Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Crappy Day

So today started out with the girls at each others throats 1st thing in the morning...they were actually my alarm clock. Not a good way to start the day. On the other hand if they're fighting that must mean they feel better! LOL!!

I told myself that I would, come hell or high water, get my butt on the treadmill today. So I threw on some clothes & we all went downstairs. The girls ate breakfast & I had my coffee while putzing around online. I always start checking out blogs thinking they will have been updated while I was asleep even though I check some of them before I go to bed. Bad I know.

I need a life!

By the time I'm done surfing it's time for round 2. The girls are back in the kitchen wanting more food. You know what I mean Laura!! (Sometimes I feel like our lives run paralell to each other--not to sound stalkerish!!) Today was non-stop with them constantly wanting to eat everytime I'd be finishing up in the kitchen.

It's a crazy cycle!!

I try to hang out in the kitchen while they eat because they'll likely be calling to me that they need something else so while I wait for their next "request", I surf online. Only then I get involved in surfing so then the time passes &.....WAIT! I just figured out where my days go!! Crap!!

Well long story short, I did it & went on the treadmill. I figured I'd start at 35 mins since the last time I started again I went too much too soon & got all sore then didn't go back because I needed to "recover" (not really).

So I had about 15 mins left when my sister Marie calls to tell me that my Mom was in a car accident & she was going to meet her at the hospital. She had no information other than that.


She promised to keep me posted & would call me when she found something out. So I started back on the treadmill trying to block out all these bad thoughts. I managed to walk 1.30 miles before I got another phone call from my sister Chet telling me my mom hurt her shoulder & was in a lot of pain, they were taking her into x-ray. Not to sound unfeeling but that's a lot better than what could have been. At this point I gave up on the treadmill so I could call Marie back to fill her in.

After a few phone calls I went upstairs to shower & dress feeling relieved about my mom & good that I managed over a 20 min. mile. Yeah me! I even put away some laundry before Joe got on my case about going on the "Great Laundry Hunt" as he puts it!

Later in the afternoon, Gianna took a nap, which she's been doing this past week thanks to the pnemonia & woke up cranky & feverish. Lovely. (I can see another Dr's appt. in my future tomorrow.) She wanted to eat but only took a few spoonfuls of the pasta she despartely wanted a few mins before. Then Marissa was back in the kitchen wanting food & so the cycle began again! I told them that this was it & they were done until dinner. Which I think they could deal with since it was 4:30--believe me they don't starve.

However they drifted into the den & started fighting over the V-Smile game. They haven't played with it in awhile but of course, one is playing with it so the other one has to have it too!

This is about the time I flipped out.

I managed to get them to share the game & sat down to read my new Aug issue of CK magazine that I got in the mail. I start flipping through it & just a few pages in where they always have the MM ad I see a CUTE LO by my idol Laura! Cool.

Yeah I know I have such the exciting life!! What do you want I've got cabin fever--being stuck inside all week with 2 cranky sick kids!!

So to end the day Gianna's fever subsided a bit. Fantastic. She took her medicine without tossing it back up. Fantastic. And they're in bed & I have a small stack of pics to scrap!

But first I'm going to search for where my life went!


laura vegas said...

sorry about the crazy day! and yes, i can totally relate and appreciate your pain. lol! glad my little ad layout gave you a little smile ... i can't wait to see it now. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

haha...i noticed laura's layout, too.

my kids have been fighting off and on , too, so because of it they HAVE to have a least an hour of quiet time in their beds-where typically k falls asleep and sometimes g...if they aren't fighting it's all good, but rare!