Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Friday Blabbiness....

So yesterday I tried REALLY hard to slow down so I could draw out the book Twilight. This way I'd have time to run out & buy the next book New Moon. I couldn't wait so I finished it & I tell you it's so GOOOOOD! A really sweet romantic story! But that's all I'm saying--read it for yourself!!

Of course like I said I didn't want to wait to get it for my b-day on wed. so I went to B & N today & picked up the next 2 books in the trilogy as well as a few others for our Disney trip. I almost have the urge to take some scrappy things with us on vacation but really what are the odds that I'll actually scrap??? Nevermind I ALWAYS overpack & that would just take up my "shoe space"!!

After we left B & N, Gianna & I had an hour to kill before we pick up Marissa from school. I felt the urge to visit my LSS despite having Gianna with me (thinking she'll make sure I'm out of there in time to get to the school). She had no patience for the store at all. Practically from the minute we walked in she wanted to leave and she mentioned it repeatedly. And LOUDLY! Luckily we were the only ones in the store besides the owner & she just laughed. I did manage to buy these cute stamps & they make me want to create a LO of Joe & me--gotta find a good pic!

Since Gianna herded me out of the store so fast we STILL had time to burn so I went to Target. I figured I could bribe her with lollipops there. It worked too! She got in the cart & held onto the bag for dear life while I shopped. I finally picked up the Making Memories kit--think it's called the Garden Party Springtime collection, I've been eyeing it since I saw how pretty the papers are on Laura's layouts. I'm already thinking Easter. Then I hightailed it outta there just in time to pick up Marissa.

As for my haircut--I went to a new salon that my friend Samantha recomended. The stylist cut my hair differently than I've ever experienced but it came out GREAT! She styled it so cool--of course & of course I didn't take any pics that day. I styled it today & it didn't come out too bad but nothing like she did. I'll try again tomorrow & have Marissa take a pic.

I am so grateful that it's Fri. I have been fighting another sinus infection & just want to relax this weekend. It's snowing softly right now but it's supposed to continue through the night & we're supposed to get 4-6 inches. So at least this way we'll definately be staying home. Yeah I lead a wild & crazy life!!

I'm also thrilled that Feb. is OVER!!! It felt like the month would NEVER end!! I'm anxious for Spring to be here already!! I want to pack up my coat & break out my flip flops!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Line & Sinker! Since finishing the Harry Potter books I have been fighting the urge to start another series. Not because I wasn't interested I just wanted to have something to read on vacation next month. Who am I kidding?? I'm going to Disney World & seriously the only time I'll have to read is late at night after the rest of my family falls asleep or when I'm in the bathroom! LOL!! Yeah I know--TMI!!

I've wanted to read this book for awhile now & last night I gave up the fight. Now I'm done for it--I can't put it down & will HAVE to run to Barnes & Nobles to get the next book...or just ask for it for my b-day....but that's next week & I can't wait!! Wanna know which book I'm talking about?? I'm sure you've heard about it by now It's called Twilight. This is seriously gonna cut down on my scrapping time.....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cabin Fever--Randomness

I am so done with Feb.! I guess it's really the snow & cold that's annoying me so I guess I mean--- I am so done with winter!! It feels like Feb is taking FOREVER to be done & over with! I am such a summer type of person & this dreary coldness is seriously annoying. I can't even imagine living somewhere even colder so I guess it's not too bad here in Jersey!

I'm excited about tomorrow--I'm getting my hair cut! (yeah it's the little things that get me going!!) LOL! I just got my haircut in early Jan. but the girl didn't do the greatest job the last 2 or 3 times so I'm going somewhere else.

I'm also excited because it's just over a month away until we go to Disney World for spring break!! Some people go to Cancun--we go to Orlando...yeah we're wild & crazy like that!!

I just started scrapping our last Disney trip from this past June. I would love to have it done before we go but I'm not kidding myself that I can scrap a 2 week trip in a month's time. But I would like to have a nice chunk done so I'll be working on that.

Something I'm not excited about is my birthday next week. Don't know why but I'm not. My age isn't bothering me but it's not fun for me. I have to clean the house. I have to deal with my F-I-L. That sort of thing. It's not like I'm a kid that has to have clowns & balloons & stuff---oh wait that reminds me...we're going to see Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus that weekend so I guess I will have clowns & balloons & stuff!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Last night I finished the Valentine mini-album I've been mentioning. I love how it turned out!! It's fun to see the girls growing up through the years. I bought the "album" at Target. It's actually a deck of cards from the $1 spot. I punched a whole in the corner & used a book ring to hold it together. I got to use a bunch of scraps up from papers to cardstock to ribbons. Had so much fun with this! Using up my huge stash of embellies & actually putting them to use! Couldn't figure out how to show the pgs so I just laid them out flat....

These last 6 are my favorite pgs in the album. Really had fun making this--have I mentioned that? Can't wait to make more....

Snow Fun

Yesterday I was forced -- completely unwillingly -- FORCED to go out in the cold cold snow!! And not only go OUT in the snow but I was expected to SHOVEL too! What the hell?? Joe totally guilted me into it--doesn't he remember that I am a delicate little flower?? So in case he didn't actually believe me that I actually went out to shovel I took pics as proof..... OOOPS!! OK-So there aren't pics of ME shoveling but take my word for it I did--honest!

By the time we were done shoveling it was time to shovel AGAIN! I think we went out too early because seriously I wasn't doing it again. And I didn't-dammit! The girls wanted to build a snowman but I have no talent - or patience for it. I am NOT a cold weather type of person what-so-ever! So after a feeble attempt to build a base for a snowman I gave up. I convinced the girls to make some snow angels & throw snowballs instead & they went for it! Then without shoveling again--and not feeling any guilt what-so-ever we went inside.

Today was Joe's turn to take the girls out. That man is like a little boy that hasn't grown up--gotta love him!! He was all "It's great packing snow" so I had to go out just for the pics factor. This is what he made....who says he's not creative??

Family pic!!
Then because all the girls have to do is mention they want something--he made Gianna her own smaller snowman. What a sucker!!

They have him so wrapped around their mittens....

Just to prove I really was out in the cold too....but this is as good as it gets--I have no make-up on--stay back!!
These are the trees we planted 7 years ago for privacy......They look so pretty covered in snow....And no one saw me without my makeup on....

Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm excited to announce that my sister Chet has expressed an interest in scrapping! That means I'll finally have someone to scrap with! YEAH!! I'm not much of a crop-goer only because I don't plan my LO's & I'd never know what to pack to take with me. I've always been an overpacker so I'd probably want to take ALL my stuff with me to a crop. So instead I've been going through my stash & giving her stuff & Melissa was nice to do a RAK & draw my name so all the fun stuff she sent is going to my sister. THANKS AGAIN MELISSA!!!

I've just about finished a mini album for Valentine's Day. Yeah I didn't finish it in time but it'll be ready for next year. I seem to do that a lot don't I? Oh well it's still Feb so I feel close enough. I have just 2 pics left to finish & I'll post pics.

It's snowing today & the schools are closed. We've got 5" already & it's still coming down. Joe expects me to go out & shovel the driveway before the ice starts falling. He stayed home later just to shovel the inital fall so I won't have lots to do he says & supposedly it's a light snow. Perfect for snowmen. Does it make me a horrible person to wish that my kids wouldn't feel like going outside to play in it? I have no desire to go out in the cold! But on the other hand they haven't had a good snow like this yet & they would make great pics for LO's (see how the scrapping mind works??). Too late!! Marissa already asked to go she was complaining that it was cold since I had the door open while I waved goodbye to Joe!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Something Different

After another bad night of sleeping due to the torture in my back I'm feeling better. {{Thanks to everyone for their thoughts!}} I wanted to share something a little different for a change.

On Sat. before the whole "sick" thing happened I made Joe a birthday cake, his Favorite cake. It's called Triple Coconut Cake. It's called that because--well it's pretty much just coconut!! This is a crappy pic but I'm hoping you get the point. And oh yeah in case you're doing the math my hubby is older than me......

Then to back-track a bit on his actual birthday when I was wrapping his gifts & writing out his cards I realized I forgot to pick up cards from the girls to him--CRAP! So I broke down & made these super quick right before he got home! I kinda like the blue one. It could be better but I was in a rush & my brain was shut down--remember I was sick! I used my new scalloped circle punch--love it!
This next card was the card I made 1st & seriously I'm not thrilled with it. I would like a do-over please.
Last Thurs. when I was at Marissa's school for the Valentine's party I noticed her teacher using baby wipes to clean up some desks & some kids hands (not in that order & she did use clean wipes for the kids). So I offered her a pack of wipes I still have from Gianna's diaper days & she accepted. Of course being the scrapper that I am I couldn't give her something bland & boring so I took this un-used wipe container & spruced it up. I did this today & like my work much better when my head is clear! LOL!
I made it to sort of match the pencil cup holder I gave her for Christmas when she was Marissa's Kindergarten teacher last year (she moved up with the class).
So I leave you with that. Something much better to think of me by than buckets!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Turn

Last night we had a little get together for Joe's birthday. I spent most of the day doing the rest of the cleaning & by the time I was done my back was all in knots. I had just finished frosting the cake when everyone showed up-just to tell you how late I was running. We hung out but the entire time my back hurt something fierce & I noticed my stomach was in a knot as well.

After cake & presents I couldn't take it anymore & went upstairs. I laid down for awhile fighting off chills. I tried not thinking about it but it didn't work---I went into the bathroom & tossed my cookies. Then I felt better.

Spent all morning in bed--well to tell the truth I got up at almost 2pm! Thank goodness Joe was home today so I could rest. I can't believe this is the 2nd weekend in a row that someone here has been sick. Although I guess it could've been worse. Poor Gianna had the stomach virus the worst earlier this week. She was up throughout the night throwing up. That was a bad night so I guess I can't complain. I hope this is all over & I can post about other things again. My back is still hurting me & I feel like my head is all congested but I've kept my cookies down. I actually feel sort of human now. Oh & in case you're wondering I kept the bucket by my bed last night!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Let me just start off by showing you the cute quickly decorated cupcakes I made Joe for his birthday. I made his favorite-French Vanilla cupcakes. Notice I used my cake stand/chip & dip holder from Target?? I found these marshmallow hearts at the supermarket & thought they'd look cute on cupcakes. Guess what? I was right--they DO look cute! But that's all they do is LOOK cute they smell & taste AWFUL! So after Joe tried one I pulled off the marshmallows & tossed them out. Oh well. On Wed I got a special delivery (that I knew was coming). Joe knew my Thursday was going to be hectic (& it was) so asked the florist to deliver these a day early. He spoils us all!!!

Sorry it's a terrible pic but the snow was bright outside. I could've faced the other direction to take the pic but my kitchen was a mess so I opted for the dark pic!! LOL!!
He finally understands that while yes red roses are beautiful & symbolize love they are not my favorite. So he modified his order & sent my favorite--purple!!!
This is from Gianna's class party that another mom (whom I don't know her name) kindly offered to take my pic with the girls. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Right after the party we bolted outta there to get to Joe's shop. He bought tickets to take us to see "Hannah Montana's" 3D concert movie. The girls were super excited!!! I must say that I think she's adorable & I like the music so I had fun too! I had Gianna sitting on my lap towards the end & she was bopping to the music while I bounced her on my knee so to those of you sitting behind us-Hope you liked the extra little show!! Afterwards for dinner we were short of options on where to go eat without waiting an eternity, so we figured we'd get seated quickly if we went to Hooter's & we were right. Sure it's not romantic but I'm easy to please!

When we finally got home we exchanged cards & gifts & then snapped some pics -- of course! Marissa took this one pretty good. I kept nudging Joe in the back to smile & he made this face! Love him!
Here's my tired but happy family before getting sent to bed. I just love them!!
Tomorrow we're having family & friends over for cake & coffee to celebrate Joe's birthday. I'm off to clean my messy house but not before I register my girls' new Webkinz! Talk about Priorities!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the Air!!

Before I rush off to both girls' school parties I want to wish everyone a


Especially to my
loving & wonderful
husband Joe!!!

To my sweethearts
Marissa & Gianna
--Mommy LOVES you!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Love...

Today is a bittersweet day. It's Joe's birthday today & both girls are home with this virus crap. I feel so bad that we can't go out to celebrate like planned but he's okay with it.

That's one thing about Joe-he will take the shirt off his back (to say the least) when it comes to his girls (me included). He's such a sweetheart with the greatest eyes. This man makes me laugh like no one can. He makes all the wrongs, right & is my sanity. I can not say how much I love this man--he's my world.

Happy Birthday My Love!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sugar Rush

Tomorrow is Joe's birthday. He's been hinting around--wait let me make that --dropping obvious hints about wanting Rice Krispie Treats. So tonight I made him what we like to call "Bricks".

At Disney World on Main Street they sell Rice Krispie Treats so thick you could easily split them up for 4 people. That is, if you're not my husband. So years ago we started making RKT Disney Style. You make them like normal but you make 4 batches. Yes I said 4 batches. I like to make them a double batch at a time cause well I can. Then to top it all off my man likes sprinkles so I coat the top with sprinkles. See? Just to give you an idea of how big these puppies are I grabbed the only ruler I could find, which was a tape measure, I know not a "ruler". Granted I scrapbook. Granted I have several rulers-but just not in my kitchen when I want to measure "bricks". Now tomorrow I'm gonna bake his favorite--French Vanilla cake. Are your teeth hurting from all the sugar yet??

(Just wanted to post this on it's own. I think Rice Krispie Treats shouldn't be mixed up with the previous post)

Back to the Bucket

Just an update on my "Toothless Wonder". Marissa went the rest of Sat. fine. She napped & had a slight fever but no more puking (sorry). All day Sun. she was completely back to normal. While her Mother (that's me) had a serious sinus headache & just wanted to sleep all day. Today she went to school & all was well. She even went to CCD without any instances. Then we ate dinner.

We were having pasta with sauce & meatballs--a common occurance around here. She had requested hers plain without any sauce or butter. O-kay. She then sprinkled some cheese over it & ate--very-very-very slowly. When I told her it'd be time for bed if she didn't hurry up she jammed some pasta in her mouth & kicked it up a notch. All of a sudden she told me her belly hurt & she promptly threw up. CRAP.

We cleaned her up & put her to bed. Obviously she'll be home tomorrow. I'm probably gonna keep Gianna home only so I won't have to take Marissa out. I'm having some serious guilt issues right now because I sent her to school today. Joe says I shouldn't feel guilty because she was fine for a good 24 hours before this happened. I still wonder if I did the right thing. One good thing--

I put a bucket right by her bed.

Has it been 9 years??

Nine years ago my nephew Michael entered the world. He was a little butterball of a baby. We finally had a boy in our girl-filled family! The only kid I know who as a toddler had the beginnings of a moustache! No lie! 9-28-02
Now he's a strapping big guy who looks like he's about 12 but he's not-he's just 9.

Here he is with his older sister Destiny-she'll be 12 next month....this pic is only 1 month old.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Sickies

I've been feeling a little crappy the last few days with a not-to-bad head cold. This morning my voice sounds like I've been gargling with rocks. I wonder if it has anything to do with my staying up late last night working on a mini-album?? That's a little tease. It's a Valentine album & it's coming out pretty cute if--I do say so myself. I should be done in the next day or so but there's a glitch...her name is Marissa.

The toothless wonder of yesterday's fame woke me up at 5am telling me she threw up in bed. FANTASTIC. (said with great amounts of sarcasm) Her bed didn't suffer too bad since she made it to the bathroom sink. (Are you grossed out yet?) By this time I'm more awake & clean things & her up. I put her back in bed & she says

"Why didn't you leave a bucket in my room so I could throw up in there?"

Wait--WHAT?? So I said...

"Well Mommy forgot to check the calendar to see that this was the night you were supposed to throw up."

No not really.

I explained that I had no idea this woud happen & can't predict the future. Especially since she seemed fine going to bed. Then the lightbulb goes on over her head **ding** & she says

"Oh ok".

Joe was up already & when I caught him up with all the exciting facts he says he feels a little queasy too.

I'm hoping/praying that this is NOT a virus--I can not stand those things. Remember we had pizza delivered? Well we also ordered spaghetti & only Joe & Marissa ate it. So I'm kinda sorta hoping/praying that it was the spaghetti & not a virus. I can not stand those things--did ya notice that? Here she is all bundled up over our towel protected couch --with her bucket-- watching SpongeBob. She's got 2 whole crackers in her belly & has kept them down for about an hour. It's great to be her.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Toothless Wonder

Remember this pic from Tues? I know it looks like she lost her top tooth but it was really her bottom tooth that came out. See, her top 2 teeth were wiggly & like all kids she kept messing with them with her tongue. Thanks to all that messing around the gap that was in between her 2 front teeth shifted over & it looked like she was missing her top tooth. Still with me?? I tell you that little nugget of information so I can move to the next pic.....

See?? It's really the bottom tooth....look close.....closer.....squint a little if it helps

Today after Gymnastics she's eating an apple & tells me how loose her top tooth feels. I tell her biting into the apple should help move things along. Sure enough a minute or two later it falls out! There's some bleeding like normal & she rinses her mouth a few times & all's good. She didn't freak out with the blood at all. She was thrilled at her newest loss! Her 2nd tooth in a week!! How weird is that? Her other teeth that she lost seem so long ago.

So then she tells me how the other top tooth feels wiggly too but not as wiggly as the other. I tell her biting into the apple should help move things along....wait I'm having some deja' vue!! This time nothing happened. So now she's got this weird gap in her teeth. There's a space from the missing tooth then a tooth then the space she created with her tongue. Can you picture it? It wasn't pretty. I kept thinking of old timers with a single tooth in their mouths or one of those Rugrat cartoon guys with only 1 tooth. Not pretty. I was almost hoping the other tooth would fall out too.

I had some (LOTS) of laundry to put away & the girls follow me upstairs --I can't shake 'em!! LOL!! As I walk from room to room putting clothes in closets & drawers I notice Marissa's sitting over her bed messing with the other top tooth. I told her to get off her bed in case she does knock it out & she bleeds all over her partially white comforter. She grabs a towel from the bathroom to soak things up should things get messy & I go back to my laundry. A few minutes go by & I'm on the phone talking to Joe about dinner & secretly tell him that she lost her tooth but to act surprised. After that I call in our pizza order so I can "focus" on the laundry....almost as soon as I hang up guess who comes strolling in with another tooth in her hand?? This chick...

Wonder if the Tooth Fairy leaves a bonus prize for most teeth lost in a single

OK I'll Play

I got tagged by Susan today on her blog. It's called the MIDDLE NAME tag - I'm a sucker for these sort of things. Here are the rules (conveniently copied from Susan's blog!!)

1. You must post the rules before you give your answers.
2. You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter.
3. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name.
4. After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers.
5. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details).

My middle name is Katia. My mom says it's Italian for Kathy but I think it's way better in Italian!!


Now the only people that I know who read my blog are Laura, Heather, Susan & Dlyn but I guess Susan can't play again. Any lurkers out there who want to play feel free & leave a comment so I can check out your tag & your blog of course!!! I know the 1st letters of their names aren't in my middle name but really what's gonna happen?? Is the Tag police gonna knock on my door or something?? LOL!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jobs I've Had....

In this past week my vast array of previous jobs have been brought up a few times by various people. Which got me thinking...should I ever have to type up a resume I'd have lots of different skills that could get me a job. But probably not. Let's look back on my career choices....

When I was in 7th grade, my parents bought a florist. My older sister Marie & I worked there doing various things. Can you say "child labor"?? I worked the counter & did floral arranging. Which looking back on I still use the skills I learned back then although not often.

During High School my parents bought a deli --go figure -- don't ask--I won't tell you. Once again my older sister & I were expected to work there. By now our younger 2 sisters Chet & Rita were older & worked there too. Not just "child labor" but a "sweat shop"! LOL!! Just kidding people!! It wasn't just a "deli" but sort of gourmet-like. Still with me? I helped work the counter & my dad showed me how to cook in the kitchen. I now have the skill to fry veal to perfection which makes my darling husband most happy!!

Sadly the deli didn't last long. Again --don't ask--I won't tell you!

I needed money like any other kid & got a job doing data entry (through my boyfriend) at a trucking company after school on the night shift. It sucked. But it was fun too since I worked with my boyfriend & his sister Connie. Turned out the relationship didn't last with him but I made a great friend out of it with his sister --go figure.

While I was in High School I went to a vo-tech school because as a little kid I always dreamed of being a beautician. SO I went to "Beauty School". I was not a drop-out -- sorry if that got the song from Grease in your head 'cause it's in mine! I was 1 of the top girls in my cosemetology class. I got my liscence & worked in a few different salons. After High School I did this some more but realized that I now needed health insurance & most salons back then didn't offer that.

I found a job through my sister Marie at an amusement game distributer that SHE just got a job at. It was data entry type of work again. I was working with my sister again. The hours were good. The commute was good. They offered health insurance & 401k. The pay was more than I had ever made at any other job & being that I was just 19 this meant I struck it RICH!

This was the time during which my boyfriend & I broke up. I was heartbroken since he was my 1st serious bf, but hey, I was 19!! While at this new company I met Joe--my future husband--so all was not lost!! But I digress......

After 2 years (more or less) of the data entry position I was approached by the Accounts Receivable manager & offered a position in his department doing Credit & Collections. I was a little skeptical because I never counted myself as someone with superb math skills & knew I'd be dealing with money in that dept. Besides I had been told by several people (that I became very good friends with) that I would hate working for the manager. But what did I do?? I was a kid & ignored all this & went for it! Why?? The money!! I wasn't stupid you know!

I worked there & did my job well--too well. Customers knew if they had a problem with their bills I'd try to resolve it & ended up doing stuff that Customer Service should have been doing. ANY-WHOOO!! I worked there while dating Joe, then marrying him, all the way up to being pregnant with Marissa & going on disability. Then I quit. I hated working for that manager!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Didn't Sign Up For This!!

Today was a lost, wasted day that I will never get back.

One of the moms at Brownies who volunteered to be "Cookie Manager" came over today to enter the cookie sales online. She had made this out to be a very hard thing to do but I kept telling her it shouldn't be that hard. So me & my big mouth offered her my help. What was I thinking????

She shows up at 12:30 with her younger daughter & some lunch she picked up for us. We talk for awhile & afterwards we get in gear & pull out all the orders. We (I) calculate all the cookies & she writes down the totals. We (I) figure out how many extra boxes we need to get & she writes it down. Then it's time to enter it online. We barely start when her cell phone rings & it's her sister with some bad news. Instead of telling her that she couldn't talk, she proceeds to chat for a good 20 mins!! Meanwhile I unload the dishwasher & try to keep busy without getting involved in anything too time consuming. FINALLY she hangs up & repeats the whole conversation in details to ME! WHY she felt the need to share is beyond me. She could have easily gave me a brief-"sorry but I had to take the call it was about my family" type of excuse but no.

By this time I'm annoyed because she invited herself to MY house & then ends up pulling this crap which is downright rude. So now we get back online & proceed to enter the cookie order. Let me just say the program is confusing & the notes they gave her to figure it all out were useless. So I'm annoyed more but it's not our fault so I let it go. We call the "help lady" from Girl Scouts several times & get nowhere near done. The program is doubling up our "extra" cookies we need to order blah blah blah. Now it's time to pick up the kids from school so she offers to go. Which frankly I have to vent & say--"Why shouldn't she have volunteered--did she expect ME to go & she have free reign over MY house?????"

They get back & of course the kids are hungry. I had picked up munchins & they had happily had some. The other little girl started leaving the kitchen with the munchins but Marissa told her that they have to eat in the kitchen (house rules--no food in other rooms). Great. But little by little the other girl kept "forgetting" & tried to leave the kitchen with the WHOLE box. She even snuck in the kitchen where we were on the computer & tried behind my back to do this. I told her firmly that all food has to be eaten in the kitchen & she laughed & ran off. Her mom didn't say a word. What the hell???? Needless to say this continued with our aggrevation with the orders & my aggrevation with her kids.

Another rule when Marissa has friends over is they can not play upstairs which includes their rooms. They have toys all over our den on the main floor & a playroom in the basement that's got loads of toys. So really -- no reason to go upstairs. I heard them all upstairs & after telling them to come down repeatedly I got pissed. Marissa tried being sneaky by cutting through the guest room which leads to my bedroom which leads to the other staircase on the other side of the house --GOT THAT??-- that bothered me BIG TIME. She was being egged on by her friend to do this & that scared me that she falls easily to peer pressure. It's not like I was calling to her from the other room-I was at the foot of the stairs & looking right at them! Of course "Ms. Cookie Manager" was still on the phone with the "help lady" from the girl scouts & ignored the whole thing.

By now it's 4:30 & I STILL had Gianna at pre-school (which is a daycare too. Don't get upset I'm not an un-fit mother!! She can stay as late as 6:30 but I pick her up by 3:30 usually). So I tell the mom I've got to go & pick Gianna up. She's like "oh well if you want to go & I'll keep doing this--sort of thing". Again! Talking like I'd leave her in my house. I told her that from Gianna's school I had to go to Joe's shop (which is no lie--his shop neighbor was ordering me new tires for my truck). FINALLY she gets the hint that she has to leave & wraps it up. Her girls are running willy-nilly all over trying to hide so they don't have to leave which annoyed me more. When we were kids we obeyed our parents the 1st time nevermind the parents of our friends when we were at their houses.

So basically after all this I was pissed off the rest of the night. I felt very taken advantage of. Why do people mistake my being nice for being a push-over?? By the way she also "invited" herself over my house when the cookies come in because I have more room to split up all the boxes of cookie orders. AARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! I told Joe that I'll finish this but from now on my new motto is "Just say NO!!!!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just call me - MUSH!

Today I finally got to meet my girlfriend Patrizia's new baby. I can not tell you enough how she just melted me! I'm just a big pile of mush I tell ya! She's beautiful and tiny and sweet and just precious!! She just brought back so many memories of my girls when they were little! It's amazing how fast they grow & how easily you forget how tiny they were! Look!! She's just perfect!!
I was in such a good mood just for the fact that I got to spend some time catching up with Trizia! Holy crap! I just did the math & realized we've been friends since 1987! That's 21 years ago!!! O-M-G!! It seems like we just got out of high school & now we're both mommies! That just blows my mind! Where did 21 years go???? I think my mind just shut down.....
After I un-willingly left little Sabrina I went to pick Marissa up from school. She comes out with the biggest smile & tells me that she lost a tooth (her bottom tooth)!! She has been wanting to acheive this fascinating accomplishment while at school because then everyone treats you like something of a celebrity in class--you know "Can I see your tooth?". She went to the school nurse & was given a little treasure box to bring her tooth home in. Seeing how happy she was made my day an even happier one.

BTW-Today the Girl Scout Cookie orders were due. Wanna know whose daughter was the top seller? Mine! Not that I would brag or anything...just sayin'!! Wanna know something else? Today's snack mom brought in.......brownies!!! I went back to my car & just LAUGHED!!

It's Raining....

It's POURING!! The old man is nowhere in sight! Seriously. It's coming down in bursts. Now I think it's letting up.....

I'm off to visit my girlsfriend Patrizia's baby, little Sabrina. I can't wait!! I'm sure I'll come home later telling Joe I'm ready for #3. I already warned him about that & told him to smack me if that happens!! LOL!!

Yesterday I got my Feb. Kit from Heather over at Scrapbook Bakery. Can I just take a minute to say it is such a FUN looking kit! It's all reds & pinks & so Valentine-ish!! I'm not even putting it away because I can't wait to play with it!

Which brings me to mention how crazy I've been this year so far with a Scrapping Shopping Spree (say that 3x fast!!). For Christmas Joe gave me some pre-paid credit cards with some obscene amounts of money on them & I let loose! Things I have been drooling over are now in my possession. My only problem now is where to store all this stuff! So instead of being scrappy in 2008 I've been re-organizing my supplies (which I seem to do every Jan). I'm just itching to scrap!! Yesterday I started going through some pics to get ideas on what I what to start with & can not wait for some free time!

Speaking of free time I don't see any in my near future.
Today besides my baby visit, I have to go vote & just for the record it will NOT be for Hilary!!

Then I have to tally up all of Marissa's Girl Scout cookie orders because it's due today when I drop her off for her meeting. And no I'm not the snack mom today! LOL!

Then tomorrow myself & the cookie manager will be here in my messy house to enter in all the orders together. Apparently I somehow volunteered to help out. I have got to learn to keep my big mouth SHUT!

Then the rest of the week I seriously have to clean my house because we will possibly be celebrating Joe's birthday this weekend since it falls on the 12th & that's a Tues. Somehow we still haven't decided on which day.

So that's my week of craziness. Hopefully I can pace myself & get it all done & not wait until the last minute. I usually do put things off till the last minute & then get pissed off at myself. Sorry I'm grumbling but that's what I do best.

Oh & in case you're stopped raining & there's the slighest hint of -dare I say-sun peeking through the clouds. That's all from the weather desk--carry on.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

They WON!!!

Giants WIN! The Giiiaaannts WIN!!! WOO-HOO!

Now that you've won the Super Bowl what are you going to do?

I'm going to DISNEY WORLD!!! At least I know that's what I'd be doing!!

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL???

I'm one of those people that only watch football on Superbowl Sunday. Luckily Joe isn't a sports nut who HAS to watch every game of every sport. I mean he watches a game or two but is he a die hard? No. We're invited to our friend Cliff's house for the game & he always has a good party...not to mention the food! He makes the best chili I've ever had!! I look forward to it every year. He also makes some Philly style cheesesteaks & wings of course. It's just calorie HELL but all I can say is.....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Thanks to this guy we have 6 more stinkin' weeks of winter. UGH!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Art Journals & Button Dilema Resolved

I made these art journals for the girls. I got this idea from Shanna & thought it would be a great solution to a problem around here. You see they steal my printer paper or sneak into my cardstock & swipe all the white paper!

They like to create masterpieces daily so thanks to Shanna I altered these 3" binders & made them look pretty. I added a couple of folders so they can keep their "Webkinz" adoption certificates in them among other things. I also put in some regular notebook paper. And the best thing I added?? It was a ream of PLAIN PAPER that was pre-punched so they can draw to their heart's content!! Now they'll leave my stuff alone right??

The idea is also to have a place so they can keep all their work in 1 place & not having it fly all over the house or ending up in the trash only to hear "Mommy have you seen the valentine I was making for you & Daddy?" Not that that has actually happened....this year....

DISCLAIMER: These are some crappy pics but it was raining & dreary here & the best I could come up with. **SIGH** I also never cropped them before posting here so please don't judge me on my empty fireplace mantle that should have been put back to normal after packing the Christmas decorations. **SIGH**

These are the front of the binders. I used some really old Disney papers from my stash that I don't see myself using in reality but I HAD to have them at the time! LOL!
Marissa's favorite Princess is Ariel so I pulled out some supplies & went at it. Think it came out cute. She LOVED it when I surprised her with it & explained the whole reason behind it all.

Gianna is totally into Princess Aurora. I gave her the choice of Auroa or Cinderella just in case but she stuck with Aurora. Got to use my new scallop circle punch--love that thing!!

I couldn't in good conscience leave the spine of the binders plain so I spruced them up too. Blame my anal quirkiness.

And since I did the spines I HAD to do the back covers. Plus I got to use up my papers which is my real reason for doing this.
Since it looked a lttle plain I used my new punch again & my 7 Gypsies stamp.
Yep here too.
Now that that's done. I am going to share my resolution to my button dilema of the other day. They aren't my ideal jars like the great big jars at Target that I really want but don't have room for or the color coded jars like Laura has in her scrap room that I dream about or the CUTE bucket Heather has but it was handy & free! I came across these jars in my pantry & thought they might be big enough to hold all my buttons. The 1st one is the larger of the 2 jars so I filled it with all my random buttons from various places. The purple lid fits in with my purple themed scrap room that I hope to have one day. I'm sure I'll be altering this in some way but for the time being it is what it is.
It's a good size jar & might be able to fit ALL the buttons together but I'm not sure if I should mix the 2 jars yet. The next jar is the prettier jar. I got it at BJ's last year I think & it was filled with pistachios. I knew I would find something to use the jar for once the nuts were all gone.
Inside are all my American Crafts, Daisy D's & Foof-A-La buttons. The colors don't look as pretty as the 1st jar but they are fun to shake when I need to release some tension! I'm still debating whether I should mix the 2 jars together since I don't really submit my work to magazines. Not even sure if they will all fit in the cute jar....can't you just tell that I'll be using more buttons on my LO's in the future?? Or maybe create another button masterpiece...ahhh the possibilities!!