Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 365

June has been the absolute nuttiest month! 
But I wouldn't change it. 
Lots of great memories were made!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

She is Eight

Here are 8 things about Gianna on her 8th birthday...

1.  Her favorite color is green. (And the future color of her bedroom)
2.  She loves to read.  Her favorite books to read are any by Dan Gutman.
3.  She's petite in size.  She can easily wear size 6 clothes.
4.  She is very independant.  She likes to do things on her own.  Always has.
5.  She likes dressing up but has been more into jeans or shorts lately.  When we're home for the night she's quick to put her pj's on & get comfy.
6.  She still sleeps with her pink fuzzy blanket, that she's had since she was a baby.
7. She's a picky eater.  She doesn't like trying new foods, but LOVES her carbs!  She would eat waffles, pancakes, or pasta all the time if we let her.
8.  She is my tempermental sweetheart. Quick tempered, but with a heart of gold.

Eight is Great!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School's OUT! 2012

Today is both a happy yet bittersweet day for me.  It's the last day of school!  Summer is here with no real schedule which I am happy for.  I am happy that this school year is over, it's been a test of my sanity. 

I am happy that Marissa will be moving up to 6th grade next year.  It also makes me sad, since she will no longer be at the same school with Gianna.  It makes me sad that she is growing up much to fast for my liking, yet I love doing older things with her, like cooking, shopping, talking.  The girl has a great fashion sense & I trust her opinion!  It makes me sad that these six years at this school flew by, yet I'm so happy for her to grow & learn. 

I got this idea from Pinterest, its her on the last day of 5th grade holding a pic of herself from the first day of Kindergarten.  I plan on doing this again at the end of middle school as well as high-school.  You can see how much she's grown!  When I told her we were doing this, she smiled but rolled her eyes at the same time.  I could tell she liked the idea but wanted to be cool at the same time. ;)


 Same pic, just a close up....

Here she is after the fifth graders were "clapped out" of school.  They walked the halls for the last time as all the classes & teachers clapped & cheered them out.  The parents were waiting outside full of smiles & some tears.  I teared up, but was so happy for her at the same time.  There's so many new things to discover in middle school!  She's looking forward to it, but she's also a little nervous.  It's normal.  I think I feel the same way!


Marissa & Daddy

Me & my girl

Gianna is now done with second grade.  Next year things will change so much for her.  Third grade means letter grades & more tests, but it also has some fun stuff too.  I can't wait for her to get a fresh start next year!  It's been a tough year for her this year.  Not that she's struggled with the learning part of it, just the people part of it.  People, both kids & adults are mean.  Unfortunately it's changed some parts of her, but it hasn't changed her happy, carefree attitude.  I am THRILLED that this year is over.  I hope she has the best time in third grade! 

Both girls' report cards were wonderful!  I am so proud of them!  They have the ability to learn quickly....which I can't say is from me......that's all Joe!  So here's to a happy summer, let's hope it's full of fun, happy times!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gianna's 2nd Grade End of the Year Party

Gianna's end of the year party may not be as fun as Marissa's was but it was no slouch either.  The kids enjoyed a fun, yummy, ice cream party on their last FULL day of school.

There was an assortment of ice cream & toppings for everyone to enjoy.

My girl went with chocolate, which was no surprise at all.

The only surprise was she wasn't hyper from all the ice cream...her bowl was still full! She is a nut, always looking to get a laugh out of someone. 

Just 2 half days left & she will be a second grader no more....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Father's day is a day to recongnize all the wonderful father's.  Joe happens to be one of those AMAZING fathers.

He goes above & beyond for his girls.  When they're in trouble with me, he smoothes things out for them.  When they want something, they know what to do to get Joe to say yes.

Me?  I call him a sucker.  He knows it's true too.  He loves them with all his heart & would do anything for them.  Including makes pancakes & bacon for breakfast...on Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Joe!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

5th Grade Principal's Assembly

Today the school had a "Principal's Assembly" for the 5th graders.  Basically they graduated.  The kids were filed into the All-Purpose Room in alphabetical order.  Some wore the t-shirts they received at yesterday's picnic & other's dressed up.  It was pretty casual....but no less special.

The principal gave a few speeches, as well as the teachers.  Then the kids were all called up to receive their "diplomas".  There's Marissa receiving her from her teacher.  Yes she is taller than her teacher.  She thinks it's funny.  Marissa, not the teacher. ;)


After the diplomas were handed out along with a few other special achievements, the class came up to sing a medley of songs.  The rocked the room!  From Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", to "Party Rock Anthem", complete with shufflin'.  It was great! 

I teared up through out it all.  The years flew by fast.  It seems like yesterday they were just starting Kindergarten & now they are off to middle school!

Congratulations Marissa! 
We are so proud of you!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marissa's 5th Grade Party

Every year the 5th graders at Marissa's school have this big, FUN, end of the year picnic party at a nearby park.  There are a lot of activities that all the kids get to do throughout the day.  They are split up into groups that rotate between all the activities.  Marissa's group was up first at the DUNK TANK!  While it was a nice day, it wasn't very hot, but there was no way the kids were going to pass up going in!  Too much fun!!  They took turns aiming the play & being the "dunk-ee".  If they couldn't hit the target after 3 trys they  used their one would get left un-dunked!!  LOL!

 The kids played a variety of games like volleyball, kickball, minute-to-win-it games, water balloon toss, & wall ball.  They had a DJ there mixing tunes too.  I think all the groups danced to Cotten-Eyed Joe.  I know Marissa's teacher made a point of dancing with all the groups from her class--she can take any of them on! 

This was our group at some point before having lunch....

The best part was after lunch when the fire truck arrived.  No there wasn't a fire.....they came to hose all the kids down!!

There's Marissa being adventurus.

She told me she couldn't see from all the water....

The fire fighters made sure to shoot the water far too, just in case though they had an extra hose nearby, so there was no hiding from it!

Afterwards the sopping wet 5th graders....

I gave Marissa a BIG hug.  She had so much fun!

Her & Ariel, BFF's since Kindergarten.

When they were dried off (mostly) they all got these backpacks to use for next year in middle school.  Inside was their personal memory book with pics from all their years at the school.  They also got class t-shirts to wear to their "assembly"/graduation tomorrow. (They don't call it graduation, but it's much better than the "Principle's Assembly" that they call it.)

Then came the traditional signing of the yearbooks.  It brought back so many memories....and made me want to dig out my yearbooks. ;)

Our 5th's been amazing!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 on 12 June

Can't believe how fast the year is going!  Here are my 12 on 12 for June....

Finally stopped procrastinating & made the girls' their annual doctor appointments.  They don't like going since they always get their fingers pricked but this time, Marissa also has to get SHOTS!  She knows it & is NOT a happy camper.

Since today's plans changed due to weather, I found time to get my hair cut.  I couldn't stand it anymore & was LONG overdue.  My last haircut was in February!  This was my second time at this salon with Nichol & I love the cut!

Loving the freebie from Silhouette today!  I'm a sucker for polaroid shapes!

Been trying to warm up since getting home from my haircut.  It's been raining & I always feel cold when it rains.  My beat up, worn out, purple, fuzzy slippers were the perfect fix to warm up my feeties!

My little ducklings walking to the car in the rain after school.  Marissa has the cutest owl umbrella IN her backpack, but refuses to use it for whatever reason & arrives to the car soaking wet.  **SIGH**

The second chair for my work island in the scraproom came today!  The room is getting closer & closer to being "done"!

Made a big pot of sauce for dinner tonight.  Unfortunately, by the time Joe came home it was late & he wanted to order in pizza.  Oh well, less cooking for me, I guess!

Finally going trough all the papers that need to be filed/tossed that were threatening to escape the cubbies above.  Still have more to go through but it was a good start.

Joe did such an awesome job painting my large "S" that I asked him to paint these for me too.  He did it without hesitation.  The man is truly amazing!

The new chair for my work island in my scraproom, put together by my handy hubby, despite my telling him to relax & do it tomorrow.  He was determined & I think a little curious to see how it looked with both chairs.

How full my project life binder is & it's only up to April 9th.  Starting to think I might need more than 1 binder.  I might have to cut back on all the inserts I keep in there....

This corner of my scraproom needs to be cleared out by Saturday.  The twin size futon we ordered will be delivered & go here.  Just a few more things to do & I'll be able to call it done!

Friday, June 8, 2012

5th Grade Volleyball

Today was the 2nd annual Joe's vs Pros Volleyball game at the girls' school.  The 5th graders (Joe's) against the faculty (Pros).  The kids wore orange team shirts while the faculty wore blue.  The teachers played a game against each 5th grade class (there are 3).  The 5th graders came in a class at a time & ran around the court high-fiving all the younger grades.  Then the teachers were all announced with team nicknames, but weren't nearly as cheered on as the kids.

The rest of the grades acted as the cheering squad.  At lunchtime they bought pom poms for their teams.  Gianna (in orange) is in the front row, rooting for her sister.


The cutest little cheerleader there!

They were playing with a beachball so the rules were modified a bit.  The first class up won their game against the teachers.  Then Marissa's class was up.  The teachers (a few in particular) were playing ruthlessly & won that round. :( 


Before starting the next game, the whole school took a break & danced the "cha cha slide".  It's a favorite around here. Then it was back to business.  This is what it looked like when the last class played.  This game seemed to go the longest & you couldn't help but feel the kids desire to win.  It was intense! 

 Happily the 5th graders won!  They beat the teachers 2-1!!  The roars of everyone inside the gym was deafening!!  It was happy chaos!  Of course, I couldn't pass up a few photo opportunites...

Marissa with her friends...

Way to go 5th graders!!