Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011...

Can't believe it's Halloween....especially with snow on the ground! We are still without power, hot water, & heat. The kids actually had no school today & tomorrow is a delayed opening with a possibilty of changing to no school. :(

Will blog more soon!

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Snowstorm

The weather forecasters were talking about us getting hit with a "Nor'Easter" today. Our area was supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow.....yes I said snow. In OCTOBER!!

Guess they were right.

Keeping this short since I'm blogging from my ipad while on the couch that's in my kitchen (we're painting the family room), oh and did I mention the power went out???

I'm dreaming of a white Halloween...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girlie Cards

Awhile ago when I made THIS birthday calendar, I ended up with some scraps that I hated to toss out. I kept them until one day I realized I could use them for some mini cards. I also wanted to play with this stamp that I've had for awhile.

Nothing super fancy, but they'll do in a pinch. I colored them in with pencils, haven't done that in a long time either. I haven't given into Copic markers, only because I don't stamp a lot. Which is very strange considering how many stamps I own. Go figure.

The colors look better IRL. I think it was overcast when I was taking these pics. The pink & green in the paper is actually very pretty.

This is probably my favorite. Might be because of the purple & green combo, or the stickles, not really sure why. ;)

I made a few more cards without the girls, simply because my coloring wasn't coming out nice so I just stamped a quick "Happy Birthday" on them & called it done! And no, I'm not sharing those.... ;) LOL!

Monday, October 24, 2011


We've been in the process of re-painting the house. I'm not going to tell you how long ago this started **whispers** 4 years, but it's just recently begun.

Makes sense right?

Four years ago, Joe had me pick out colors for most of the rooms in the house. I think, I wasn't into it at the moment, because I kept the colors pretty close to things now. Basically, I didn't have Pinterest back then. ;) Once I picked out the colors, he went out & bought the paint.

Then things got crazy, busy for Joe at work so things got sidetracked & he never got around to any painting. So when he told me the kitchen & family room would be painted before the holidays, I only half believed him. I mean it's been 10 years since we (Joe) have painted. Ten years. For the most part it didn't bother me, but eventually, of course, it started to. Hey I'm human! Until he ordered the Little Giant Ladder.

See, we have crazy high ceilings in the kitchen/eat in area, plus our master bathroom, not to mention the stairs. In order to paint these areas it would require scaffolding & he didn't have it. Shocking with all the tools the man has, but I can't talk with all the scrappy supplies I horde. ;)

When he told me he ordered the ladder, he was like a kid on Christmas! He couldn't wait for it to get here, so he could paint. Yes you read that correctly. The man likes to paint. He says it relaxes him & that's why he won't hire painters.


When the ladder came in, he had to open it up to it's full potential to "show me how it works" (play), but sure enough that weekend he started to paint. It had to be done in sections, since it's a lot of work, cutting in, so he did the eat in area ceiling first.

Now, did you happen to pick up the fact that I picked out these paint colors FOUR YEARS AGO? Well, I have to say, my tastes have changed, in some areas more than others. The color I picked for the kitchen walls was nice. However, if I were choosing now, I'd have picked a slightly darker color. We have "Sand Dollar" (2nd from the top) but now I'd have chosen "Sands of Time" (4th from the top).

Joe painted a swatch of paint onto the wall for me, and I literally watched paint dry.
It was okay, then as it dried it was better. You could definately see the difference between the old & new colors.Of course he loved it. As much as I would love it a darker shade, I have to say the fact that we already HAD the paint, won me over more. Sorta, but I couldn't see letting it go to waste. I didn't tell him that & busted his chops about the color, but I made him swear to paint again in 5 years & not drag it out to 10 years like this time. ;)

The next day he did the walls. It does looks nicer & cleaner. I'm already looking forward to when he does the family room next. I've got plans for those walls....the problem is trying to decide. ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Picking 2011

Late today we took the girls to a nearby farm to pick pumpkins. We've been going there every year since Marissa was born.

I was worried since we went so late in the day that I wouldn't get any good pics, but I managed. I think the girls found their pumpkins in less than 10 mins. Must be a new record!

They are, like most siblings I'm sure, not fond of taking pics together. In fact, Gianna gave me a tough time about it, which isn't like her, but they managed to suck it up for me & let me have my fun.

The smiles are so much different when they take individual pics.

As much as they would have loved to have brought this huge pumpkin home with us, it stayed at the farm. We have no use for it, don't even like pumpkin pie.Every year they need to see "How tall, this Fall?". I can't believe Marissa is almost 5'. She'll be taller than me in no time.

I almost forgot to get Joe & I into the pics until we saw this pumpkin.

Thankfully Marissa can take a decent pic of Joe & I, or I wouldn't have gotten this.
I can't believe how fast October has gone by. Next week is Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Cards vs.3

Once again I was playing with my scraps. I guess you can say I'm on a mission to use them up. I'm pretty sure this idea came from Susan Opel, on Facebook. (Sorry couldn't find a link)

The idea is simple. Take various pieces of pattern paper, in assorted colors that go well together. Cut them in various size strips & adhere. Add some sort of embellie & sentiment & you're DONE!

For me the bonus was using up some embellies that were just sitting in my stash. The colors look so much better IRL. It was a cruddy day when I took these pics & I had trouble with the glare. :(

I modified the balloon on this embellie with a punched circle to cover the original balloon color & added a button.

I do have a few more cards (& LO's) that I've done, & will be posting. Eventually I'd like to tackle my cardstock scraps & found an idea on Pinterest that I'm going to try! YAY for Pinterest!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Calendar

Awhile ago I saw THIS post from the girls at eighteen25. I knew I had to make one because I am terrible about birthdays. At least, I am lately. I downloaded the pre-made month pages & as I seem to do lately, I forgot about them.

Story of my life.

Then back in June I think, I came across them & decided to get the pattern paper on it. I used some super old papers...I can not say enough how happy it makes me when I use up some OLD stash!Of course, nothing more came from it. I needed a clipboard & never thought about it when I was out. Eventually I did find one & much, much later I finally, FINALLY got around to blogging it.

So if your birthday is coming up, & you happen to be on my list, you just might get a card in the mail from me....just sayin'! ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Cards vs.2

The other week while watching TV, I felt the urge to multi-task. Since I was on a card kick, after making THESE, I pulled out my pattern paper scraps again. I decided to keep it simple since I didn't feel like carrying a lot of supplies with me to the family room where I was watching TV. I grabbed 1 punch, adhesive & cards.

I went through my scraps & punched out as many circles as I could out of each paper. Then I laid out a rainbow of circles & stuck them on.

Nothing fancy.

I really purged a lot of papers doing this. So, of course, I ended up making a bunch of cards! The next day I stamped on the "Happy Birthday" & called them done!

Now that my pattern paper scraps are in order, I have to tackle my cardstock scraps....should be interesting!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Cards vs.1

Back in September, I was in need of some birthday cards when I realized I was very low. We were actually on our way to a party when I noticed. Since I was waiting on Joe (shocking-it hardly ever happens), I sat down & made a few of these cards really quick. I remember seeing something by Susan Opel on Facebook, I think, about using scraps....not exactly sure but I think I've seen something like this before & gave it a try.

Since I was more in need of a card for a guy I went with these colors. I used a variety of circle punches & the plainer papers I used an embossing folder to give it some "oomph". I just randomly stuck down the circles until it looked ok to me. Then I stamped the corner & called it done.Since it was so easy to make I made a few more with the same colors.Later when I had some time, I then made more. I found these colors in my scrap stash & punched these. Did everything the same...Including making a few extra....Once again I was on a roll & pulled these paper scraps as well...I also switched it up a little using a different stamp...I'm crazy like that. ;) LOL!!

Seriously, these were so quick to make that it was sad to not make more. The best part was it used up a bunch of patterned paper SCRAPS hanging in my stash waiting to be used (that I probably wouldn't have used otherwise--let's be honest). It was a win-win all around!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Somethin' Witchy

Awhile back during one of my almost weekly trips to Michael's, I found a paper mache' witch hat. Inspired, I tossed it on my cart. While walking around I found a black boa & some other Halloween-ish items. I knew how this was going to turn out, I had the vision in my head & everything.

Then I came home & left the bag on my counter.
For awhile.

Eventually, I opened the bag to see what was inside & realized I needed to get a move on.
I asked Joe if he could get me some black spray paint on one of his many trips to Home Depot.
Then I got busy & forgot about it...again.

One night Joe brought home the requested spray paint, now I knew I had no excuse for not getting it done in time for Halloween!

I sprayed it, giving it 2 coats. After letting it dry completely, I went to work on it.

I kept it very, very simple.

I wrapped the boa around the center, using hot glue. Then I attached the pumpkin/leaves, which was conveniently one piece. All I had to do was adjust the stem. After gluing that down, I glued on the owl & my masterpiece was done!!
Like I said very simple!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Picking 2011

Today we took the girls out Apple Picking. We started doing this a few years ago & it's now a tradition.
We go to an apple orchard about 45mins. away. Once there, you can smell the apples! We hike up to the Red Delicious apple trees since those are everyones favorites. Unfortunately, while trying to get this shot there were bees buzzing near the sign & this was as close as the girls would get!
I try to explain what to look for in an apple before taking it from the tree but it doesn't always work with Gianna. She'll choose anything she can get her hands on! She didn't do too bad, but she seems to usually grab the smaller apples.Marissa understands (listens better) & comes away with a better harvest. She goes about it like a pro & goes on talking about baking pies. My future chef!

In no time, we have more than enough apples. Literally, we were done in no time at all!! It took longer to get there than to pick the apples! Oh well, we all enjoyed ourselves & that's what matters.

Before checking out, we headed to the refreshment stand for some cider & doughnuts. The doughnuts were freshly made & still hot...YUMMY!!
As we drove home, we stopped to eat at Fuddrucker's....seems to be another tradition. It was nice to get home, not worry about dinner. I'd say the day was great!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just Read: Outlander

Awhile back someone suggested this book to me. I had a few other books to read before I tackled this one...especially since it's 850 pages!!

It tells a story about a woman that travels back in time leaving her husband in one time & finding a DIFFERENT husband in the new time she travels to. It's set in Scotland back in the days of clans & war. I've got to admit that it took me awhile to get into but a few chapters in (once she travels back in time) I was hooked. Apparently, there are about 6 more books in this series...already got the next one downloaded & started!

Friday, October 7, 2011


The girls have been talking for some time about getting colored hair extensions. Marissa's had a blue streak in her hair before & I told her next time she could get 2. Gianna, well she was a bit young so we had told her she had to wait awhile.

Talk about getting extensions flared up again after the girls got their Halloween costumes. Marissa wanted red to match her costume & Gianna wanted purple to match hers. After talking it over with Joe we decided Gianna could get one after all, but only one.

The girls were thrilled with the results & the best part was the smiles on their faces & the big "Thank Yous" we got. Now they are ready to get their treat on!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes it's early to be thinking about Halloween...unless you're a kid. The girls begged me to take them to look for costumes & when we got the chance we did. They decided pretty quickly too, though I had to talk Gianna our of her costume of choice since I didn't think Joe would like to see his baby girl as Lady Gaga.

So it was settled on Marissa being Red Riding Hood & Gianna as a witch. I can't keep that hat away from Gianna either....she wears it every chance she gets! Doing homework, setting the table, watching TV, you name it she wears it!

Both girls are excited about their costumes, I'm excited that they can wear layers easily underneath to keep warm. That's the mother in me. Can't help it. ;)

Bella Blvd Mid Release Stickers

Here are the newest stickers from Bella Blvd. So perfect for cards as well as a LO. I really like how they match the Sophisticates line!

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Bella Blvd Mid Release #2

Here's another crazy CUTE new release from Bella Blvd, it's called:

This makes me want to rush through the cold months straight into Spring!! Love it!

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Bella Blvd Mid Season Release #1

Have you seen the 3 new releases from Bella Blvd? The first one is called:

It's too stinking CUTE!! Love love LOVE the snowmen!!

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