for so long makes this hard.

So there's some random bits that are floating around in my mind lately. Ready to make some changes, and get things done!