Sunday, July 31, 2011

School Kits Pre-School 4 Miss G

This summer seems to have been dedicated to scrapping the girls' school pics. I'm tired of them, but I'm **this close** to being all caught up before school starts in Sept. So that's my goal..we'll see what happens. ;)

Here's Gianna's second year of pre-school. Again I tried to stick mostly to the school kit (& the QK dies). I also seem to have an addiction to banners. I've been using THIS stamp set from Maya Road. So perfect & fun for these LO's, I think. I keep it simple by just stamping onto different papers or cardstock, then cutting them out. Easy.

I can't tell you how many packages of those MM tiny type numbers I've been using for these LO's. Everytime I go to Michaels I add a few packages to my basket. I go through SO many "1's" that I finally printed my own to "match". I think I need to print a sheet of "3's" next....

This is the second LO for the year. I used THIS cricut cart for the apple. So cute, right?

I seem to have a hard time coming up with filling in the "blank" spots without making them all look the same. I don't think she was learning math in pre-k but it fit & looked good enough for me.

So the pre-school days are done. I feel confident that I can get caught up to date. Wish me luck!! ;)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sassy Swinger

In case it's gone un-noticed, I've been taking a lot of pics lately with my iphone.

These pics were totally un-planned, which is why I love them. Gianna & I were just hanging outside while she was on the swings & I started playing with the Photobooth app on my phone.

Being the stinker she is, she started being all sassy. I got pics of her dirty little feet, & blurred shots but truth be told...this IS Gianna! (Except the dirty feet, not true all the time. HA!)
I used Echo Park for this & the colors are so much better IRL. The title letters are Doodlebug. Very simple LO, but the moment is captured & scrapped. Happiness. ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stopping By

Frame made with Frametastic App

Just stopping in to show that I haven't abandoned the blog. I've been on summer hours, which means being lazy! ;)

I've got some LO's to share but need to take pics of--which I hope to do today.

Meanwhile I'm dreaming of vacation.
Can you guess where???

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The girls are all about going in their little pool & splashing around.

Made with the Frametastic app on the iphone.

Today while they splashed I worked on going through my old scrapping magazines. I'm behind from 2008, but I'll get caught up!

Now to make the requested lasagna for dinner!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today I Love

Today I Love...

How Joe came to my rescue to kill a creepy, black spider. (EEWW)
How Joe did my weekly paperwork for me.
Watching the girls during their swim lessons.
How many cute pics of the girls I got with my iphone today.
Finishing a LO that I only just started. (a record for me)
My iphone.
The relaxing time we spent outside.
The sunkissed look I got from hanging outside.
The super easy dinner I made (pulled pork sandwiches)

What do you love??

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bowling Party

Today was Gianna's birthday party with her friends from school. She wanted a bowling party like Marissa's had in the past. I love these kind of parties since they are simple & easy.

Gianna could not wait for her party, even though she had already celebrated on her actual birthday & then again with family. This is like the never-ending birthday!!

Here is Miss Happy Go Lucky with my neice Nikki. I took a pic of Gianna with each of her friends, now I just need to scrap them!! ;)

Everyone had a great time, but I must say for 7 yr olds, they are so competive!! They were all checking out their scores constantly!

There was a minor hiccup where Gianna, while reaching for a ball, got her hand stuck between the ball & the machine. She was crying, I was panicked & couldn't figure out how to get her hand out, while another mother there was trying to help. Luckily, Joe was there & he stayed calm through it all & realized if he pushed the ball back into the machine, Gianna's hand would be free. PHEW!!! He is my hero!!

Luckily, her hand was not damaged, just red & a sore. Unfortunately, I am not good in emergencies & my reaction time is horrible. Needless to say, Gianna was embarrassed by the whole situation & needed some time to herself before re-joining the party.

The party would not be complete without cake & the birthday girl was happy once again!

Make a wish my sweetheart!

Apparently, her wish came true with all the presents she got! She was happy with all the new toys & goodies from her friends. Now her birthday is officially over!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th

Our 4th of July was pretty mellow. We skipped going to the parade we usually go to. Instead we had my sister & her family over for some BBQ. It was pretty relaxing. So relaxing in fact that I didn't take a lot of pics!!

Got these of the girls hanging out on the swings after dinner...

My nephew Tyler thoroughly enjoys his ice cream. He's a chocolate freak...just like Gianna, must be why they get a long.

My neice Nikki, chilling out after having her ice pop.

After hanging out enjoying the backyard, the guys were in "movie mode" & went to figure out what movie to watch. My sister & I requested something we could ALL watch & we narrowed it down to "You Again". What a funny movie!! We all enjoyed it--even the kids!

Part of the plan was to have my neice & nephew sleep over. The kids always talk about "sleeping over" so it was the perfect weekend for it.

The next morning Joe stayed home a little later to make the kids breakfast. Not only did the guy make the kids waffles & pancakes, but the guy also made "bacon pancakes"! He is a real gem, knowing how I'm not a morning person & I was up late the night before.

Knowing the kids would need to be "entertained" I had planned some painting activities. I set them up outside & let them have fun.

Of course being a scrapbooker I needed something to commerate the day, so I had them do "handprints". Gianna chose green to stand out against the bright yellow.Marissa went with a multi-colored print.Tyler opted for red.

While Nikki went with the opposite of Gianna.They painted a little while longer with a few swing breaks but it soon got too hot & they all took refuge inside.

They watched a little TV & had lunch. Then played play-doh...but not until I got a group shot. They look so wound up it's not even funny!! LOL! I took this (& lots more)with my iphone so I could email them to my sister at work.

They had so much fun together! We definately need to do this more!