Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Fun

Yesterday I was forced -- completely unwillingly -- FORCED to go out in the cold cold snow!! And not only go OUT in the snow but I was expected to SHOVEL too! What the hell?? Joe totally guilted me into it--doesn't he remember that I am a delicate little flower?? So in case he didn't actually believe me that I actually went out to shovel I took pics as proof..... OOOPS!! OK-So there aren't pics of ME shoveling but take my word for it I did--honest!

By the time we were done shoveling it was time to shovel AGAIN! I think we went out too early because seriously I wasn't doing it again. And I didn't-dammit! The girls wanted to build a snowman but I have no talent - or patience for it. I am NOT a cold weather type of person what-so-ever! So after a feeble attempt to build a base for a snowman I gave up. I convinced the girls to make some snow angels & throw snowballs instead & they went for it! Then without shoveling again--and not feeling any guilt what-so-ever we went inside.

Today was Joe's turn to take the girls out. That man is like a little boy that hasn't grown up--gotta love him!! He was all "It's great packing snow" so I had to go out just for the pics factor. This is what he made....who says he's not creative??

Family pic!!
Then because all the girls have to do is mention they want something--he made Gianna her own smaller snowman. What a sucker!!

They have him so wrapped around their mittens....

Just to prove I really was out in the cold too....but this is as good as it gets--I have no make-up on--stay back!!
These are the trees we planted 7 years ago for privacy......They look so pretty covered in snow....And no one saw me without my makeup on....


Rosalynn said...

Thanks..:) I got that unit in LTD. They may still have it. I love it!

I really love the pics of your family. How cute!

laura vegas said...

what fun photos ... and cute snowmans! i'm actually sitting here right now looking out the window ... and i see this family from down the street out riding their bikes ... IN THE RAIN! what the heck?!?! when it's wet and cold out there is NOOOOO reason to go outside. lol! i'm not a cold person either ... so don't feel bad!