Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slip 'N Slide

Yesterday was a mostly do nothing day. We took the girls outside & they finally wanted to play with the slip & slide my sister Chet bought them for their birthday. Marissa knew what to do with it right away.
Gianna was timid at first & didn't get the slide part but she managed to have fun & get wet.
Marissa was a trip on this thing! She ran at it full tilt to get a good splash!
Gianna liked to crawl through it army style, taking her time. I think she did that to tick her sister off!

At one point Gianna just stood there & posed. She's not one that likes the camera too much but she was just hamming it up & being all cute for me.

As cold as the water was, she could have laid there all day.
So that's my re-cap of Saturday. Today? We didn't do much at all. I scrapped some (I have a few more LO's to share). Other than that not much to report. Just a lazy day.

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

great photos, girl!! the girls are too cute! looks like they had fun, even if it was cold. =0(