Saturday, January 31, 2009

What next Locusts??

This week has just been a crazy week. Tuesday I took Marissa to the Dr. to find she had the beginning of an ear infection. That same night I came down with a terrible sore throat that I later found out is Strep Throat.

This morning at 3AM, I wake to hear Gianna crying. I go to her only to find her in the bathroom covered in puke (sorry). I clean her up & her bed get her settled as I go downstairs to wash the sheets. A few minutes later it happened again. Then again. By now I had gone through her emergency security blanket so I went to toss it into the washer along with the other things.

Now my washer is one of those touch screen Maytag models. It has all these settings for various stains, so of course I set it for vomit (sorry). Only problem is the damn washer has a flaw in the mechanics. Once you select the settings you need to touch the "select this setting" box that shows up before you hit start. Well it was 4am now & I was exhausted & worried about Gianna & I missed that step. As soon as it happened I screamed, because my washer lid was locked & the whole machine froze. When this happens there is no override & you need a service tech to come fix it.

Of course this being Saturday, there was no service available but we were able to schedule a service call...for TUESDAY. So now I was behind on my laundry to begin with since the past few days being sick, laundry wasn't a priority, but NOW I have a washer filled with dirty sheets AND both my baby's security blankets. Luckily Joe was able to fanangle it open so I could pull out the stuff. I plan on bringing them to a laundry mat somewhere.

When Joe made the service appt. he told them this has happened before (yep but there was something "else" in there), he told them the part that was needed but they said the tech would have to come & troubleshoot it themselves. You know what that means? I'll be out of a washer for a few days if not weeks if they need to order the part! Thank God for warranties!!

The rest of the day we took it easy. Joe had to go to work. I set Gianna up on the couch all covered in towels just in case. Marissa was the healthiest of us all, so she was bouncing from room to room, playing her Nintendo, watching TV, playing on the computer. Eventually, due to the lack of sleep from the night before Gianna & I fell asleep cuddled together on the couch. Luckily she kept everything down & was a pretty good patient.

So now I'm feeling crazed, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, and oh yeah still sort of sick....what else is going to happen????

Please don't answer that.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Can't hold me down!

Last night after taking it easy I was feeling better. I don't know if the medicine the Dr. gave me really worked that fast or what, but I wasn't complaining. I told Joe if I still felt this way in the morning I would go sign Gianna up for Kindergarten. I was determined!

This is something I want to do. I can't explain it but it's important to me that I sign her up. Besides I'm usually the one who deals with all the school stuff anyway. Not that Joe couldn't handle it--he can, but it's my job.

This morning I still felt better. I decided I'd drop Marissa at school then hang around until 9am when they started sign-up. Since I don't want to push it too far I got my friend Samantha to pick up Marissa this afternoon for me.

Gianna & I get to the school on time & we're the only ones there (they split up registration in 2 days by alphabet, A-M were yesterday). Gianna was excited & I think she thinks she's starting there soon instead of the fall. We'll have to work on that. I made sure to take a pic of her in front of the school...

She hung out with me while I signed her up, & in true Gianna style pestered me after 10 mins went by. I tried keeping her in line by saying "the teachers were watching her to make sure she was behaved enough to start there". Don't think it really worked though, she's a tough one.

So now I'm happy, my baby is signed up for Kindergarten! I was a woman on a mission! Now my work is done & my meds are kicking in....I need a nap!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling Crappy

Tuesday Marissa had a 1/2 day at school. I had planned on taking her out shopping for her communion dress...but plans change. She woke me up at 3:30am to tell me her ears were hurting her. Took her to the Dr after school (yes I still sent her!). The Dr. said she had the beginning of an ear infection in one ear. Luckily we caught it right away & she'll be fine in a few days. However, while we were at the Dr.'s office all of a sudden I started feeling crappy. By the time we got home my throat was raw & felt like I was swallowing razor blades. UGH!

We were expecting snow on Wed & I was hoping for a snow day. The school sent out a recorded message early in the afternoon saying schools would have a 2 hr. delay as it stood. I felt awful & was hoping for a snow day to rest but at the same time I was hoping for the 2 hr delay because I wanted to see a Dr. Yeah it was that bad! I never "want" to see a dr if I can help it.

The next morning around 7:30am we got the call--NO SCHOOL!! WOO HOO!!! Joe still went to work & the rest of us slept late. The girls took it sorta easy on me & let me rest on the couch while they bounced around playing Wii.

Today, I dropped the girls at schol & took off for the Dr. Feeling crappy the entire time. He checked me out & declared I had Strep Throat. Fantastic! He prescribed some medicine, I got it filled at the pharmacy & went home to sleep. My friend Samantha would pick Marissa up from school & Joe picked up Gianna later on. He brought the girls to McDonald's for dinner & I got to rest more in peace.

By the time they got home I was feeling better & my throat wasn't as raw. I actually feel so much better! I'm more annoyed with myself for being sick mostly because I have no time to be sick! Makes sense huh?

Besides, Friday is Kindergarten registration!! I have to sign Gianna up for Sept. Joe said he'd do it but I wanted to. It's important to me that I sign my baby up for kindergarten!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

365: Week of Jan.19

Mon. Jan. 19 #19
While cleaning today, I made some time to download some CD's that were in the Jukebox. Up to 110 albums on my iPod--nice!

Tues. Jan. 20 #20
Inaugeration Day. I decided to watch since I realized I couldn't remember watching the last inaugeration. I was impressed by all the ceremony & the little girls were adorable!

Wed. Jan. 21 #21
Got my camera back today! After taking 4 or 5 pics it still had the SAME problem!

Thurs. Jan 22 #22
Brought my camera back to the store, only to have the camera work fine!

Fri. Jan 23 #23
While we were outside taking the Christmas wreaths off the house, the girls took the opportunity to play in the snow!

Sat. Jan. 24 #24
Went to see "Disney on Ice - Disneyland Adventure". The girls had such a good time!

Sun. Jan. 25 #25
Gianna had a friend's birthday party at Monster Mini-Golf. Indoor glow-in-the dark miniature golf--FUN!

Made a Choice

After some serious debates on Project 365, I made my choice.

I was conflicted over whether I should start with Dec. 29 or Jan. 1. I was thinking this would mess up my "Week of" cards & not sure how my album would end. "Would I come up short?" & end my year 3 days early since I started in Dec.?

Finally I bit the bullet & decided I'd start on Jan. 1st. This way my pics would all be from 2009.

Thanks to everyone for their input!

Friday, January 23, 2009

One thing leads to another...

Yes, I admit it, I've been slacking on the blog lately. In my defense I've been trying to catch up with the normal house things--like laundry (key word here is--"trying"). Another thing that's been keeping me busy is the typical January oocurance around here....Organizing! Unfortunately, this makes me fall behind in other things.

The worst part is I wasn't planning on organizing but it just seems to happen.

It all starts with Christmas. After the presents are opened & played with they need a home besides going back under the tree. Especially when the tree needs to be packed up. So that had me moving older toys to the playroom in the basement to make room for the newer stuff in the den (aka-the real playroom). Once I made the room & no longer had gifts under the tree, it was time to pack up the tree.

Once the tree (along with all the other decorations) were packed up, the normal knick-knacks needed to be put back. BUT since Christmas there are a few new knick-knacks that need a home so room needs to be made for those without making things look cluttered (still working on that).

During all this I feel guilty that I haven't scrapped since {whispers} ** November**. BUT I realize that I got new goodies (some for Christmas) that need a home. BUT my scrap area needs to be re-organized to make room for the new goodies (see where I'm going with this??). So I re-organize the hutch above my desk to make some room.

Some of those things now need a new home so I try my laundry room (which is truly the only room in the house that is completely MINE). Going into the laundry room makes me realize I NEED to do laundry, so I'll toss in a load. Then I remember that I went in there to find a new home for some things & go back in.

You should see me--it's comical at times! Thankfully my head is attached to my shoulders otherwise I'd be lost!
Back to the laundry room, I notice that in a corner I have heaven knows what! It's become a junk pile, so I tear into that & take it all out. I toss stuff, keep stuff, move stuff, all while ignoring the bell on the washer telling me that the laundry is ready.

Once that corner is organized & clean, I realize that the cabinet above holds a bunch of stuff that should not be in MY laundry room. The cabinet had tons of beads, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, popsicle sticks, & pom poms in a variety of sizes. This now needs a new home! {Just for the record--there were other things in there too but these were overpowering.} Now the cabinet looks so much better & neat!

Forgot to take a "before" pic, but trust me it was crazy in there!

Now that that corner is organized I've been on Joe's case to get him to build some shelves for a different corner in there. For now the laundry room is ok....'cept for the laundry piling up again!

This is just an example of how things are around here in January. It doesn't seem to fail. I could be planning on spending the girls' 1st week back to school after the holidays on scrapping but a case of the "house guilts" gets me every time!

So now things are slightly more under control. I have fought the urge to empty out rooms, spackle & paint, but it's been a struggle! The guilt over un-washed clothes beat the urge to paint!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the winner is.....

Lucky number 7 -- Kerry won!

Since I can't figure out how to post the actual generated number that was chosen I did the next best thing--take a pic!!

Thanks to everyone for leaving your comments!!

Kerry please peamail me your address here & I'll get your goodies out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on 365--Opinions needed--RAK!

So I'm second guessing myself a bit with "Project 365". Oh I'm still playing along! I'm just thinking about changing my approach.

Should I go by "days" instead of "week".

Right now I'm going by week so that my album will start with Dec. 29, 2008 instead of Jan. 1, 2009. I'm wondering if instead I should just start with Jan 1st.

And if I do change it to days how will I write my "week of" cards? Since technically the 1st week of Jan started mid-week.

Yeah I always second guess myself--I just don't like to make decisions!!


BTW--This post marks my 400th post. Leave me your ideas on doing "Project 365" & I'll randomly pick someone to receive some scrapping goodies by tomorrow.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

365 Week of: Jan 12

Mon. Jan. 12 #12
Taking down the tree....finally!!
Tues. Jan 13 #13
Fueling up with a "large light & sweet".

Wed. Jan 14 #14
Trying out a recipe for "Marinated Flank Steak" from the Pioneer Woman's site. AND having it come out delicious on the 1st try! YUM!!

Thurs. Jan 15 #15
We've been getting a cold snap in our area this week. Temperatures have been dropping all week!

Fri. Jan 16 #16
THE coldest day of the week! It's frigid!!

Sat. Jan 17 #17
So Thankful for our fireplace this week! We've been turning it on throughout the day & night! Also very happy to not have to lug in firewood--just push a button!!

Sun. Jan 18 #18
Today we took the plunge. We broke down & bought the Wii system!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

That was FAST!


Found out that they are taking orders for the movie TWILIGHT...already!! It's due to be released on March 21st. You can pre-order your copy here.
To think, the next time I watch the movie I can hear each word without being drowned out by screaming, hormonal teenagers!! Bliss!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dinner Tonight

Making this for dinner tonight. Got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

(Got the pic from her website--hope mine looks as good!)

ETA: I can't believe I'm admitting this but........


It was flavorful & juicy. Everyone had some & liked it!! Joe gave me the OK to make it again--SOON!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Her Birthday!!

Today is my older sister Marie's birthday! We were together yesterday to celebrate her birthday.

Here we are June 2005 holding my girls. I call this "Sisters holding Sisters".

This is her birthday a few years ago....This is her birthday last year (I think). She had her daughter Nikki help blow out the candles.Here they are again.
This is yesterday's cake I made her. Her favorite color is green.
Her family.Our friend Carolee (whose house we were at)Marie, Chet, Me & Carolee
Sister pic.

Love You Sis!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Christmas Get Together--AFTER Christmas!

Yes another Christmas get together we were supposed to have in December, in January!! We always get together with my girlfriend Carolee & my sister Marie to celebrate & the kids exchange gifts. This year we were at Carolee's house & we combined the get together with Marie's birthday which is tomorrow.

Carolee's son Matt is going to be 16 in a few weeks & being the oldest kid there the younger ones gravitated to him. He was so good with them too, letting them all pile up on him.

There's Marissa & Nikki torturing him....
But apparently he was "asking" for it....all 4 of the kids took him on.

Here's Gianna with the presents she got. Despite the look on her face, she LOVED the games. I just can't snap the pic quick enough to get the smile on her face!

Tyler got some nerf like guns & his Dad (Danny) took one while Matt took the other. They were like two 5 years olds shooting each other in the kitchen! There's Carolee trying to dodge some bullets, while Tyler's begging his dad to let him play with HIS toy!! LOL!!!

Matt had great aim & got Danny right in the eye(glasses)! TOO FUNNY!Nikki & Marissa were quietly engrossed with their Nintendo DS's....After the "war" we sange "Happy Birthday" to Marie. I made her a yummy yellow cake--it came out so pretty....AND tasty!Here's the birthday girl & Carolee cutting the cake...Marie & her family.Marie with her kidsOur mandatory "Sister" pic.Marie, Chet, Me, & Carolee. Need to make an album of our pics like this through the years.....Carolee has this ginormus bulldog, Sarge. (Whom I've always called "Thor"--don't know why) The kids loved petting him, this is as close to having a dog that they'll get! The night was fun. We hung out, talked, ate & messed around. I showed Carolee my blog & a few other sites like the Pioneer Woman--love her recipes! We had planned on playing her "Wii", but for reasons unknown we never got that far! Just goes to show we talk too much! It was a good night. And now I think Christmas is over....


Last night we had some snow come down & Joe had the idea to take the girls out sledding for the 1st time! Before coming home from work last night he went to 3 different stores on the hunt for sleds. Obviously everyone had the same idea & the pickings were slim.

We didn't tell the girls where we were going until today. The girls were surprised when we told them where we were headed & they had so much FUN!

Here are the troops heading off for the hill. Gianna needed a push from Daddy. Apparently we weren't on much of a incline & she didn't get too far.
When we went on the higher incline they had more oomph & it was more fun. Marissa was flying down ('specially since she's so darn thin!!). She kept turning herself backward, by accident the 1st time, but then she had more fun that way.
Gianna seemed to have a healthy bit of fear with the steeper incline & wanted Daddy with her. Not sure if they were trying to race in this shot or what.

After some more sledding, Gianna had had enough & wanted to have a "snowball fight" with Joe. He of course went & did her bidding. I stayed & watched Marissa some more & the look of joy on her face was priceless!
Eventually Marissa felt the need to toss a few snowballs too. We hung around tossing snowballs back & forth for a while. It was pretty funny watching them too. At first Joe was packing snowballs & piling them up but Gianna would just as quickly take his & throw them at HIM! He of course kept making her snowballs to throw--sucker! The snow was pretty icy & underneath it was ALL ice so walking was hard. Gianna would pick up pieces of the ice & toss them despite being told that it wasn't safe.

She's lucky she's cute!
Marissa decided the snow stuck to her gloves was tasty & kept eating it. I was having an anxiety attack at that!! Trying to explain that she couldn't tell if the snow was really clean....

We were out there for about an hour. Now that the girls have been introduced to sledding I'm sure I'll be tortured again sometime this winter. Standing outside in this weather is for snowmen!! How much longer until Spring??