Monday, June 30, 2008

Playing "Ketch-up" Warning--LONG POST!!!

Yeah I've been a lame blogger but I just haven't felt like blogging ***GASP***!!! I've also had a lot going on that wasn't in the plans. Let's see where did I leave off?????

Wednesday afternoon while out running errands with the girls, Marissa started complaining about something in her eye. I took a look but didn't see anything, then forgot about it since she stopped talking about it.

Thursday morning she got up with her eye all red & irritated & of course she was complaining about it again. I look again but didn't see anything. She had a birthday party to go to & went happily even though her eye was bugging her. 10 mins before the party was over I got a phone call from the girls mom saying Marissa's eye was bothering her & she wanted to go home.

What kid wants to go home from her friends party unless she's miserable??

So I picked her up & told her we'd go to the doctor but she's terrified about eye drops (like her mom) & didn't want to go. I gave her an ice pack since her eye was swollen from her rubbing it, despite me telling her not to & took another look to see if I could find anything. SUCCESS!! I managed to pull out this thin little cotton-like "string" & she laid down on the couch with the ice pack. However, the poor thing kept complaining that her eye still hurt so I managed to convince her to go to the Dr. I made an appt. with the eye Dr. but when I told Joe about it he convinced me to take her to the pediatrician. As much as I disagreed I did, especially since they said they'd see her right away.

We get to the office & wait a 1/2 hour!! So much for right away!! The girls at this point started getting antsy -- of course but then they took us in.....where we waited some more!! When the Dr. came in he did manage to find something stuck to the inside of her eyelid but when he used a q-tip to get it out he POKED her eye & she started crying! Of course. I see him looking at his watch then he gives up & sends us to an actual eye Dr. I was LIVID!! I was mad at myself for not sticking with my gut instinct, mad at Joe for listening to him & pissed off at the Dr for poking her eye!!! We go home since our appt wasn't for awhile & Marissa falls asleep. I feel so bad for her. The eye Dr. gets the thing out of her eye 1 2 3, but see's her cornea is scratched so I need to put drops in her eye & he wants to see her tomorrow.

Now it's Friday, & we get to the eye Dr. on time for our appt. We ended up sitting there for 1/2 an hour before they bring us in the exam room. Then we wait ANOTHER 1/2 hour before the dr comes in takes a peek at her eye & declares her fine in less than 5 mins. Can you say PISSED OFF!?!?!! The girls were under my skin BIG time by now & the rest of the day didn't get any better.

I had to get goody bags made up for Gianna's party at the candy place with her friends from school, which normally wouldn't have taken me that long but the girls were on my "list". They made such a mess in the den & after requesting for them to clean it up several times I was DONE! Stick a fork in me! I put them both in the corner & got a garbage bag. I proceeded around the room throwing everything on the floor into the garbage bag. I ended up with 2 bags of crap!! The girls were upset-of course & I was pissed - of course. I wasn't actually throwing it out but they weren't getting it back right away either!

Saturday was Gianna's party. We had it at the same place Marissa had her party because Gianna wanted just what her sister had. The party was, for a bunch of 4 year olds, mellow. I thought for sure the kids would be bouncing off the walls but nope they weren't. Oh, they had fun but I was really expecting craziness. It was cool though & Gianna was happy. See?

Her decorating the huge chocolate pop. She was like Emeril--BAM!!

She was so happy!! Me too except I didn't get very many good pics. Oh well less for me to be backed up on to scrap!

The party was over by 1:30 so we went home she opened all her FUN presents & then it was time for round 2. We were having our friends John & Kathy over for dinner. We hadn't seen them in awhile & since they couldn't make it to the girls' party the previous weekend they wanted to see the girls.

Somewhere between 3pm & me prepping food for dinner, Marissa wrapped herself up in a blanket & vegged out on the couch not moving. This is NOT like her. However I didn't notice too much because I was busy. Later on when our friends came, I went over to her & she told me her head hurt. I laughed it off as a "Sugar Crash" from the party until I felt her forhead. She was on fire! I gave her some Tylenol & let her rest. Gianna was eating this up since she got all the attention to herself. Later on the Tylenol kicked in & Marissa was back to herself.

The rest of the night was nice & relaxing. I made a huge platter of Chicken Fajitas & got a little buzz from a bit too much wine. I wouldn't really call it a buzz but I felt no pain....and I got super sleepy. Hey I'm a cheap date!!

Sunday morning Marissa's fever was back....and guess what? Gianna had a fever too! They both like to do things together! Marissa originally had a friends birthday party to go to but obviously that was out. We spent the day at home dishing out Tylenol & just hanging around. I felt restless the whole day. Wanting to scrap but not exactly in the mood. Wanting to watch TV but couldn't get into anything. Just restless. However I did get a little mojo going & have another LO almost done.

Gianna had a bad night of sleep which means so did I. But I was determined to take both girls to the Dr. today since they were both feverish still. **SIGH**

Our appt. was for 2:40 & we got there 5 mins late. However we ended up waiting for an HOUR before we got brought into the exam room!! Luckily the girls were mellow & feverish so they weren't all antsy & under my skin. The Dr. checks them out & sure enough there throats were all red. She suspects Strep Throat & needs to give them a throat culture. They freak out & start crying bloody murder! I told them this is better than a shot so they calm down until after she swipes their throats. All hell broke loose for awhile but they managed to calm down. The culture came back negative so they needed a blood sample. Uh-oh. The girls FREAKED OUT AGAIN when they realized they were getting their fingers pricked. Just lovely. Those tests came back with some high numbers, especially for Gianna. The Dr. now wanted to check their urine AND get a chest x-ray. Lovely. The girls were not happy about getting pressed up to a cold x-ray plate since they were already complaining about being cold but Gianna was freaked out the most. She even declared herself "Not sick anymore". Poor baby.

We go back to the Dr's office & eventually we get the results--after being there for 2 hours. Marissa's x-ray came back clean but her urine test showed she's viral & contagious. Bad right? Gianna's x-ray showed she has Pnemonia!! I was shocked! It didn't actually hit me until I got in the car & started driving to the Pharmacy. I never imagined Pnemonia!! Luckily the Dr. prescribed some meds & it should clear up in about 10 days. I am drained from it all, but feeling better after some of the shock wore off. The girls collapsed, one on the couch the other on the floor & slept. My poor little babies!!

Since this turned out to be a LOT longer post than I intended I'll stop here. I promise I will post some LO's tomorrow!!

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laura vegas said...

sorry to hear the girls are both sick. all that doctor drama doesn't sound like fun either. just reading about them digging around in her eye gave me the heebie-geebies. i have this fear of doing anything to the eye area. lol!