Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Recap

Hope everyone had a good 4th. Our plans got rained out. We were supposed to watch the parade at our friends Bobby's house but when we got up it was raining (mostly drizzling).

Joe & I talked about it & decided with Gianna just getting over pnemonia we didn't want her sitting outside in the rain. I felt bad since the girls had been looking forward to it all week...especially after being cooped up inside this whole time! We didn't have any other plans so we just relaxed & hung out around the house. It was relaxing.

The sad part was that I didn't take any pics of the girls. At all. I had all these intentions of taking their pics but then I'd have to do their hair.

Then I'd have to get them to pose.

Then I'd have to hit the bottle!!

So I didn't do it.

Who knows I might be tempted to do a "reshoot" in the next few days but we'll see how cooperative they are. Yeah right!

Oh yeah, I worked on some LO's & got 2 more done with another 2 in the works!! WOO-HOO!! I'm not holding my breath that I'll be done with the album before our Aug. trip but it's moving along & for that I'm happy.


laura vegas said...

we didn't do much for the 4th either. we've never been big on the fireworks ... normally, just watch the neighbors do theirs. lol! and i didn't take a single photo either. technically, you can take them whenever you want ... i took my 4th of july pics in may one year because of an assignment. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

haha...i still need to post about ours...and MY lack of good pics...