Monday, December 31, 2007

Lazy Winter Break

I have to admit I have been very lazy this week. The girls have been off from school, Christmas is over & I haven't felt like doing a THING! I haven't felt like blogging although I have been keeping up on my favorite blogs--of course! I haven't scrapped & haven't felt the urge to either which is weird. I blame that on 2Pea's changing their site AGAIN & now I lost practically everything that was in my BOS (favorite layouts for you non-scrappy people). I have been creating though. I finished my button tree (pic to follow later) & started another one that I'm practically done with & I'm hoping to start another one too! This way I'll be ready for Christmas next year!!

Another thing I've been doing that's been keeping me from scrapping is I've gotten hooked on reading the "Harry Potter" books. I never thought I'd be into them but I've seen some of the movies & the special effects were enough to make me want to read the books. My only problem is I've been getting the books from my favorite B-I-L & he doles out the books one at a time thinking it'll take me a long time to read them! Boy is he WRONG!! So now I have to hit him up for the next book & hear him complain to me that I bug him. Can't wait to finish the series because then I'm off to Barnes & Nobles to buy the Stephanie Meyer "Twilight" series. I gave out some not-so-subtle hints for Christmas but it must've been too late! And you can bet that I will be handing them out to my favorite B-I-L ONE AT A TIME!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome little one!!

I just found out my girlfriend Patrizia just had her baby girl last night! We've been friends since 7th grade & I can't tell you how excited I am to see her happily married & now with a precious little angel to love! So I just wanted to say....


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Review

After many sleepless nights to get all the wrapping done (even though I still had a little left to do) Christmas Eve was here!

My sister Chet took this pic of the girls at the beginning of the night. See how nice & pretty they posed for their aunt? Don't they look so sweet & innocent? Well they sorta do anyway!

Our tradition is Christmas Eve at our house. We exchange gifts with the kids & the grown ups do a Secret Santa. We open all the presents oooh & ahh over them. Soothe the kids that are upset because they got clothes instead of toys. Then after everyone leaves we stuff our gifts for the girls (& each other)under the tree from us & Santa & wait for morning.

Since we had to wait for the guys' movie to end to open presents we were trying to keep the kids occupied. After getting them to do some crafts we made 'em pose for pics. They came up with this on their own! Marissa is at the top then it's my niece Nikki, & Gianna has her head on my nephew Michael. My other nephew Tyler wasn't in the pic taking mood so he wasn't at the bottom of the totem pole.... Christmas morning!! Marissa woke me up at 9am & asked if she could go downstairs to open presents. Too cute that she still ASKS! They were so excited to open their presents!! Yes we went a little overboard & got them EVERYTHING!!

Here's our happy little family later at my sister Marie's house. I was SO tired after so many days of running around on little sleep that I took a nap on the couch after dinner. I would REALLY like to have it all done sooner so I could enjoy Christmas more. That might be my resolution for the new year...stop procrastinating & GET IT DONE!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing you a...


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lovin' my hubby

I just want to gush about Joe right now. He knows I still have a TON of wrapping to do & has offered to keep the girls out of my hair today after he gets home from work. Not only THAT he offered to go do some food shopping (on his way home) that I couldn't do in advance for Christmas Eve that we're having at our house. Not only THAT he just took Marissa (Gianna didn't want to go) & went to BJ's for me with a pretty long list. He just ROCKS!!! I have THE BESTEST hubby!! Totally LOVE that man!! That's what I call romance! hehe!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm a winner!

Today was another crazy day full of running around. So crazy in fact that at 11:30am I get a call from Marissa's school. It went something like this.....

School--"This is Marissa's school. She's standing here with her lunchbox but it only has a bottle of water & some pretzels in it."

Me-- "Oh my gosh (as I suck in a huge amount of oxygen & slap my forehead)!!!!! I forgot to tell her she was supposed to buy lunch today AND give her money!!! I can't believe I did that!! (yes I can)"

School--"Ok don't worry we understand. You're not a terrible parent. It's understandable this time of year & we'll make sure she gets something to eat."

Me--"Thank you so much!!!"

There I go again, just call me "Mother of the Year"!!! So later on I was due to go into her school for her class party & was expecting a "Mom how could YOU!?!" attitude from her but she smiled & laughed it off. WHEW! I truly felt terrible!!! Despite that we had a good time at the party & we even went out to eat tonight so everyone was happy.

When I got home I couldn't resist getting my email & blogs & found that I had won a RAK from Heather at Scrapbook Bakery on her blog Icing on the cake !! How terrifically COOL is THAT?!?! I've never won ANY sort of contest whatsoever! It was THE perfect ending to my day! Totally reversed my mood!! I had found her blog through my idol Laura's blog & SERIOUSLY demand that you all check her out!!! If not I will have to send you off to school with only some bread & water & make you suffer like I do my children! lol!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

G's Christmas Party

Had a hectic day but all the extra running around was well worth it because today was Gianna's Christmas show/party at school. I had planned on getting there about 45 mins early to get a good parking spot & save seats for me & Joe BUT plans never work out as good as they sound. Luckily I have a wonderful & puncual husband who got there when he said he would & got us good seats.

Gianna went up with her class on stage & was smiling acting her usual sassy self. She sang the song BUT kept her head turned to the side. I was just happy that she did all the little movements & sang & didn't cry or scream like some kids did. She had a good time & had fun passing out presents to her teachers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seriously--I'm DONE!

Seriously. I have GOT to STOP the buying people!! I had to buy some disposable tupperware to ship some cookies out but what do I do FIRST?? I stop at the Hallmark store & buy a bunch more ornaments & other STUFF! It's an addiction! I buy the girls the Disney Hallmark ornaments every year. They each have their own HUGE container of ornaments & I plan on making them take them with them when they move out...which won't be for 40 or 50 years. But seriously I'm done shopping...seriously....

Sheetload of Cards

Check out this new website for when you're having trouble getting inspired to make cards. It's a free monthly e-zine that gives you a layout, the cutting dimensions and even sample cards to help. You can find it at... .
Happy card making!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NOW I'm REALLY done...

I went out today to return a few things & came back with LOTS of bags full of STUFF!! I could have SWORN I was DONE shopping!! NOW I've got even MORE things to wrap! Crap! I had to buy a frame for a gift for my F-I-L but when I went to put the pics in it I realized I bought the wrong size frame...CRAP! NOW I need to go back out there again...BUT I'm gonna have will power this time...partially due to spending all my money today!!

Tonight was Joe's company X-Mas Hooter's. Why Hooter's you ask? Well being that he owns the company & he likes hot wings & there are no female employees--they have it at Hooter's! And not for nothing but I like hot wings too & we as a family actually go there for dinner...please don't's a night without cooking for me!!

So I took advantage of this hubby free night & put the girls to bed early & barricaded myself in our bedroom. I spent my time going through my purchases & started wrapping them. The reason for the barricading? Let me put it this way...the back of our house has lots of windows & they don't have any blinds or window treatments on them because it would take away the look of the windows. So that means when Joe's not home I get spooked TOO easily & hightail my butt upstairs. This way I don't get freaked out everytime some animal trips the motion sensor lights that are all over the back of the house. I'm a big chicken...but I'm not on the Hooter's menu!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas trees to button up....

Only 7 more days until CHRISTMAS EVE!!! I feel like I've got a lot done BUT I always seem to fall behind. So until every present is wrapped & I can sleep on Christmas Eve I'm keeping my fingers crossed & my big mouth SHUT!

I got some wrapping done today which I feel good about but I got sidetracked tonight after putting the girls to bed. I have been wanting to make these button trees I saw on Ali Edwards' blog & 2 Peas. They are so cute & I figure I can do this a lot better than the paper trees I attempted last year. I had ordered a bunch of buttons & today got the remainder of my order BUT I think I under bought so I placed ANOTHER order just now for MORE buttons. WHAT is WRONG with ME!??!?!?! I should really just finish the layout that's been waiting to be stuck together since THANKSGIVING & put that to bed before starting something else! It's the last birthday layout for Gianna's album & I can move on to another topic...say like CHRISTMAS!!

Over the weekend we had a Christmas party at another neighbor's house. We got my sister to come watch the girls early so we could go out to dinner first. We went to Chili's which was nice (& close). Then went to the party. We had intended to be home around 10pm due to the impending Nor'easter that was threatening the area BUT we were having a good time chatting & let's face it gossiping that the time got away from us. We had to get 2 phone calls from my sister telling us she wanted to leave, it's not her fault exactly but my mom had decided to come with her & didn't know that we would be out until late. So we got home around 1am & they bolted for the car. I can't blame them it was sleeting/hailing (don't see much of a difference!)

I was pretty buzzed from all the wine that was forced on me **wink**!! It's weird...after 33 years of being Italian BORN on the other side I'm FINALLY accuiring a taste for wine! Kinda funny if you know dislike of cheese & Italian meats like salami & stuff...I'm the most un-Italian Italian EVER! Maybe in another 33+ years I'll acquire a taste for something like cheese, but then again let's not get wild & crazy we're gonna take this nice & slow--REAL slow!! LOL!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm DONE!!

I had hoped to start wrapping presents today but realized that I'd rather go SHOPPING!!

So after I dropped Marissa off at school I went to Michael's. I was trying to find these music boxes that look like Christmas presents BUT they were sold out-FIGURES!! So I picked up some yarn to tempt my mother into knitting the girls some more ponchos but in colors that I chose because she has a habit of picking colors that aren't always--what's the word?? Oh yeah PRETTY!!

Then I went to Target & bought Joe his last X-mas present which I can't mention IN CASE he actually READS my blog. I also found the music box that I went to Michael's for!! How FANTASTICAL is THAT?? I would like to say that I am officially DONE with my Christmas shopping but I don't want to jinx myself!! YEAH!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!

It really IS! Oh it looks pretty & innocent alright BUT it's a PAIN to drive in & shovel! Just for the record I DID help shovel... See my darling hubby? That's him shoveling BEFORE dinner!! Notice he's got his earpiece on? That's because the man can MULTI-TASK!!
This is my mountain climbing pioneer! She was so proud that she scaled the mountain! This is my jolly little elf. Her nose & cheeks were so rosy red!!
Here's a picturesque view of our house.

I'm playing with the camera settings & kinda like how this came out-even if it is a little yellow...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love snowmen?

The Fab Five at our front door

Christmas Cookies

I'm done with my baking!! In record time too! I made 6 varities of cookies in only 3 days!! WOO-HOO!! I was a whirlwind of flour, sugar & BUTTAH!!

Made 8 batches of Chocolate Chip. Each batch makes 4 1/2 dozen cookies which means there are.....A LOT of cookies!!

These are Honey Sand Balls. I made 5 batches of these. Each batch makes 3 dozen cookies. There was powered sugar flying EVERYWHERE!! They're Joe's FAVORITE cookie but since they are the most time consuming I only make them once a year...unless I need some FAVORS **wink**!!!
These tropical beauties are Coconut Macadamia nut cookies. They're made with coconut & macadamias--in case you're in cookie overload right now. Made 3 batches of these. Each batch yields 5 doz. cookies approx. Did I mention they're made with coconut & macadamia nuts?? No really they are!!
Here are some awfully RED Spritz cookies. They're not awful--just SUPER RED! I squeezed 2 batches of these suckers out of a press hurting my delicate hands (that's sarcasm people!!) & the girls flung sprinkles ALL over them! Literaly. Don't ask me how many cookies each batch makes because it's just too darn many to count since I can fit LOADS of them on a cookie sheet!!

More Spritz cookies...the only difference with these & the red ones are (do I REALLY have to say it?) these are GREEN!! Oh and a LITTLE overbaked...but don't go telling people a'right? I made 2 batches of these too but had to fling the sprinkles on myself because the girls DITCHED me to go & shovel the snow with Daddy. Where's the love...and the free labor???

Then I made these little pretties just for giggles. Well no actually because I'm crazy & signed up for cookie duty for Gianna's school party. Did I mention that I'm crazy?? I'm a crazy-cookie-baking-giggling-machine!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am totally addicted to reading blogs!! As much as I've got to do with Christmas right around the corner here I am reading my daily list of blogs!! I plan on starting my Christmas cookies but instead I'm sitting here blogging! What is wrong with me people?? No don't answer that!! Really DON'T!! I mean it!!

In case you're wondering which blog I spend the most time reading here's the link Confessions of a Pioneer Woman . This lady is HYSTERICAL!! And to top it all off she's a FANTASTIC photographer! Now that I've confessed my addiction (one of many) I'm off to bake.....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Countdown to Christmas....

Just 16 days left until CHRISTMAS!!! Is that right??? Where has the time gone?? I'm not READY!! Or maybe I am I don't feel ready. I feel like I could go back to sleep!

Last night we hosted a Christmas exchange with my cousins & their families. We do a Secret Santa with the kids & they have a BLAST! It was nice hanging out with everyone since we don't get to see each other too often.

All the cousin's kids (my 2 are in red)

The cousins with the kids (I'm in the top left back wrestling with a tired maniac aka-Gianna)

I have been going nuts getting the house all decorated in time & cleaning & baking. Now I should rest right?? Nope not for this elf!! Now it's time to get the Christmas cards out & bake Christmas cookies! After that I have to sort out gifts to determine whether I'm done shopping nevermind WRAP them up! Oops I almost forgot--the girls' school parties I signed up to bake/participate in!! I've got my work cut out for me!! How much time do I have left again?????

Friday, December 7, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out

This is for my little sister Connie, whose real name is Maria Concetta (yeah I have 2 sisters named Maria--weird story--it's an Italian thing), but we call her Chet. It's her 29th birthday today...she's getting OLD!! I feel no guilt in saying that because she's always telling me & Marie how OLD we are--you know 'cause we've got 1 foot in the grave!!



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

My mission (whether I liked it or not) was to get the Christmas card pic done. This was my grand plan...

  • Pick up the girls from school.
  • Get Marissa's homework done.
  • Give Gianna a haircut.
  • Give the girls' a bath.
  • Take the bestest Christmas card EVAH!!
So after 69 pics, 114 empty threats & 4,589 dirty looks THIS is the result....

Not too bad if I do say so myself! Yeah I realize it looks like the same pic from the other day BUT it's not! The lighting came out more to my liking because you know how picky I can be! This was the 10th pic taken. I had it narrowed down to 5 pics then to 2 pics but Joe & I both agreed on this one. It's a winner! Now I'm gonna do the easy thing & get these printed by Costco (they have Disney backgrounds!!) & mail them out hopefully this weekend! WOO-HOO!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Almost Done!!

It's been awhile since my last post! Gotta tell ya I've been a busy gal! I've been DECORATING the house! One of my most favorite things to do (although this year not so much). The tree went up with all the lights working & with not much stress on my part as that is the job I like THE LEAST! It's now FULL of my favorite ornaments with not much room for anthing else! Most of the ornaments are from Disney and they have meaning to me. Over the weekend I attempted to take pics of the girls for the Christmas cards out of 77 pics this was the best...

I'm not thrilled with's a little dark towards the top. I tried lightening it up but the colors look un natural. Guess we'll have to do a re-take!

Tonight we put the girls' trees in their rooms. They each have a little tabletop tree that has (mostly) non-breakable ornaments on it. I let them put the ornaments on themselves (with a little tweaking from me) & they had fun.

I'm hosting a family Christmas get together this Fri. We get together with my cousins & their kids & do a secret santa for the kids. It's a night to see each other & have fun. We switch hosting duties so it doesn't fall on the same person every year & this year was my turn. So I've got to get a move on & finish up the little decorating I have left! I'm ALMOST DONE!! WOO-HOO!!

I went out today despite feeling crappy (I woke up yesterday with a head cold/sinus infection) & did a little retail therapy & I've got to say it did WONDERS for my tired aching body! I'm ALMOST DONE with my Christmas shopping!! I'll know better after this weekend when I go through all the bags that have been accumulating in my bedroom. The presents I've been dreading to get the most are for the teachers! I never know what to get them! This year I think there are a lot more teachers to get for because Gianna has some teachers that rotate shifts **SIGH**. I'm thinking gift cards for those teachers but I'd like to make something even though I know cash would be better appreciated.

There you have it-my reasons for being a bad blogger....but I'm ALMOST DONE & will be back to a semi normal state of normal-ness!! Yeah ya know what I mean!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fa la la la la

Don't you just LOVE Christmas music? Turn up the volume on your computer & do the jingle bell rock!!

Yeah I know that was corny....