Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 365 2013

I can't believe March is over. It flew by so fast! I felt February dragged on even though it was a short month but March, just flew!

Hoping Spring makes an appearance soon. I need some warm sun on my face!

Easter 2013

This morning, Gianna woke up super early. Knowing she had to wait for her basket for the rest of us, she opted to shower and dress in her Easter outfit to wait.

I woke up a little later thinking it was a lot later than it was. Going by Marissa's room I found her still in bed. She is such a Tween!! I woke her up but she wasn't moving until the mention of her basket. She came downstairs and after a few pictures they dove into their baskets.

We are headed to my sisters house for Easter dinner. We'll be having an egg hunt for all the kids, which should be fun.

Hope everyone enjoys their Easter!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sassy and Splashy

When I printed the pics for the last LO, I went overboard with the printing.  I couldn't let these go to waste so I just made another LO.  Normal right??

I used the same papers and colors from Echo Park Paper.  Tried keeping it a little similar.

Again I used my Cameo for the title.  This time around I added a few embellies.  I've aquired a collection of sequins that I am determined to use more.  I like sparkly things and these added the right "something", I was looking for.

And I couldn't help but try stitching the circle!  I didn't stitch it directly on the layout just to make sure I didn't screw up.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be too.  I don't think I'll ever stitch perfectly straight but I'm ok with it.  I'm just happy to do it at all!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sassy Slider

Awhile ago I made plans to scrap these pictures. I had a sketch with notes and everything, but never printed the pictures. Recently, I came across my sketch and notes and decided to print these out. I was inspired. Love that burst of inspiration!

I ended up printing a lot more pictures than I originally intended but I went with it.  I reached for my Echo Park Papers again, this time using the Summer Days collection.  Again I mostly used the "B" side, the colors were great!  BTW-the white border is just what I laid the layout on to take pics, not part of the layout.... 

Using my Cameo, I made the title with the Billabong font.  The layout itself is pretty basic.  I didn't embellish it too much, especially since there were so many pics on it (12!).

Gianna was about 4 in these pics.  She's always been sassy!  There's just something about her....she knows how to work the sass!

Back then the girls didn't mind posing for the camera.  Nowadays, they duck and hide!  **sigh**  I've resorted to becoming a photo ninja!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let's Race!

Before I made the pin cushion, I used the sewing machine on what I originally intended it for: stitching on layouts!  This layout is the first I stitched on, and it came together very quick.

While at work, Joe has a large wall covered in 8x10 pictures of the girls. One of them happens to be the bottom picture.  Marissa must have been almost two and I believe it was our last day at Disney (big shocker right?)  We were hanging out in the cafe at the hotel for our ride to the airport and Marissa suckered Joe to play some games.  Great memories.  I was inspired to look these pictures up on my external hard drive and scrap them. 

I came across some older Echo Park Paper Little Boy collection.  The colors worked perfectly and using mostly the "B" side of the papers I pulled this together.  Why I bought a "Boy" themed paper collection, I don't quite remember, but I love when papers have great colors and can be used in different ways than intended. 

Like I said, this was the first layout I stitched on, and there are a few mistakes but I'm happy with it. 

Another thing I'm happy about? Scrapping OLD pictures!  I need to pull more old pictures and scrap them.  I would love to have more older pictures of the girls scrapped.  I guess it's a goal of mine....un-officially of course!  Don't hold me to it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My First Sewing Project

Ever since I figured out my sewing machine, I realized I need wanted a pin cushion. I mentally made a note to buy one next time I went out.

I had promised Gianna we could go buy some more fabric for her to "design" some outfits for her American Girl dolls, so we went to Walmart. Ugh!! Hate that place, but it's the closest place that has any fabric. While I was there, I checked out the pin cushions only to find ugly ones. I decided to try Michaels the next time I went but found they have the same ugly pin cushions!

So after some Pinterest "research", I decided to make my own. I snuck some of the fabric Gianna and I bought and got to work.

It's by no means perfect but for my first fabric project I'm happy with it! And, ummm, of course it was going to be purple! ;)

Maybe I'll make curtains for my craft room yet!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Randomness Lately

Lately I've been so random with things.

I'll start some spring cleaning and get a project accomplished then not do another for awhile. I should move right along to the next project but I tend to lose steam.

I've been on a purge kick lately. I've been gathering things from my closet or from the girls playroom, to take to Goodwill. I would LOVE to purge Joe's side of the closet but I know I'll get rid of something he doesn't want to part with. I just might go ahead one day since he refuses to purge with me....I'll be gentle and maybe make a pile for him to go through... ;)  I did accomplish one storage closet, that makes me feel better!

BEFORE                                         AFTER
Same with scrapping. I catch up on Project Life, then I scrap some 12x12 LO's. Which I need to retake pics of since the weathers been mostly cruddy here lately, my pics have been cruddy.

The other night as I was working on PL I was making another sequin pocket for my birthday insert. I included my new age and though I swear it doesn't bother me, as I look at the pic I shared on Instagram, I find it weird. Am I really just one year away from 40?? I swear I feel like I was just in high school not that long ago....where did the time go??

On that note, Marissa just had another orthodontist appt. She's almost had her braces on a year. She'll be TWELVE in May. Shes almost as tall as i am. She wears a size 8 ladies shoe. And did i mention she's almost 12?? How do I have a girl that big??

I've been exercising on my bike in the basement pretty regularly. I don't see any change on the scale which is discouraging. I've had times where I lose the motivation to workout entirely and stop for a week or two. Then I get mad and get moving again. I just want to see some results. (Whining)

It's snowing again as I type this. It's going to turn to rain by the end of the night but seriously, I am OVER it all already!! Where is Spring?? I miss my flip flops. I miss going out without a bulky coat. I've told Joe if he could sell his business, the girls and I are ready to move to Florida. I am a warm weather person. I am not meant for this crappy weather we've had in NJ.

With that I'm going to tackle another project!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week NINE

Week nine came together practically effortlessly.  I think that happened basically since there wasn't much going on.  I kept things very simple too.

Thanks to Pinterest (again) (read how HERE) I've figured out how to do these small collages to fit a few pics on one print.  Using the Pic Frame app helped a lot with the bottom two pockets.

This pocket might be my favorite of the week.  Very simply done.  A collage and stamps. Done.

Can't believe I'm staying caught up with PL.  So far, so good. I just need to get better with the sharing part of it! ;)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week EIGHT

As I start to print my pics for Week 10 I figure it's time to share week eight.  Make sense?

This week was a one page spread.  That doesn't mean I didn't take a lot of pics but nothing really exciting.

I did a different version of a flip card on this pocket.  I simply used washi tape to tape two journaling cards together leaving the top flap out of the pocket.  Not sharing my journaling since I want to keep it private.  Deep thoughts, you know? ;)

This is a modified flip too.  We booked our next Disney trip (yes, again!!) and both that pic and the Oscars flip up but are on a flat card.  I was just too lazy to take the page out of the pocket to take a pic.

With that I am off to print more pics!  I've been on a scrapping roll and have lots to share!!  Hope to take decent pics of them!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week SEVEN

Week 7 was a busier week and was definitely a 2 page spread including an insert.  Between Joe's birthday and Valentine's Day there are a lot of pics.

Joe's birthday was busy in itself since Gianna's class had their music concert the same night.  We had to modify our dinner plans but we made it all work.

I tried keeping the colors in all reds, pinks and aqua so the pics of Joe's dinner party wouldn't seem too girly.  He's surrounded by enough pink in his life. ;)  This page also had some flip up pockets.

The top card flips up to show how we started celebrating Valentine's Day a day early.

Then Joe's birthday dinner flips up for more pics.

Valentine's Day needed an insert of it's own, so I went with THESE page protectors.

This pic of Gianna flips up to reveal some journaling about her day in school and her coming home early.

This is side B.  Can't seem to get a group pic with the girls.  They want their own pics. 

And for the record, I am loving the freedom of using my own paper stash for Project Life.  These pages were mostly made with some 6x6 paper pads from Target & Michael's.  Nice and easy!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week S I X

If it seems like I've forgotten about Project Life, I haven't.  Just finished last week the other day and realized it's been awhile since I've shared.  **hanging head in shame**

I opted to take pics using my iPhone late in the afternoon, I need to find a better time/system.  Need to get a light/reflector board I've seen so many people using.  Let's face it, I've been a slacker.

Week 6 wasn't going to fit all on one page but only because I had a lot of pics from the snow storm we got.  So I compromised with inserts!

Insert 1 side A

Insert 1 Side B

Insert 2 Side A

Insert 2 Side B

Close up, since I like how these two pockets came out.

Have more to share tomorrow!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Things About Me Currently

Not having anything to blog about, I decided to take a page from the talented, Amy Tan, and come up with a list about myself.

1. I am obsessed with cardigans and own one in just about every color.

2. I don't like wearing shoes that require lacing up or socks.  I like to slip them on & go!

3. I have come to accept that I will never be the type of person that lives to workout.  I'm happier when I do it, but don't enjoy it.

4. I am *very* close to breaking my "no pet" rule.  Lately I find myself wishing I had a dog.

5. Though I have an extensive mug collection, I've found I don't own a "Little Mermaid" mug. What is wrong with me?!! Need to correct that!

6. I've never had coffee from Starbucks, just hot chocolate.  I'm a Dunkin Donuts fan.

7. I need to live somewhere warm.  I'm done with cold weather. Preferably near Disney World (my Home Away from Home!).

8. Playing with sewing ideas now that I've figured out my sewing machine. I would love to make a t-shirt quilt for the girls, though I'm a newbie to sewing and will probably just stick to sewing on scrappy things.

9. Would love to visit Disney Land.  Never been there yet.

10. Have a birthday tomorrow. Ready to start the last year of my thirties.