Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 365

Usually I enjoy Ocotber.  The leaves really begin to change into gorgeous colors.  The cooler days that lead to things like cute sweaters & scarfs.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  The girls LOVE dressing up and going trick or treating.

I must admit, we were all reliving last SNOWTOBER a bit.  Gianna kept asking if it was going to snow again.  Little did I know it was going to be even worse than last year.

The month did not end well for us with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, and for that I'm glad October is over.

Ah October.  It's been a helluva month!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scraps & Sandy

Around here things have been pretty nutty.  Marissa's had some crazy hectic school/homework going on that's left me drained.  On a positive note, I've been on a scrapping spree lately but all I have to show for it is this little snippet. 

The weather has been truly nuts here & pretty overcast the last few days so I haven't been able to take any pics to share.

We are due to get hit tomorrow by Hurricane Sandy.  How bad, I can't figure out yet.  It's supposed to touch down in NJ but down South of us.  That doesn't mean we'll be untouched.  Supposedly, we'll be affected, I'm just praying we don't lose power like they've been saying.  I spent most of today watching the news. 

The girls already have no school tomorrow & we're not sure yet about Tuesday.  They're excited about not having school, but worried about the possibility of losing power.  They're also worried how it will effect Halloween.  They remember being without power for 3 days last year & the lousy Halloween we had. 

Snowtober traumatized us. 

We went today to stock up on supplies & surprisingly the supermarket wasn't crazy.  We took in our outdoor Halloween decorations so they won't blow away.  Joe moved the patio furniture close to the house so it won't get blown over & we're just waiting. 

We have 3 HUGE trees in our yard that still have a lot of their leaves, yet have been falling like snow throughout the day.  The yard is covered! 

Hoping & praying things don't get as bad as the news says. I'm sure if it weren't for Joe I'd be freaking out more than I actually am.  As always, he's my rock.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

You & Me

Here's the next LO I made using Studio Calico's "Daydream Believer" kit.  I really think there will be little left in this kit, and hope to get another LO out of it.  I love yellow & grey together and this just came together based on those colors.  Yes I know I *just* made a LO with this pic on it but I had accidentally printed it twice so I decided to go with it since I was the yellow sweater I'm wearing in it sealed the deal for me. ;)


As quick as I started this LO, I had a bit of scrappers block with the title.  I had I kept moving it around, it needed something, until I came across the doily I had leftover from a different project.  I embossed it & used it as an anchor piece to my title that I also created with my Cameo (made it with 6 layers, then glued it together--my favorite part of the LO). 

I don't remember when exactly I bought my first Mister Huey, but I thought I'd give it a try (I had resisted for SO LONG).  I love the look but never thought I could pull it off.  Somehow or another, I started buying them and have an assortment of colors.  They came in handy with the mistable banners that came in the kit.  That's something I had never thought I'd use & was going to set it aside to give away.  While laying everything out for my LO, I realized I could use these & misted them with three different sprays. 

I thought I had a good system to take pics of my LO's but I haven't quite perfected it yet.  The yellows look so much happier IRL, maybe even a little *too* bright, but I'm ok with that.  I don't think Joe's seen this LO yet, but I hope he likes it despite the brightness. ;) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

So In Love

The other day I realized that I haven't touched ANY of the Studio Calico kits I've bought.  This bothered me, A LOT.  I am not a subscriber to the kit, I've come **this** close to subscribing but I held back.  To be honest, one of the main reasons I've bought some of the kits are for the stamps.  There I said it.  I've always looked at the kits and said to myself that I could easily buy the pieces that I love separately, until the stamps got me.  I've noticed that in most kits there's always a few pieces that I don't really love.  It's just not me.  I also realized that the stamps are sometimes just "eh".  There's a few stamps that I just don't feel inspired to use.  So I recently said No More Kits.  Not to say no more "forever", just until I use what I have.

Still with me??

So I dug into my oldest kit, "Daydream Believer".  This kit had me at Hello.  The colors are "me" and I knew I could make this work.  I dug around online for a little inspiration just for good measure, and then spread out the kit.  The yellow polka dots inspired me.  I wanted to do a LO about the girls and how they're my sunshine, etc.  My problem was I couldn't find a pic of them that went with the paper. Then I realized I could change things all together and printed off a few shots of Joe and I. 

Before I knew it, I had a LO.  This came together super quick!  I kept it very simple and love how it came out!  I also started another LO with this kit right away.  I believe there won't be a lot leftover from this kit, and that makes me a happy scrapper!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Vacation Memories Thru Instagram Mini-Album

On our trip to Florida in August 2011, I shared A LOT of our trip through Instagram.  I had a lot of pics that weren't "just Disney".  They showed all the fun stuff we did and it wasn't just characters from the park. I printed them all out and had an idea in mind to make an Instagram mini-album, using my captions from Instagram as my journaling (maybe slightly modified).  Of course, life got in the way and the album got pushed aside. 

I had just finished catching up on my Project Life album, when I came across the pics and the album I set aside  for it & decided to go for it.  I was inspired to get it done.  I soon realized, that I was getting the pages done quicker than I thought, which inspired me even more to finish it.

While the cover shows that it's mostly Disney World, we also snuck out to Sea World for the first time & those pics are included in this album, that's why I added the wave.... ; )

The best part was how thin I managed to keep the album! I've never made an album SO thin!  I stuck to a lot of stamping, Silhouette Cameo cuts, punches, labels & washi tape (of course!) to keep the bulk to a minimum, but was still surprised at how thin it was!


I had no plan for the album.  I just tried to keep all the similar pics together on a page.  At first I thought about just slapping the pics in "Smashbook" style.  While there's nothing wrong with that, that's not my style and you can see how the first few pages are much different from the rest of the album. 


I eventually noticed that I slowly happened to design the pages in a more grid design.

I took a TON of pics at Sea World but didn't Instagram then all. 

On this page I "cheated" a little.  I snuck in a few shots weren't on Instagram, but just went with it.  Don't tell anyone. ; ) HA!

The last page is very simple & plain but I like it.  The only thing I left out of the album was the date.  I realized it after taking the pics, so I'll just go back & add it late.  No big. 

The album shows that while you're at "Disney World", there's SO much more to see & do than what most people expect.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Picking 2012

Today we went to the pumpkin patch.  The girls found their pumpkins right away.  As they get older, the hunt is shorter.  However, as they get older they want the bigger wait, that hasn't changed.

It seems like every year we go later in the day to find pumpkins.  Marissa had trouble with the sun in her eyes.  NOTE TO SELF: Go earlier in the day next year.

Gianna's biggest struggle was deciding between the "normal" pumpkins and the "warty" pumpkins.  She wants to carve it so she went with the smooth, normal one.

Another struggle as they get older is tolerating each other long enough for a pic together.  We've been really working on them getting along better.  It's not like I ask them to hold hands or hug all the time!  C'mon, work with me!!

A tradition of ours is measuring the girls. I fear Marissa will outgrow the sign one day.  Hope she slows up soon or she'll be as tall as me!

Gianna is slowly catching up to Marissa.  I tell her to enjoy her age now & not rush things.  She doesn't like being the youngest.

Every chance I get, I try to get a pic with Joe.  Marissa took this (out of many) and after a little cropping I love it. ;)

I love these pumpkins the most.  So pretty.

Gianna was not happy about posing in front of the scarecrow but did it for me. 

Both girls picked out a small white pumpkin to paint.  Love Marissa's smile.

Me and my shadow. 

I'm in denial that it's October.  When I can get away with it, I still wear flip flops.  I don't look forward to the cold, cold days.  It's bad enough how dark it gets early on.  Halloween will be here before we know it!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

12 on 12 October

The twelfth of the month seems to come quick lately.  I could swear we just did September!

Gianna always make sure to change the sign when I leave the house.

They always make me wait in the parking lot even though I went through the drive-thru.  What's the point??

Let's get this over with before I talk myself out of doing it.  Not in the mood to workout but when am I??

Had just enough time to start my October Project Life page.  Feels good to be caught up since i started 2 months behind.

Happy Mail!  Love the cover, hope the inside is as inspiring.

Future Pinterest addict.  She's going to be so mad that I instagrammed her! Bonus--she matches my scraproom!

Finished the Lost Hero...again...working on re-reading the series so I can "borrow" the 3rd book from Marissa.

Got Gianna her own album for her scrapbook layouts.  She was so happy!

Joe brought home fresh Cinnabons for the girls...then took them out to dinner, leaving me home alone.  Love that man!!

"Owl" ready for bed.  Comfy, cozy in my pj's since 7pm.

Marissa likes to hide under my scrap table.  She doesn't realize that I am part ninja when it comes to taking pics.  Gotcha!!

Been trying to find a program in my computer so I can print small 2.5x2.5 ish pics on a sheet of paper without it getting cut off.  Bleh.  I need to learn photoshop.

Can you believe just a couple more months until the end of the year??  Some days I think I took on too much doing both 12on12 and Project Life.  Then as I look through the album I realize it's worth it...though I miss doing 12x12 LO's...need to squeeze that in better.