Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Calgon...where are you??? The Earring Story. ....Loonnnngggg post!!

Today started like normal. Was going OK, taught the girls how to play "Guess Who", but only really taught Marissa who was a little bummed because I kept guessing who she had (Gianna kept blabbing who our person was).

I play no favorites & show Marissa that in "reality" she doesn't always win. I'm ruthless like that...especially when playing "Monopoly" then it's a no holds barred death match!! Finally they changed games & tried playing together without me. Bad idea. It wasn't long before they started fighting over the new game. So I had to break that up....fun.

Finally I got time to sort out my next batch of pics to print for my next set of LO's. Just when I start printing my black ink ran out but luckily I had a spare. It prints a page then my printer runs out of color ink. Crap, I'm all out. **SIGH**

Gianna had a 3pm appt. for her annual checkup at the Dr's office. I had planned on going out after that to get a birthday gift for one of Marissa's friends that's having a party tomorrow (Yep, I like to wait until the last minute). I wanted to do this in one "outing", but now I "needed" my ink. Thought it over & opted to get her gift at Target so I could go to Staples after & get my ink. Mission accomplished.

The only glitch was the annoying lady behind me on line at Staples. There was only 1 line & I was behind 1 person. Then a guy opens another line & says "I'll take the next customer" so that person goes over to him. Now I'm next waiting patiently when this lady says "are you going over to that line?" I said "I think they're taking next in line" so she shuts up. Then before I know it she says "Now there's a line forming over there". I turned to her & said "Do what you want. I don't care". WHAT THE HELL? Is she in THAT much of a rush?? I only had 1 item but you didn't see me flustered. It wasn't worth it.

Next was Gianna's appt. She was anxious about getting her finger pricked but the tech wasn't sure if she would need it since she had it done last week so we went into the exam room after a quick "eyes & ears" test. Then the nurse told me she'd be getting 4 shots today.


I was telling Gianna about it so it wouldn't be such a shock & told her it'd be like getting a pinch. This brought on her wanting her ears pierced because we had told her that's what it felt like. I asked her if she wanted them done today & she said yes. I kept telling her it would hurt but only like a pinch just to make sure but this is something she has wanted for awhile now & there was no stopping her. I asked the nurse if the Dr. had the time to do it today & she found out that she did. Meanwhile the tech comes in & says Gianna does need her finger pricked after all.

Oh this is gonna be a LOUD appt!!

The Dr. did the exam & her pneumonia checks out OK & everything else is just right on target for her age & her blood work came back good (it wasn't too bad of a finger prick but the tech made her laugh). Fantastic, that's what I like to hear! Then the Dr. says we'll do her earrings 1st or she'll be traumatized from the shots & won't do it. OK, I'm game.

She starts by cleaning her ears with alcohol & then it starts. Gianna was not liking the cold on her ears & started fussing. Great. We asked her if she still wanted her ears pierced & she said yes. She knows what's important in life! LOL!

The Dr. proceeded to mark her ears with a marker to gets the holes even & Gianna wasn't liking that but wasn't too bad. Until I had to hold her. The Dr. tells her she's gonna hear a "crunch" & then she'll have beautiful earrings. I tell her how it's gonna sound like her cereal, trying to downplay it, when it happens. Oh. My. Goodness!! The cry!! The tears!! The sound!!! We try to calm her but she wasn't having it, so the Dr. asks her if she only wants 1 earring or 2. I did not raise a dumb child & she said she wanted 2 but now she knew what to expect & was not happy at all! More cries! More tears! More LOUDness!!

But wait there's more!!!

She's there pitifully crying when the Dr. tells me to hold her & she'll give her the shots. Gianna could hear this loud & clear through her cries & wails louder if possible! Freaking out might be a good term. She gets 2 shots in each arm & was screaming like there was no tomorrow! I don't blame her one bit & feel bad. I should have made her ears a separate appt., despite what she wanted.

Just give me the "Mother-of-the-Year" award.

Coming home is when we were almost in an accident (see previous post). So when I say "What a day", I really mean "Where's the frickin' alcohol!!"

Don't worry I stick to coffee minus the alcohol!!

On a lighter note.....
Over the past weekend I was on a roll getting LO's done. In fact I did 6...YEAH ME!!

But you can't see them.

Sorry but the pics I took tonight all came out crappy so I'm gonna try again tomorrow.

FYI- I worked out my frustration from the day on the treadmill...and no my water was not laced with alcohol!!

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laura vegas said...

poor girlie! can't wait to see her pretty ears though. lol! i never thought about having the doctor pierce ears ... probably much cheaper than going to those little jewelry stores. one thing i liked when my girls got them pierced ... they had 2 people and did both ears at one time!