Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Message..... (Warning Adult Language)

To the MORON who just CUT me OFF!!

YOU ARE A STUPID MotherF******!!!!!! If you had hit me like you were GOING TO you would've had to deal with ME as well as my lawyer, & quite possibly the hospital because a**h** I would've made SURE you'd end up there!!!


We were on our way home just now, just coming off the highway, literally just 2 turns away from our house when we were almost hit. We were on the jughandle so we were going straight & the SON OF A BITCH Mother F**&&^% A**H** making a left tries cutting me off!


He actually smudged my bumper ever so slightly but only because I swerved! He is SO F****** LUCKY that he didn't hit me ESPECIALLY with the girls in the car!! He didn't even STOP just kept going, obviously he knew he was wrong.

I'm shaking still & think I need an adult beverage.

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