Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Mug Shots

If you've been reading this blog for awhile then this LO should come as no surprise. I had these few extra copies lying around after doing THIS album so I thought "Why not make a LO?".

I had it all planned out in my head, but of course, when I went to lay it down on paper it wasn't flowing right. I walked away a few times. Took it apart a couple of times. At one point I thought about skipping all together but instead I just shuffled it into a pile of stuff.

One day I pulled it out & thought "Why am I making this harder than it should be?" So, I finished it, & though it wasn't what I had envisioned, I was happy with it.(except for the journaling since the procrastinator in me refused to let me finish it without a fight.).

Stamps: Hero Arts Banner Flags

Punch: Fiskars & Stampin Up

Alpha Stickers: Title letters & Banner letters

Heart Beads: Bead section of Michaels

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Read:Tiger's Curse

I'm the type of person that will read anything that holds my interest. Doesn't matter to me really. I saw this listed as I was searching for books to read on my iPad, so I gave it a try. It sounded interesting. And I noticed it was listed as a "teen" book. Apparently I like "teen" books, especially if they're in a "series". Twilight, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson--go figure. I ended up reading this in about a day. I liked it. It had adventure, mythology, & romance. The next book in this series comes out in June. Can't wait! What are you reading??

Monday, March 14, 2011

School Kits 1st Grade Miss M

After much procrastination, I started working on the CK Becky Higgin's Kit Of The Month School Kits again. There's no reason why, just that I seem to require a certain amount of procrastination to start a project. After starting I wonder why it took me so long to start since the project didn't take as long as the actual procrastination.

Got that?

This LO came together in a flash. The journaling took the longest, of course, but even that was done in no time. I decided to go outside the box with these a bit & use some of the embellies I seem to horde but not use enough that weren't part of the kit. The "first grade" block is one of those older woven label embellies that didn't match so I colored it with markers. Not perfectly matched but better than it was. See the "school days" over my hidden journaling? It actually an OLD rub on from Me & My Big Ideas. It's fun & sparkly....but it wouldn't rub onto my block. So I left it as is & just cut the whole thing from the plastic backing & adhered it down. Waste not, want not. I set my mind on having that on my LO & it went.....Kicking & screaming but I won. I always do. ;)
This LO is more true to the kit. I added very little from my stash to it.

I know the second page is all about Field Day but I was short on pics so I went back & printed more of these since I couldn't find more of the art show on my external hard drive. Grrrrrr....

In the end I realized if I can bang out a few more of these I'll be up to Marissa's year this year won't be so far behind. That's got me motivated for now so bear with me since there will be more of these coming. Hope I'm not scaring anyone off. I do have something else to share that's not school related, in the next few days. ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Cards 2.0

After making Joe's birthday cards, I had plenty more papers to make a few more so I went for it. I really hate to put the supplies away when it's easier to make more. KWIM? Besides I can always use more bday cards.....which I'm sure I'll be getting a few of my own's my birthday. Just don't ask how old I'm turning since I have to seriously stop & think about it. I keep saying 38 when it's actually 37...why I'm skipping a year to be OLDER is beyond me! And now that I typed that I REALLY don't like either number!!

Moving on.......

I kept to the same designs for a few of them.
This one looks much better IRL. The green is minty & the dimensional sticker is lavendar.

I have so many of these dimensional stickers & really don't use them as often as I should, but I can't seem to stop buying them. I used up a whole pack on these cards. YAY!

Again these colors are much better IRL...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Album Cover

Because I just can't let anything go, Christmas being no exception. Here is the album for my December Daily.

I was tempted to put the album away until next year but I couldn't do it until the cover was pretty. Besides, I still had all the papers on my desk, so why not?

It didn't take me very long. I guess I procrastinated for nothing. (as usual) ;)

Cookie Thank You Tags

For Gianna's Girl Scout Cookies I came up with a simple tag to add to the bag of cookies people bought from her.

Nothing fancy. Just simple.

The tags are 3x3. I took this stamp for the flower & stamped it on plain cardstock. Used this stamp for the "thank you" & used it on old paper. Then punched holes on the corners. Gianna finished it off with her signature.

In case you're wondering, the flower is supposed to represent Gianna's "Daisy" troop. Got it? Couldn't pass it up. ;)

Where's My Mojo Been, You Ask??

I think I lost my mojo.

I get scared thinking that it's gone for good, considering how well stocked in scrappy goodness I am. I've been at a loss as to where to start & I decided to clean off my desk.

Earlier last month I went through my older issues of scrapbook magazines & saved the articles I wanted to keep. As I went through them I did feel some stirrings of mojo, but nothing came to me. Then I couldn't fight it anymore & avoided it all.

And the guilt of my supplies felt as if it was screaming at me.

Right before Joe's birthday, at the last minute I realized that I needed birthday cards for Joe & stayed up late making a few.

After that I felt the pull & decided to make a few more cards. Some in the same design as others. I didn't care. I know I always need birthday cards & it felt good to get rid of some of the guilt of not using my supplies & actually using them.

I even made a LO but didn't like that the reality didn't match the vision in my head & took it all apart...twice. Now it's just sitting on my desk & I'm calling it done....after I tackle the journaling.

Somewhere in all this I did get a little crafty with this banner & this heart banner & frames, but it wasn't enough to get my mojo flowing.
It just wasn't the same.

Afterwards, I pushed myself to finish my December Daily album which really was just missing the journaling, but for some reason paralyzed me.

When that was done, Gianna's Girl Scout cookies came in & I felt the need to make some thank you cards to pass out with the cookies. Again I felt relieved that I was using my supplies. They were quick & easy & might have ignited the spark I've been missing.

After cleaning up that mess I decided to work on the album cover for my December Daily. Possibly because

  • I'm a glutton for punishment
  • ADD/OCD (something with a "D")
  • I had a burst of mojo
  • I can not let things go
  • {possibly all of the above}
& couldn't put it away with a plain, boring, unfinished cover.

Last night I pulled out some pics & scrapped them! A 2 page, multi-photo LO. It's all done too...except the journaling! ;)

So the pressure has been lightened a bit off my shoulders. And there will be some scrappy goodness back on the blog.... ;)