Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So Ready!

Tonight I finished reading Eclipse again.


Obviously I finished reading New Moon already.

New Moon

I've come to realize that I like Twilight & Eclipse the best. I guess it's because I like the whole "Edward & Bella" story better than the "Bella & Jacob" story. Oh don't get me wrong, I like Bella & Jacob together but Edward was there first.

I am so frickin' eager to get my hands on Breaking Dawn already!!! Aug. 2, can't come soon enough (not that I want to rush the summer or anything)! I only hope my copy gets here ON Aug. 2 & isn't SHIPPED Aug. 2. That wouldn't make me happy AT ALL!!!

On another Twilight note.....Have you seen this????


I have to get this! I only hope I can get my hands on it. I have to point out that this pic of Edward doesn't do him justice at all.

I hope the movie lives up to the book. Most books-turned-movies aren't tranlated right & downright suck. Unless you count the Harry Potter series. Those were actually done perfectly.

Believe it or not I'm not just a bookworm, I do scrap! I've got a couple of LO's that I hope to post tomorrow. I've just been a bit obsessed with a certain love story.....


Anonymous said...

Sara, I have this mag if you'd like it. No sense in paying for it. I'll mail it to you, I think I have your address here somewhere from where you sent me the RAK of goodies.

Darleen said...

my daughter is absolutely obsessed with this series and Aug.2nd is something she can't wait for either!!!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i started twilight last night...i'm hoping to time it where i finish all 3 and get the new one. {if you ordered through amazon or even wally world-i've always gotten my books the day they are released-with wally world, i think i even got some before the midnight release.}