Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's all PINK!

Nope not a LO. Nope not a card. It's my EYE! I've got pink eye! It's all swollen & painful. (Take my word for it I was NOT getting a pic of that for the blog!! LOL!!!)


I can't seem to catch a break this summer between the girls & me being sick in one way or another!

You know it's bad when I go to the Dr. right away! It started late Tues. night & by last night it was annoying me to no end! I thought I had scratched my eye or that I had something in there but the Dr. looks at it & declares pink eye right away. He asked me if I'd been near anyone with pink eye & I said no, not thinking about Gianna's slighty pink eye over the weekend. But I did mention how she had pneumonia & he said it's possible since it's viral too. Not sure if he was "yes-ing" me on that but whatever. I've never had it this bad & to top it off the Dr. says I have a really bad case of it! Fantastic!

Lucky me has to wear my glasses for a whole week (the frames bother my ear) & I can't wear make-up (not a problem). I have to make sure my hands are constantly clean especially when I'm near anyone. I'm trying to keep my distance from the girls & Joe just to make sure. The worst part?? I have to put eye drops in my eye 4 times a day!!


I hate eye drops or anything near my eyes. Go figure especially since I wear contacts all the time!!

The funny part?? Tonight after Joe put the drop in my eye I hear Gianna laughing at me!! Guess it's payback for all the times I've given her eye drops! Rotten kid! She's just lucky I love her!!

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