Friday, July 18, 2008

We're Booked!

So last night we were all hanging out in the den when Joe calls me over to his computer. He shows me the website to Great Wolf Lodge. He says "Wanna go?" I asked him when, I had to make sure it wasn't the same day "Breaking Dawn" was released. Not entirely joking about that either! LOL!! He named a date, (it was clear), I said "Sure".

Gotta love vacation planning!

He showed me all the different cool rooms they have available, which of course the girls had their opinion about. Before we knew it, we even asked my sister Chet to come with us (can you say "babysitter"??), she said yes, of course. By the end of the night, the date was set, the trip was booked & the girls were in bed. The end.

Sure enough we're excited. We've never been there & it does sound like a LOT of fun. I bet we'll all be pruney by the time we come home from all the time we'll be in the water park.

The girls need to see other places besides Disney.


Did I just say that??

Yep I did.

This morning they were asking me all sorts of questions. Gianna had a slew of them...

"They have beds there?"
"They have pillows there?"
"I bring my blankie?"
"Titi Connie Ice Cream coming too?" (that's what they call Chet)
"We have food there?"

I had to explain to her that it's at a hotel & we'd be staying in a room there like Disney. Marissa was easier.....

"What time does our plane leave?"

I laughed (on the inside) & told her we'd be driving there since it's not that far away.

So we're excited about the trip. It'll be nice to do something different like this. I'm excited about the packing too. We're going away for a few days & will be in our suits for most of it, that we won't be needing a lot of clothes. It's the little things that make me happy.

Ahhhhhhh, let the fun begin!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

for like a second, i was really excited, because there is one not too far from here (like 45 mins.)...then it dawned on me, that there is probably one closer to you...

have fun!

and, nope, i won't be going anywhere waiting on my book to arrive;0)

laura vegas said...

looks like a fun vacation spot! and definately sounds easier than disney. lol! less packing ... that alone is a great idea. that's one of the reasons we never go anywhere. i hate to pack up for days just to leave ... and then hate having to unpack for days when we get back. lol!