Saturday, May 31, 2008

Can't Wait!!

Today they released the cover for Breaking Dawn the 4th book in the Twilight series {which comes out in Aug.}! WOO-HOO!!! CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!

Seriously I can't wait to read it! And in case you're wondering I DID pre-order my copy, of course.


Um, yeah I can't wait for the Twilight movie either but that's not until Dec, {see the ticker on my sidebar}

I knew the cover was being released today but never remembered when the computer was on. Then while I was checking Amy's blog I noticed she blogged about it. THANKS AMY!!

I'm currently reading her book "The Host", but can't seen to get into it. Maybe it's sort of slow but I'm on Chapter 18 (I think)!! Shouldn't it pick up by now?? After I get through this I'm going to re-read the Twilight books in time for Breaking Dawn in Aug.

Yeah, it's THAT good!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

More Scrappiness

I really need to get back to work on the girls' Disney album but since I started these 6x6 LO's I just can't stop!! I want to finish them so I'm caught up on this album.

I realized tonight that I need to add another edition to this collection, that'll bring me up to 3 6x6 albums of LO's of me & Joe {1st one & the 2nd one}. That just made me HaPpY. I always thought that since I'm usually the one taking pics that there weren't that many pics of us but apparently there are. That means I was wrong. **GASP** Lately the more recent pics were taken by Marissa when she was just 6 years old & they aren't bad at all.

She must take after her mother!

This LO was made using the MM Love Story collection (sorry I can't find a link). That just might be my favorite collection, but then again I say that with each new collection that they create!!

As I was cleaning up my desk I noticed I had some good size scraps of pp so I decided to make a card for our Anniversary next week. Here's a sneak peek.....sshhhh, don't tell Joe!!

Again I used all MM product. I tried making it manly but with the pink it was kinda hard to do. Oh well, since it's from me & I love this line he'll have to love it just on principle!!

I've been Enabled!!

Just call me weak.

I had to go to Michael's today for some adhesive & while I was there I checked out the Cuttlebug. After seeing it on Laura's & Heather's blogs **ENABLERS**, I loved what it could do. And let's face it, this isn't the 1st time that Laura has enabled me!! Then Laura & Susan both tell me that it accepts my QK dies, {which I didn't know because I happen to live under a rock} I realllllly, realllllly wanted it. **ENABLERS**

I rationalized it like this, I had a 50% off coupon from AC Moore, if M's accepted it then I would buy it today, if not then it would have to wait until another day. Sound good? I got to the register & asked about the coupon--she said they do take it!! So in my cart it went!! Oh & because I came across it, I also picked up the Amy Butler bag {in pink} to store it like Heather. ENABLER!!!

So now I am the proud new owner of this beauty...

My bundle of fun, all pretty in pink & green.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Weakening!!

Ever since I saw this LO of Laura's I'm been thinking about getting a Cuttlebug. Then today while checking out Heather's blog I saw this post about the Cuttlebug & her adorable carrying case for it. I had to fight the urge to run to Michael's immediately & buy it!!

I shopped the price around online & think it's cheapest at Wal-Mart. I considered buying it online then I realized I could run to M's & have it in my hot little hands immediately instead of waiting for it to be shipped (since it's only available online at W). BUT I held my ground & put my keys down. I seriously don't have anywhere to keep it & just can't justify the purchase since I already have a QK & a Cricut. The temptation is mighty strong but I will fight it

....until Christmas or my birthday when I'm asked what I want!!! LOL!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So I Scrapped....

Yep I did it! The block is over---thankfully! I can't stand when I can't create! I actually was feeling a little stagnant with the Disney album so I took a break & caught up with the continous album for me & Joe. It's 6x6 size, which I like playing with. It's 1 pic per LO & since I'm typically a multi-pic LO kind of girl, this was fun. You can see the whole album here.

This isn't the best pic--too washed out but I like how cute Joe looks in it. Disclaimer : Do not judge me with no make-up on & my hair all crazy!!

This next one is where I struggled. I was trying too hard to use some papers but they just weren't working for me. **SIGH** Finally I gave up on those papers & came across these old KI Memories papers. The colors fit better for me & I was able to move on.

This one was a little easier for me especially since I based it loosely on one of Laura's LOs. She makes my life easier!!
I really liked these papers a lot (Sandylion-Kelly Panacci) so I just went with it. It helped that the pics are from the same day -- both from Disney last June. This one came together so fast...until I came to the embellies. I finally settled on buttons (which I should use on every LO since I have so many!!) & tied them like Laura & Robin.

So I am happy to report that I only have 2 more pics to scrap to call this album up to date. It'll never be done since I always add more pics of us two & that's a good thing.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We went to watch the Memorial Day parade in town today. Marissa was marching in the parade with her Brownie troop. She had a good time & looked so cute! That's her holding the white plastic bag. They were tossing candy at the spectators--think that's what she liked about it.

It was a good day for the parade--it actually hit 80 degrees!

Gianna scored big with the candy. She had to have a piece of bubble gum right away. She wanted to wear a dress SO bad, this one in particular. I had a more patriotic outfit for her but it was shorts & she wanted a DRESS. Most of the parade was spent like this since she was sitting on the curb...."sit like a lady, people can see your undies", "close your legs", "don't sit like that". She tried but she's a little kid. **SIGH**

She kept getting annoyed with me between me telling her how to sit & trying to take her pic. Needless to say I didn't score too many good shots. After Marissa was done walking she came to sit with us & watch the rest of the parade.

I go this shot when she wasn't paying attention to the camera. She wanted a flag so bad & finally pulled one from the side of the street (they were there for that reason--I think). LOL!

When we got home we worked outside a bit. Joe cleaned up the patio & I planted some flowers in planters around the patio & front doors. We got some color from being in the sun all day. Hopefully the weather will stay warm & sunny for awhile, I hate being pasty white!

Oh & I got some scrapping done!! Nothing spectacular but there will be LO's posted tomorrow!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farewell Dinner

Yesterday we went up to my Uncle Gino's house for a farewell dinner for my Uncle John. He's going back to Italy today. Last night's gathering was on the small side. My mom, my family, my sister Marie & her family & my sister Chet along with my Aunt & Uncle. Believe it or not at 13 people it's considered a small gathering. You couldn't tell by the amount of food though!!
We got there early & I got Chet to take this of me & Joe. The lighting was perfect! If my B-I-L Danny wasn't in the back this would be GREAT! Still one of my favorites though & can't wait to scrap it. Someday I'll learn Photoshop!!
These are my girls in the rabbit hutch. Kinda like them locked in a cage! LOL!! JUST KIDDING!! They LOVED playing with the bunnies & would stay there all day if they could.

The hit of the night was my uncle Gino's Quad. He took the kids all through the woods racing around the lake. They LOVED it! All you heard was "MORE!" "AGAIN!!" "FASTER!!!"
Here are my two uncles. They are 2 out of 4 brothers. My dad was the oldest. He would've LOVED being there last night with his bitter sweet.

Bon Voyage Zio!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Bother Me!!!

In a little more than a half an hour.....
  • I will be sitting on my couch.
  • Holding my box of tissues--just in case.
  • The girls will (hopefully) be sleeping.
  • There will be no one to bother me while I sit & watch the season finale of Grey's.
  • It's gonna be gooooood!!

grey's anatomy


Reunion Re-cap

So last weekend we had a reunion with my dad's side of the family. My Uncle John was here from Italy & we all got together on Sunday at my sister Marie's house. Believe it or not this isn't the entire family! All the little kids were running around playing together just haveing a ball! Leaving the adults to relax (for the most part) & play catch-up.
This is a pic of me, 2 of my sisters & 2 of my cousins with our Uncle. Love how it came out! I think I'm going to frame this one.

Me & Uncle John

This pic is bitter sweet for me. If my uncle had a mustache he could pass for my dad who's been gone about 14 years. All in all it was a good time & nice to have (mostly) everyone together. Marissa got to spend her birthday with all her cousins & liked being the center of attention--at least for a little while.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Field Day

Cue the olympic music....daaaa da dum dum dum dum da da da da dum...well you get the idea.

Marissa had Field Day at school today. They had so much fun playing all the creative races & games. Each class was split into two teams, making up the rainbow. Marissa's class was the purple & orange team. My girl rocked the purple.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cutie Patootie

Today I got to get my baby fix! My girlfriend Patrizia came over today to visit with her little sweetie pie Sabrina. I just could not put her down! She's got this amazing amount of hair that's so silky smooth. Love her to bits! When I see babies this little it almost makes me want another. I said ALMOST!!!! LOL!! It was so good to sit & play with a baby while having adult conversation.

As for scrapping, I forced myself to play with some patterned paper trying to pick one to go with a pic. I found a LO that inspired me in "Page Maps" by Becky Fleck. I'm not following the sketch exactly but I'm playing around with some ideas so I'm happy. At least it's better than the block that's been plaguing me!


Why is it that for the past 2 days when I sit at my desk to scrap I feel nothing? I want to scrap, but I just can't. I've even thought that it's the LO that's staring at me that's got me stuck....but it's not. I've got it all planned out already. Just not motivated to manipulate the titles I need. Then I thought I could get my mojo back by skipping to another topic all-together but it's not working. I even tried playing with some supplies to get the juices flowin' but I've got nothin'! I'm feeling pretty frusterated right now.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

7 Years

Mother's Day may have been last week but today was the day it became real for me. Just 7 years ago....... this girl made me a Mom. My baby girl is 7 today. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! When she came into the world my life was altered forever! She has made me so proud of her, so happy, frusterated & sad sometimes too but eternally this little bundle has made me thrilled to be her mom. I love her so much! Yeah we argue & fight sometimes but always above all I love her & will always love her. She'll always be my baby!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Party Time

Today was Miss Marissa's birthday party with her friends from school.

I promised her if it didn't rain I'd curl her hair like I did last year (which she loved) & it turned out to be a beautiful day for a beautiful girl!

When Joe first got a look of Marissa with her hair all done, he just melted. I wish I had my camera on me when I saw the look on his face! He just adores his girls.

I was going for the whole "natural light" effect here but I'm not crazy with it. I think this came out a little dark.

The main activity at the party was each kid got a chocolate pop to deorate with melted colored chocolate & assort sprinkles & candies. I didn't know when I booked the party that these pops would be so HUGE (it could very easily have been their party favors instead of the goody bags). The pops were so HUGE they weighed in at 1 lbs. each! Can you hear the cavities forming on their teeth??
So grown up looking. She'll be officially 7 tomorrow. That just blows my mind.
The sugar had taken effect & the girls' eyes are glazed over. Gianna fights it with more candy!!

Her friends got her a lot of neat gifts which she loved (of course). She got 4 more Webkinz which she was sooooo excited about. Her cousin Nikki got her a scooter for her American Girl Doll which was probably the best present of all. She's one lucky little girl.

Tomorrow she wants to go play mini-golf at this indoor place that's all black lit. It's a monster themed place which would be a great birthday place for boys. Afterwards we're going to my sister Marie's house for a family reunion to visit with my Uncle John who's visiting from Italy. Luckily Marissa's happy about spending time with all her extended cousins. I was afraid of it taking away from Marissa's birthday but she's ok with it which makes me feel better.

She's been saying things like "I can't clear the table, it's my birthday" She really knows how to work that in her favor! She's just lucky. I hope she remember's that when it's my birthday....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Goody Goody

Tomorrow is Marissa's birthday party with her friends from school. We're having it at this ice cream/candy shop, & the kids are going to decorate their own candy pops & play candy games like guess the flavor jelly bean & karaoke. They're going to have so much fun! It's a really cute place...I say that since we had Marissa's party there last year.

Since the theme is "Candy" (& I like themes) I filled the goody bags with........CANDY!! I also found these cute M & M notepads in the $1 spot at Michael's to tie in with the theme. Joe got me some "Little Kins" Webkins that he fills the cranes with for the theaters & when we put them together they made a goody bag that will make any kid smile!

I was going to take a marker & write each kids name on the bag & make it look pretty when I had another "A-HA"moment. I realized I had a lot of OLD scrap paper with a candy theme & thought I can dress up the bags & tie it into the candy theme! I kept it simple but think they came out cute.

I got Marissa's stamp of approval & even impressed Joe. He says I should go into business making goody bags (we have seen them advertised believe it or not -- there is a market).

I think he just wants to put me to work.....

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I haven't had much to blog about this week. I haven't had anything nice to say. I've been driven to the point of frustration & I figure I'm gonna get it out & hope it passes.

Don't you just hate it when people decided your life for you? I do. They make decisions for you without ever consulting you? Then they judge you for these actions that weren't even done by you. How about when they expect you to change your schedule to suit there lives? Well, it's been done to me several times this week alone! The kicker is that it's by people that are close to me & I'm pretty pissed. I was also accused of not "going out of my way" for people. I defended myself by saying how I always go out of my way for people & how I'm taken advantage of for it! Now I'm careful of what I do for people since it just bites me in the ass.

For years I've been downplayed & ridiculed because I'm a "stay-at-home-mom". I've been told that because I scrapbook that "I have too much time on my hands". When I bake I get told the same thing....unless they want me to bake something for them. I'm at the point where I refuse to accommodate people because the favor is never returned. Not that I ask for much, but when I do they huff & puff about what a bother I'm being. Believe me, I am not the type of person that asks for help in anything very easily but when I do it's like I'm asking for the world by the reactions I get.

Joe always says "No good deed goes un-punished". Over the years I've come to realize this is so very true. I know this sounds mean but it just doesn't pay to be good because people just take advantage of you.

I'm sick to death of being taken advantage of!!!! You teach kids to treat people the way you want to be treated but some people just don't practice what they preach.

So is it any wonder that more & more I just want to take my kids & my hubby & move to where we don't know anyone?? I want to become a hermit!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So yeah, I know I promised that I'd post these LO's yesterday but hey life happens right? A lot of my time yesterday was spent at my mom's house hanging out with her & before I knew it the day was over. You know how it is.

These pics are from the day we spent at MGM Studios which is now called Hollywood Studios. Couldn't think of anything snazzy for the title. Kept it kinda simple since there weren't any pics from the day that "popped". Think I like working with wallet might be seeing that a lot in this album.....

This is Gianna's version. I tried taking colors from her shirt to make it different than Marissa's version. Think I like how this one came out better...shhhhhh, don't tell Marissa!!!!

This is Marissa's version. LIke I said above I tried matching the paper colors to her clothes.

Not sure when I'll be able to squeeze in the next set of LO's since I've got to work on Marissa's party which is this weekend. My baby girl is gonna be 7!! It just blows my mind! I also have my Uncle John coming in this week from Italy so we'll be having some sort of "reunion" at my sister's house. There goes the weekend!! Let's all hope it flows smoothly.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

This morning I got to sleep in late (which is a good thing being that I stayed up till 2:30am finishing up another 2 LO's). At 9:30 I heard the doorbell ring & the girls yelling

"DAD! The doorbell! DAD! Someone's at the door! DAD!!"

then I heard him get the door & the girls screaming,


Then I realized Joe sent me roses...and balloons. So I went back to sleep.

Around 10am the phone ring s& it's my girlfriend Carolee, calling to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. We chat awhile & I go downstairs, where I'm accosted by Marissa who can't wait for me to open the presents she bought me at the school "boutique". She got me a blank weekly calendar---just what I need to keep track of their activities, as well as a little mani/pedi kit. Daddy also helped them get me 2 movies that I've been wanting to see "27 Dresses" & "PS I Love You". I read the book for "PS I Love You" & couldn't wait to see if the movie was as good.

We had planned to go this big huge mall in upstate NY & have lunch at one the restuarants there then walk around & "possibly" shop. I say "possibly" because, um, I had every intention to, LOL! I chose to eat at the Outback since my other choice was the Cheesecake Factory & I had no intention of waiting (call me snobby but I was hungry!)

We got seated right away -- wonderful. The place was NOT busy & there was a lot of open tables around. Our waitress comes right up & takes our drink orders -- wonderful. She also takes our appetizer order at the same time -- great. She brings our drinks & I had asked for both a water AND chocolate milk for Gianna, whose 3 years old mind you. She gives us each our drinks & had Marissa's soda in a kids cup & Gianna's chocolate in a kids cup but the water that I had SAID was for my daughter was in a very tall glass! So I asked her to take it back & bring her a kids cup. Okay.

Soon afterwards our appetizers come & we dig in but our waitress NEVER TOOK OUR ORDER. We don't even SEE her anywhere. So I got up & went the the manager & asked that our table be switched & explained how my kids were CRANKY because they were hungry (they don't eat the appetizers). He asks who our waitress was & goes to find her. As soon as I sat down she comes over to take our orders. The manager NEVER comes to apologize or anything! I was so not happy.

FINALLY we get our meals & the girls are calmer & start eating. The waitress comes up when Joe's in the little boys room & asks if we want to order dessert & I explained to her that he wasn't done eating. I was so pissed! Meanwhile he comes back & finishes up but then it's the girls turn to go to the bathroom so I tell Joe to order me a coffee since he's getting dessert. Bad move on my part. I get my coffee with a bowl of assort sugar packets & barely have enough sugar for my coffee PLUS she forgot to give me a spoon to stir it with!! AARRGGGHHH!!! I told Joe he was NOT tipping her! I'm vindictive like that, but he won't do it & leaves her the bare minium. What TERRIBLE service!! And I repeat, IT WASN'T EVEN BUSY!!!!

Afterwards we walked around & did a little shopping which the girls hated but it was Mother's Day after all! And you know what I bought?? Clothes. For them.

Wow! This turned into a much longer post than I intended but I feel better getting that off my chest. I do want to point out that it did not ruin the day for me. I just refuse to EVER go back to the Outback in the Palisades Center Mall!!! Since you listened to me rant & rave I will be back tomorrow with some new LO's. Once again I say to all the wonderful women out there....


It's OUR Day!

To all the Mom's out there....


Enjoy it--you deserve it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to the scheduled Scrapping!

Since I had my little break from doing the Disney LO's I figured I'd get back on track. I desperatly want to be done with these albums BEFORE our Aug. trip. I'd hate to be 2 trips behind!! Don't even ask me how many trips I haven't even started from before 2006!!

The 1st LO is for Gianna's album. I wasn't sure how to use these pics until I saw Laura's LO & had an "A-HA" moment. Used my Cricut for the title, not thrilled with it but it's there.

Here's the LO for Marissa's album. Stuck to the same design (makes my life nice & easy), used KI Memories papers, the Cricut again for the title.

Monday, May 5, 2008

You know you made it when....

Today Marissa had her friend Katelyn over for a playdate. I was working on a LO at my desk when she comes over to me & asks what I'm doing. I told her I was scrapbooking & asked her if she knew what that was. She said yes & Marissa jumped in & started showing off. She takes down the Disney autograph album I made last year & shows her all the pages. I heard a lot of this...

"I saw Mary Poppins, she's pretty."

"Yeah I saw her too."

"I met Princess Aurora."

"Me too."

"I saw Stitch too."

"Yeah so did I."

"I met Princess Jasmine on this trip & this past one too!"

"Me too."

"Everyone who's in this book I met."

"Oh, yeah so did I."

Obviously the girl is hard to impress....

Then Marissa puts the book away & says....

"Now you know my Mom is really a Scrapbooker."

I was so proud of her! My very own cheerleader! Early Happy Mother's Day to me!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Halloween Mini-Album

I know, I know it's May not October. I know it's nowhere near Halloween. I know I'm in the middle of doing the Disney albums for the girls but I didn't want to get burned out on Disney like I sort of did with the last set of albums **GASP**!

The reason I did Halloween? When I was packing for the April trip I wanted to bring some scrap stuff to play with when everyone's asleep. I started packing up a little "kit" figuring a mini-album would be easy, but got overwhelmed trying to narrow down what to take. That is one reason why I don't go to crops--I like having it all with me & can't plan ahead! Besides I needed the extra room in the suitcase!!

When I got home the box of supplies was calling my name--well actually I kept knocking it over. So I decided to get creative hoping it wouldn't take me too long. I think it went faster than the Valentine mini album I made, since I knew what to expect. ANY-WHOO, I'm done! Just in time for National Scrapbooking Day! I didn't plan that it just happened--swear!
Found this at Target in the $1 spot, a plain 'ole deck of cards shaped like Candy Corn. Cute huh?

I dressed up the flip side to each card since they looked a little boring to me. Not the clearest pic but you get the pic right?
Again not the best pic. Was fun going through old pics & seeing the girls through the years & how much they changed.
Gianna was Cinderella obsessed for a while & kept wanting to be her for Halloween. OK with me--the costume still fit!!
Finally this year Gianna wanted to be Princess Aurora. Think she realizes that it's ok to be different. Either that or she feels she's got to follow in Marissa's shoes since that was Marissa's costume when she was 3. **SIGH**

Had fun making this. Used up some stash, ok a lot of stash but magically still have LOTS MORE! I'm happy to say that I didn't use a full sheet of cardstock at all! I used a bunch of my cardstock scraps & when I got done purged more (see Laura I can let go!) LOL!!