Sunday, July 13, 2008


So today I went & mixed my albums together. I've been keeping them all separate like "Holiday", "Birthdays", "Baby", "Everyday", etc.

What was I thinking??

I just finally had enough & combined everything all together chronologically. I like it. Especially how 4 post albums fit ever so nicely into 2, 3 ring albums. How great is that? The only albums I'll continue to keep separate are the Disney trips. But who knows what I might end up doing the next time my equilibrium is all out of whack!

Sadly, I also realize how pitiful my scrapping was when I first started.

I just cringed looking at those LO's!!!

Now I feel the urge to re-do all those early LO's. I don't have the baby albums done only started. So for me to continue the albums (so to speak), they'd be so out of whack! The styles would be so off base. Now I'm not talking like the pics are all cut into shapes. I started scrapping after that style was already said & buried. But do I like my style better now? Absolutely!!

I'm not saying I'm the greatest scrapper that's ever put scissors to paper. Not in the least! I'm just saying my style is more pleasing to the eye now, if you know what I mean!

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laura vegas said...

sounds like a lot of work .. i know how crazy organizing the albums can be. lol! i'm always rethinking my system too ... which doesn't help. and i love the 3 ring binders so much now ... fits way more than those post bound ones. lol!

and don't worry about the older layouts. if only you could see the ones i did 12 years ago. lol! it shows how far you've come ... and how your style has evolved!