Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can you say PINK?? And an update.

Yep, this is one PINK LO. I finally used the Creative Imaginations Princess line that I've horded in my stash. Thought it went with the whole "hat/crown" theme plus the background in the pics are PINK!

This is Marissa doing what seems like a new tradition everytime we go to Disney--trying on all the FUN hats! This is from our June 2007 trip. Someday I'll be done with this album!!

I also used the American Crafts Thicker Stickers for the title & some of those fun MM border strips as well as the crown. Now I've just got to finish the other LO that's almost finished on my desk & maybe I'll have another LO to post tomorrow.
An update on the girls.
Gianna had a bad night of sleeping last night. She had me up constantly, sometimes because she was miserably sick & other times for nonsense--like changing her pj's at 3am--for no reason at all! She was really mopey all day & took a few good naps throughout the day.
The worst part was giving her medicine. Last night she refused to take it before even trying it. She was flipping out crying & coughing & when I finally managed to get some in her she threw it up from working herself all up. Nice. This morning she gave me a hard time but I luckily managed to get it in her without any real drama. Tonight was a repeat of last night but she really does it to herself & makes herself throw it up. How stubburn is she??
Marissa on the other hand takes her medicine like a trooper. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't like it but understands to feel better in time for the 4th July parade she needs to take it. She seemed better today although she didn't do much & just rested on the couch watching tv most of the day.
It still blows my mind how fast & hard it's hit them. I never suspected Pnemonia in June. On the other hand it's been pretty quiet--they're too sick to fight with each other!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

very girlie layout...love it...

sorry about the sickies!!! it's NEVER ending...thankfully, we are all better now. i hope the same @ your house.

laura vegas said...

love the pink layout! great design too! hope the girls do better with their medicines ... i hate dealing with that stuff. although i'm even worse ... i totally gag trying to take anything in liquid form. lol!