Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Scrapped!

I now know the real reason why I can't scrap during the day & have to wait for everyone to be in bed.

Oh and I spend a lot of time online...but that's not my point!

Somehow through all the interruptions, I managed to create some LO's. I stayed off the computer & played with papers & pics until it came together & made me happy.
The only thing is I didn't do any Disney LO's. Nope! Not a one! I figured I wouldn't feel guilty if scrapping these would break me out of the dry spell I was having. Besides they didn't take as long as mini album would so I feel no guilt in taking a break from the Disney albums. The topic that I scrapped is way off of Disney as they could possibly be!

The only reason I can give of wanting to scrap these are that I found the journal that I kept when I was pregnant with Gianna & it brought back so many memories of the belly. So I dug up these pics.
Looking back, I wish I had taken pics of the belly each month, but I didn't so these are the best I've got. I have even less when I carried Marissa. Both of my girlfriends in the pics had boys & both had different due dates than me. I actually scrapped this LO second & kept it pretty simple. The colors are REALLLLLLLY better IRL. I swear!

This LO was inspired by Amy's, you can see her LO here. I went & channeled my inner Laura on this LO. I used buttons & floss AND I used my new threading water punch! LOVE that thing!!

So there! I did get some creative juices flowing & I'm a happy girl!

FYI--Just in case you're wondering....I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i love these...i can imagine that you need a little break every NOW and THEN from *gasp* Disney, so it's OKAY;0) these turned out great. i have yet to scrap a preggers pics of's on my ever growing list. i didn't get one every month either, i don't think. i have a husband who is NOT very cooperative and i have very few when i was preggers with #2 (my hard drive crashed...).

see ya when i come up for air...

Rosalynn said...

Hello...the layouts are very cute!!! love the colors and pics.
I posted some disney pictures of when we went 5 years ago on my blog...I know you like Disney so I wanted to let u know. Have a great day!!! Take care