Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scraproom 2010

Back in October I had high hopes that I was going to finally get more scrap space. As in my own room! We were going to turn our hardly used Guest room into my scrap room.

{To see what my space basically used to look like go here}

So this happened in our Den where my space is.....

We moved some furniture around & I believed this mess to be temporary. But it sorta stayed this way through the holidays.....which I was none too happy about but I sucked it up.

Then in late December, talk started again about the scrap room. I even went & took pics of the furniture in the hopes of selling it (you can read about it here). But we couldn't find anyone who had the space for the big furniture.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Michael's & noticed they had those Jetmax storage cubes on sale 50% off, so I picked up two knowing I could use them to clean the clutter.

When I went to put them together, Joe asked me about them (he was laughing at me putting them together with a silly screwdriver when he has POWER! TOOLS!!) & I mentioned that I could use more. The next day he went to Michael's for me & picked up a few more of the cubes.....and put them together with his POWER! TOOLS!! in record time.

After a few more trips to Michael's & lots of reorganizing this is what we did. It worked, made things look nicer. Don't mind the pillow & the lumpy blanket...that's Marissa reading "Harry Potter" & she had to make a "tent/nest" to read under with her flashlight....but I didn't take any other pics so I'm sharing this.Then I saw this scraproom & it gave me an idea that Joe liked & off to Ikea he went (by himself) to do THIS...... And now my space has more SPACE!! And I'm still in the Den!

I have an area for my Cricut that I can use anytime I want to without lugging it out & setting up.....which sadly was usually on the floor. I can even set up my Cuttlebug there as well. I'm also keeping my 2009 "Project 365" there until I can finish the journaling I'm behind on--getting there on that too!! ;)The boxes hold all sorts of embellies that I can't fit in the drawers to the right....then the white binders hold my acryllic stamps (which I need to decorate the covers on--will get there soon I hope!) The albums on the bottom are 2 Disney albums that I need to work on & my Snapshots album that I like to add to now & then. The other things are some Becky Higgins CK KOTM kits (School & Baby) that I need to work on--eventually)

The tower of drawers hold my Slice, Cuttlebug, button jars, 6x6 albums (see here & here) & wooden stamps in the open parts along the top.Full view....Some inside shots of my drawers.... ;) Not showing each & every drawer....but some to give you an idea...

Stampin' Up Stamps, extra adhesives & misc....Embossing drawer...Chipboard Alphas (left side is all Making Memories, right are various mfgs.)Left drawer is all Making Memories embellies & metal tags, right side is Martha Stewart & Stampin' Up punches.Left side MORE Making Memories embellies (Sorted by theme), right side all border punches.Left side various embellies from various mfgs & the right are scalloped punches.I skipped a few drawers....there are about 3 drawers on the left that have various mini albums I've had plans for when I bought them....probably don't remember what they are now.... And the right side there's 3 drawers 1 for square punches, 1 for circle punches & one drawer of misc punches.It's now so easy to grab a drawer of stuff as I need it & bring it to my desk which is on the opposite side.

Doing those drawers opened up so much space on my desk!!

Now I have a spot where I can leave my laptop all the time (& have it handy) & finally got to use one of the Making Memories carousel tool holders I got on sale from Crop Chocolate a while ago. The small stack of drawers on the left hold my adhesives, ink pads, & random stuff that wouldn't fit in the carousel, but needed handy. The shelf on the left is all my patterned papers sorted by mfg & then themes like Holidays & such. I keep the cardstock on the bottom within grabbing distance. The top drawer of the file cabinet on the bottom left side holds all my letter stickers (LOTS of thicker stickers) sorted by color unless there's a lot of one mfg (makes sense to me).The albums along the top are We R Memory Keepers 12x12 3 ring, purple for Marissa, pink for Gianna {I get them here for a good price} & the one black one for everything else. There's also a few Disney post bound albums that are so full I'm thinking about putting them into 3 ring albums as well.I keep telling Joe I'm content with the space (give or take) but he tells me not to give up on the Guest room. I like being in the main part of the house where the kids hang out. We usually all hang out in here whether we're all on our computers or watching TV or the girls play with their toys...this room gets used A LOT!!

BTW--I wasn't entirely ready to share this post. There were some things that still needed to be tweaked to my liking but I figured if I waited to have it all done I wouldn't share this post for a LONG time. So it's not the neatest/cleanest I'd like it to be but it's shared!

My next goal is to seriously get my ribbons under control....we're getting there...slowly, it's certainly better than it was (see here). Been working on the ribbons that were wrapped on floss cards & changing them to go with all the other ribbons...now these drawers are out of space so I need to find something that will fit under my desk without taking up too much room. Back to IKEA!! --any suggestions??

Friday, February 19, 2010

10 Wonderful Years

I know Valentine's day is over but I'm still all about the red/pink/white colors!! Found this pic of Joe & I in my "to-scrap" pile & got to work.

Looking back I noticed I lifted myself (here), but if it works, go with it! And another thing I should have done with this pic is lifted this LO of Laura's....quick & easy AND it uses a lot of pretty ribbons...so need to use those more in my LO's. I'm amazed by how much I have!!

This pic was taken this past June on our 10 year wedding anniversary. (photo taken by Marissa)

We've been together for almost 15 yrs now. Before we were married, someone asked us how long we had been together & Joe answered "4 WONDERFUL years". It stuck. Since then that's how we answer when asked how long we've been together (adjust the # of years--of course).

This year will be 11 WONDERFUL years of being married to the best man I know! So amazing to realize how fast time flies when we're having fun!

Paper: Scenic Route Paper
Alpha: American Crafts Thicker Stickers
Stamp: Ali Edwards Technique Tuesday
Heart Tags: Making Memories
Heart Brad: Making Memories
Border Punch: Stampin Up Scallop punch
Circle Punch: Scallop Circle Marvy Uchida
Ribbon: Michael's

(sorry got too lazy to find links to all the products I used!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Button Heart

Don't you love when you see a project that you want to do & realize you've got all the supplies you need?? That's what happened when I saw Laura's Button Heart post.

Styrofoam Heart? Check!
Buttons? Check!
Embellie for center? Check!
Ribbon? Check!!
Pins? Check!
Glue Dots? Check!

The only thing I didn't have was time...before Valentine's day. But the good news is it'll be ready for next year!

Feels good to put these things to use instead of having them lie around. I even managed to put a serious dent in my pink button stash!! WOO-HOO!!
But don't ask about my ribbon stash m'kay??

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This LO is sorta like playing "6 Degrees"....only it's 4 degrees...couldn't think of another 2. HA!!

1. I had this pic laying in a pile to scrap.

2. Looking at it the MM 5th Ave collection came to mind so I pulled that out to play with.

3. Then I remembered a LO of Laura's that she did with this paper. (Can't for the life of me find a link to the LO--sorry)

4. I remembered how our pics sorta matched, so I printed out the smaller 2 pics to add to it.
Added a bunch of buttons & stamped a journal spot for my journaling. Been really into handwriting my journaling lately...not because I like it just because it's faster & easier than breaking my concentration to go to the computer (it's in the other room) to journal...then I'd end up on Facebook & not get my journaling done! LOL!!

So there you go 4 degrees of separation!!

ETA: Thanks to Laura for the link to her original LO!! You can see it here!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Card

Why Hello there!

Made this card for no reason other than to play with my stamps.

Used these stamps, since they caught my eye. And because I thought the tree needed to be grounded I cut strips of cardstock & fringed the edges to make grass. I made sure to make it uneven & roughed it up a bit then layered the grass strips. It looks like such a clean simple card but I like it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be My Valentine & Cards

This year I am on the ball & made Valentine cards BEFORE Valentine's Day.

Shocking!! I know! Since I usually get inspired after the holiday to work on holiday stuff! What can I say?? Better late than never!!

I wanted to play around with some stamps since I buy them like crazy but don't use them as much as I should.

I took a heart from this stamp set & stamped it with embossing ink then used the Zing! embossing powders on them. Easy peasy!! The colors look so much better IRL though.

This is Gianna's card sine she likes pink.Did the same thing here (the pic came out slightly better) But this is Marissa's card...she likes red.Joe & I never give each other just 1 card for any occassion. (call us crazy!!) So this is just one of the cards he'll be getting from me. Did the same as above but used this Hero Arts stamp set.
For this card I used part of this stamp set to go along with this one. Aren't the monkeys cute? I didn't take a pic of the inside of the card but it says "I'm bananas about you!".
And yes I got a little lazy about cutting out the tails.... ;)
I got this cute stamp recently & purposely left it on my desk so I would use it for Valentine's day.
Also used these alpha stamps for the saying....my "F" is wonky I know...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hubby's Birthday

Today is Joe's Birthday!!

He is the type of guy that doesn't want any fuss made for his birthday, but secretly loves it. Who doesn't??

He is the nicest guy anyone would ever meet! He constantly goes above & beyond for me & the girls (as well as others). Whether we ask or not! But he's not the type of guy that likes the spotlight. Getting him to take pics can be frusterating at times but the girls are the same way at times LOL!!!
He works too hard if you ask me...but then will make sure he plays hard too & enjoys his vacations.
He is understanding & smart. He doesn't expect a home cooked dinner every night. He gets it when I say I'm tired. He's loving & adores his 3 girls (me included!) He's the perfect guy for me!! I can't explain how much I love this guy! He completes me!!

Love you!!

We're having family over tomorrow for cake & coffee....I'm going to make him his favorites...and even possibly attempt these only just the cupcakes...& not themed for Father's Day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My nephew Michael turns 11 today. The kid doesn't look 11...I mean how many 11 yr olds do you know that can grow a 'stache?? Unless you know of a lot more 11 yr old boys than I do...but that's not saying much...I live under a rock!!

Here we are, Michael & me...his "favorite" Titi (heehee!!) Our family doesn't call Aunts "Aunts". We call them "Titi". Back when my niece Destiny was little she couldn't say "Zia" which is "Aunt" in Italian, but since Destiny is half Spanish & they call "Aunts" "Tia", she came up with "Titi" & it stuck.

Got that??

So here's to a great kid!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ribbon Wrap Up

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned my dilema about ribbon storage? Somehow despite my declaration of NOT going to do tackle this I did it anyway.

I started on this drawer since I had been working on some Christmas related projects.

Found this idea on 2Pea's. Thought it was easy enough & took up less space so I gave it a try.

ETA: I cut 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock into 1" x 11" wide strips then wrap it around the ribbons, tape it closed & cut off the excess cardstock.

This pic shows almost the entire drawer worth of ribbon in a med sized basket. How cool is that??
I'm now working on the middle drawer. I even have Marissa helping me, while we sit & watch TV.I'm thinking this drawer unit might be finding a new home somewhere in the basement filled with toys soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back-to-School Shopping

I had been saving some of the cool tags from various clothes for awhile, but never did anything with them. Then Laura did this awesome LO with all the tags she saved from her clothes & I knew I'd be saving more tags from then on.

Back at the end of the summer, before our trip to Disney I took the girls shopping for school clothes. It's now come to the point where the girls (namely Marissa) have an opinion in what they wear....especially to school! And SCORE their clothes had all these fun, texture-filled, cute tags!!

I had tucked away & left them in a basket on my desk just waiting to be played with. Recently I've been cleaning up some of my desk/area & came across them again, so I printed some pics to go with them & got to work.

Marissa's LO had the most tags to play with. I used paper from Jillibean Soup so it would add something to the LO without making it busy since there were all the tags on it. And a MM Journal sheet.

Gianna's LO has less tags on it since she gets all of Marissa's "hand-me-downs" & doesn't need as many clothes. Thankfully she thinks it's cool that she wears what Marissa wore when she was little....I dread the day when that changes!!

I used the MM "Sabrina" (pink paper, ribbon & Journal sheet) line on this since it matched Gianna's dress so perfectly but that cute polka dot paper is Jillibean Soup.

I'm really not liking my handwriting on this one, might be re-doing that!!

I love coming across something, whether it's a pic or some memorabilia that inspires me to sit down & scrap it right away! Can't wait to find more goodies in the basket on my desk!!