Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scrap Party

OK I know I swore that I'd never host another party like this again BUT I'm a sucker!! Besides it's a SCRAPBOOK party!!

Last month I was invited to a Close to my Heart party at my sister Marie's friend Laura's house-follow?? It's the closest thing to a "crop" that I've been to. I tend to need all my stuff around me when I scrap & could never narrow it down to what I just need for the crop. I can't plan my pages out in advance. I like the idea of a crop but I just need my stuff got it?

Sorry, I went off track there a bit....

So anyway I'm hosting a CTMH party on Oct. 18th & I hope I have a good turn out. Wish me luck!

Happy Birthday Lala!!

Today is my neice, Nicolette's 7th birthday. She's just 5 months younger than Marissa & they have been best friends since birth.

Here they are when Nikki was almost 1 month old. Let's call this "Sisters with Cousins".
Here they are at Marissa's Baptism & Marissa was "holding" Nikki on her lap.Here's Nikki just chillin' on her daddy's lap.
Here's Joe & I holding Nikki at her Baptism...we are her Godparents & we're lucky to have another "daughter".
Same day after the party being held by Nikki's daddy Danny.
Here's the little Diva at 2. Sometime around this age is when Marissa "christened" Nikki with the name "Lala". To this day we don't know why but it's stuck & she still answers to it!3 year old BFF's both in purple, both enjoying an icy treat....in FEBRUARY!!!Here she is this past June. Such a little poser!!
Almost 7, this is from her joint birthday party earlier this month with her brother Tyler. HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY NIKKI!!
We love you!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

About Me...

The other day I got motivated to scrap this pic from my recent haircut. I had this totally pictured differently in my mind using MM journal stamps but after stamping ALL the journal spots AND cutting them out I realized I had too many "Things" about me & it wouldn't all fit.


So after a little brainstorming I came up with this. It was orginally very plain but the more I looked at it I realized it needed something & added the flowers & buttons.

I used some of my old stash from KI Memories pp & Lil' Davis chipboard letters, not sure on the felt flowers & buttons.

This isn't the project that I've been working on for some time now, but I'm happy to say that I did finish that today! Well I'm not exactly finished so much as declared it done & I'll explain more on that when I post it. Gotta leave ya guessing!!

The Weekend....

This weekend just flew! On Sat. I had my cousin's wife's baby shower. They're expecting a little boy in November. She wasn't surprised much since they live in FL & this was their last trip to NJ before she delivers. It was still fun hanging out & seeing all the cute baby things!! That's her in black in the middle--she looks FANTASTIC for having a little over a month left!!

That night Joe wanted to check out some tech-y stuff that he wants to get so me & the girls went with him. We didn't buy anything ('cept for Marissa - 102 Dalmations on DVD) & then we went out to eat at Hooters.

Later on at home after the girls went to bed Joe & I stayed up & watched Sex & the City.

I loved it! I also love that he'll watch chick flicks with me! He also rented "Made of Honor" but we haven't made it that far!

Sunday was a rainy dreary day but it started out with Joe letting me sleep late & then he surprises me with a Dunkin Donuts coffee AND breakfast!! It was our "Engagement Anniversary". Gotta LOVE HIM!!

The rest of the day we relaxed ('cept for the 5 loads of wash I did, oh & the pot of Lentils I made for the girls' lunch this week, ahem). And of course after putting the girls to bed we watched...

It was the perfect premiere!! Totally a "housewives" episode (sorry don't want to ruin it for those of you who haven't watched it yet).

Then we watched.....

Another great show!! If I had to choose I'd say Housewives was better than B & S but both were good! So glad to have all my shows back!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

11 Years Ago

On this day 11 years ago Joe & I were at Disney World. On the 1st day of our trip there he made me ecstatically happy by asking me to be his wife.

Now after 9 years of marriage I can honestly say I would still say Yes! I LOVE HIM!!

ETA: I did this pg about a year ago for a 6x6 album I made of just Joe & I. You can see the entire album here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Arrrrr you Serious??

I just read on the 2P's message board that Johnny Depp signed on for Pirates 4 & 5!!

I'm sooooo EXCITED!!! I love me some Capt. Jack!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Here!

OK, so I've been a bad blogger. Sorry! I just haven't been in a mood to post...KWIM?

Let's see what's been going on? Saturday we went to my sister Marie's house for the kids joint birthday party. I felt like crap thanks to the head cold but it was nice to hang out with the family. The kids loved their presents we got them (ummmm...ever know a kid to NOT like presents??)

Sunday after Joe came home from work I crashed on the couch for awhile & napped. He kept the girls under control & it felt good to just sleep.

Monday I felt better (thanks to Joe for my nap!) & I took Gianna to her gymnastics class. Had some "Mommy time" chatting with another mom there. It was nice to sit & watch the kids have fun while we talked un-interrupted!

Tuesday I went shopping for a baby shower. Let me just say I LOVE seeing all the little teeny tiny babies that are always there!! But I'm not crazy about searching for things on the Gift Register--so hard to find despite the eager sales reps!

Today was Gianna's 1st day of Dance. She was so excited for it & loved her little outfit. Joe didn't get to see the girls before work this morning so I took a pic for him. Just don't mind the hole in her stocking. We did change them, I promise!!

After dropping her off at school, I went to Kohl's to pick up a baby gift for a friend who just had her baby yesterday & found they were having all sorts of crazy sales! PLUS I happened to have my 15% coupon with me {which never happens OR it's expired!!} I ended up finding all sorts of clothes for ME, not the girls, not Joe, but ME!! Yes I did & some of the things were marked as low as $7! How crazy is that??

Tonight we have Gianna's "Back to School" night. Should be fun. Luckily it's tonight & not tomorrow because I'll be watching this.....

So that's been it. I'm still working on that mini album. I didn't work on it yesterday but I'm getting there! Now I'm off to work on the laundry so I can wear my new clothes!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Friday....and a BIRTHDAY!!

I haven't posted in a few days {which is sort of shocking for me}, basically I've just gotten a burst of creativity so I've been at my desk working on a 6x6 mini album that I hope to share soon. There are times that I think I'll blow through this album & others that I think it's bigger than I thought. Oh & in case you're wondering it's NOT about Disney!!


Yesterday morning the girls were all dressed for school & for some reason tha I can not put my finger on they both looked so different! I took their pics (of course) before school knowing that I'd forget if I waited until they got home from school. I tried getting Marissa not to pose but she refused. So I got this but she still looks cute!

Then it was Gianna's turn & the stinker refused to cooperate whatsoever!! See what I mean??

Early last night I started feeling the beginning of a sore throat. CRAP! I was trying to ignore it hoping it would just go away.

Also, last night was Back-to-School night at Marissa's school. I loved going to meet her new teacher & seeing her classroom! When we walked in the whole class was "there" sitting at their desks.I got to sign up to bake for each of their class parties which Marissa loves. I'm already looking forward to the Halloween treats I'll be making!

By the time we got home I was ready for a cup of tea (which I only drink when I'm pregnant or sick---and I'm NOT pregnant!!) I made a big steaming mug of tea & went to work on that mini album. By the time I was done my throat was killing me & my head was starting to fill up. FANTASTIC. I took a Vitamin C & went to bed.

This morning I had a hard time getting up but since it's Fri I was able to drop Marissa off at school & come back home with Gianna. My plans were to take a nap on the couch & shower but Gianna has kept me busy. It's 10:45 & she's already played with Play-doh, had her second breakfast & is now happily snacking on some chocolate. It's good to be her!Today is my nephew (who is the son I'll never have) Tyler's 5th birthday! A milestone! It seems like yesterday that he made his much atticipated appearance.I had these girlies with me all day waiting for the news of his arrival (his sister Nikki in green & Marissa with the mop of messy hair). Look how tiny they were!! Somewhere around 2 yrs & they had so much fun playing together.Here he is the day Gianna was born about 10 months later. Look at those cheeks!Jump forward a few years & here he is on Halloween last year as he saved the day in his Superman costume.This summer he continued to wow us with his "big guns" and today he's now offically 5!!

Happy 5th Birthday Tyler!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haircut = HAPPINESS!!

Got my Haircut today.....only after 5 months!!! I reallllly needed one!! I thought about getting it cut over the summer but then reality would slap me in the face.....reality meaning the girls would more than likely not sit quietly through it. So I waited until school started & they were all situated back in.

I took this by myself & it's not the best pic but you can see the cut & I LOVE it!! She took 2 inches off the length & it feels healthy again! Can you say "HAPPY"??

I tried getting Marissa to take my pic but this was the best she took & it doesn't really show my haircut. Whatever! Trust me I like the cut & my next appt is towards the end of Oct. Yeah!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Update

We either have nothing to do all weekend or we have the entire weekend booked. Saturday night was one of those days. Awhile ago I was invited to a CTMH party through my sister's friend Laura & since it was my 1st "scrap" party I was excited about going. The day after I got that invite we got another invite for the "Annual Block Party" here....for the same day of course!

Long story short, I was trying to find a way to go to both parties but it wasn't meant to be. Joe took the girls out somewhere fun & I went to the CTMH party with my sister Marie. We had so much fun!! We made 2 cards & I met some people who scrap!

I bought some FUN stamps that I can't wait to play with! My sister bought a bunch of stamps too but since she's not a scrapper she bought them all for me!! The glitch?? She's hanging onto them for either Christmas or my birthday!! LOL!

Sunday my other sister Chet came over to hang out. She noticed my Cuttlebug sitting on my desk & I showed her how it works with my QK dies & the embossing folders & she seemed really interested. Hopefully interested enough to come & scrap with me next weekend like we talked about!! HINT HINT HINT!!! (She reads the blog now & then)

Then she mentioned one of her friend's mother is looking for a baby card for her daughter whose expecting a little girl this month. She's got a gift that's from her grandson to his new baby sister & needed a card. Got that??? So after dinner I got to work on the card. I went with the baby's room color scheme & got Chet's opinion on a few things. I love the colors! Looking at it now I would've changed a few things but it's done & gone.

My mojo has been going strong lately. I'm working on a 6x6 mini album that's been really fun to do. I started that when I ran out of a letter I needed for a Disney LO that I was working on. Since I wasn't really "feeling" the creative flow on the Disney LO's lately I decided to take a break & work on the 6x6 album. It was just what I needed! I'll be sharing that soon......

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scrapping with your Best Friend

Who says you can't scrap with your hubby?? This shows you how to spend some Quality Time together, while sharing a fun hobby!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feeling the LOVE!

I was thrilled to see that my girl Susan "hearts" me!! I can't remember how we first got in touch with each other but it was either through 2P's or the blogging world. Susan do you remember??

She's a seriously cool mom of 3 kids. We started talking around the time she was having #3. We seem to have a lot in common; our kids are about the same age (only I've got 2 & she's got 3), scrapping, blogging, "Grey's Anatomy", & TWILIGHT! Seriously Susan, THANKS for being there & letting me know someone's listening!

Here's what I had to do and what YOU have to do if I selected you:

1. Pick 7 of your favorite blogs
2. Winners can put the logo on their blog.
3. Link the person who gave your award to your blog.
4. Name the 7 that you are giving the award to with their links.
5. Leave a message on their blogs so that they know they've won!

Laura Vegas - She is AWESOME!! A scrapper extraordinaire who inspires me constantly with her work & always puts me in a scrapping mood! AND she manages to create while juggling her family AND a Daycare from her house! She is my IDOL & she totally ROCKS!! We began emailing each other after I found her blog & I now consider her a friend. Love her!

Mary Macaskill - Another FANTASTIC scrapper whose work I admire. I've never met her but I visit her blog daily & she never fails to deliver beautiful work with the most amazing details.

Tamera - This girls knows DISNEY! If you know anything about me it's that I am a Disney FANATIC. I only recently found her blog through 2P's (yep another scrapper), but if you ever need a dose of Disney (other than when you come here) go check her out!

Amy - I think hers was the 1st blog I ever read! I could probably give her credit for a number of things oh, like starting this blog, making my 1st card, & reading Twilight! She's incredibly talented & crafty. Only thing is I've never met her!!

Stephanie Howell - She's got 2 adorable little girls that she scraps everyday! I admire her ability to juggle it all while her husband serves our country. Yes another talented scrapper, that I've never met.

Heather - She operates this FANTABULOUS Scrapbook store called the Scrapbook Bakery. Sounds fun right? She ships your order in a yummy pink bakery box!! Makes you wish there was a little sweet treat in there but she packs it with all sorts of fun stuff to play with & it's non fattening!!!

Denine - She's a CK Hall of Fame 2008 winner! I've always admired her work while reading my scrapbook magazines & was happy to have found her blog. She's very talented & truly worthy of the HOF title--go take a peek at her work!

No one I know in "real life" blogs!! LOL!!

Did anyone notice a theme going on with the people I tagged?? If you can come up with the correct answer leave me a comment & if you guess right I'll send you out a little something!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to School...2nd edition

Today was Gianna's 1st day back to preschool. She picked out her outfit & shoes the night before & was all excited about going back.

After sitting pretty for that 1st pic, I got a bunch of cheesy smiles.....
This would've been great had it not been blurry. Marissa took this one for me....We took this one tonight after dinner since Joe left early for work.
When we got to school, she was all excited to see her friends again. We met up with one of her teachers from last year at the door who was happy to see her, but Gianna started playing her "I'm shy, but not really, I'm just playing with you" game of covering her face with her hands & hiding behind me.

I take her to her class & introduce her to her new teacher. We find her cubby & I show her the bathroom. Then I give her a hug & kiss & she takes off without a second glance! No tears! This was nothing like last year at all her 1st day was fine but her 2nd & 3rd were brutal!!! Let's hope that it doesn't hit her tomorrow & it all goes well.

I ran some errands afterwards & it was so nice to run in & out of stores in the amount of time it should take instead of the extra 15 mins or so it takes with the girls. At home it was blissfully quiet.

**do you hear the crickets??**

When I picked her up I met her other teacher & talked to her a bit, both teachers seem nice. I think she had fun seeing all her friends again & won't have any dramatic moments.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gianna's turn....

Today was Gianna's 1st day of gymnastics. She was soooooo excited! From the moment we dropped off Marissa at school she was hounding me.

her....."Mom, is it time for "nastics" yet?"

me...."Not yet 1 1/2 hours."

1/2 minute goes by....

her....."It is time for "nastics" now?"

me....."not yet."

Just imagine this conversation repeated over & over until 10:15.

She did great! I stayed & watched her thinking she might flip out or something but she kept in line & waited her turn like a star student! I was shocked! Normally she'd go off to do her own thing but I guess she was that excited & did GREAT!

Tomorrow is her 1st day of school. She's in her 2nd year of pre-school!! How fast did that fly?? She picked out her outfit tonight (hopefully we won't have any issues like Marissa did) & is ready to go. I'll be back tomorrow with pics!!

1st Day of Disney

My last post about our trip might have left you with the impression that we had a bad trip. I just want to say we didn't. We had a GREAT trip (as always), it was just the flight that wasn't a wonderful memory.

The morning came fast, considering we didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. We weren't going to sleep the day away & needed to eat so we got up & went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast buffet, 1900 Park Fare. We eat here a few times during each of our stays, that's how good the food is. It might even explain why I gained 3 lbs!!

Here are the girls looking rested & raring to go with the characters.

They pose so pretty with Mary Poppins. Don't they look sweet & innocent? Don't let 'em fool you!!!

After breakfast we head over to the Magic Kingdom--which is our favorite park! It rained off & on most of the day but with our trusty ponchos we still had fun. The girls wanted to go over to Toontown Fair & go through the houses so we go over to visit the Big Cheese 1st. Here we are in his garage.

Afterwards we go over to Minnie's house & seriously the rain actually helped us because the place was practically empty! Looking back now I wish I thougt to have the girls take the ponchos off 1st but oh well...
From there the girls were in the mood for a race so Joe took them on the Indy Speedway. I was feeling queasy again from little sleep so I sat it out since I don't think I could've taken the girls & their crazy driving!!From there we went & took an easy relaxing ride on the TTA. There's hardly ever a line since it's continous & on a hot day you can cool off a little in the breeze. I think it started raining so we jumped on this to wait it out. Since the camera hardly leaves my hands when we're at WDW I took this when our car went through Space Mountain...which might explain why Gianna's eyes are bugging out!By now it was lunchtime. Another tradition of ours is to go to Tony's TownSquare for lunch or dinner on the 1st & last day. Oh & did I ever mention that's where Joe proposed to me?? Well he did. He knows how much I LOVE Lady & the Tramp which the restaurant is themed after so he made arrangements to pop the question there. So romantic!!

After lunch Marissa spotted a character meet & greet so we wandered over to see Tigger & Pooh & Darby from "My friends Tigger & Pooh". We've never seen her at the parks before so the girls were excited to meet her. Marissa was especially proud of herself for spotting them.

Later on we went through Adventureland & took a ride on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Just like Dumbo only with carpets. We took pics but they didn't come out good, just use your imagination....

Walking through liberty square I realized the girls had never been on the Riverboat & since it was still boarding we took a relaxing ride. Gianna was all over Joe this trip...maybe because he was willing to still carry her around....

Love this pic of Marissa!
When we docked we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean
to see my "significant other" Capt. Jack.Another ride we did was "it's a small world". For some reason I always take pics during the ride but hardly scrap them. Go figure. One of the last things we did was go on the Carousel.

Afterwards it was dinner at Tony's again (did I mention how much we love that place & that the food is good??). From there we called it a day & went back to the room to crash for the night. Considering how little sleep we had & Gianna had no stroller just Joe carrying her, I think we did really good! I'm actually surprised we made it that long of a day but the main thing we had fun.