Monday, February 11, 2008

Back to the Bucket

Just an update on my "Toothless Wonder". Marissa went the rest of Sat. fine. She napped & had a slight fever but no more puking (sorry). All day Sun. she was completely back to normal. While her Mother (that's me) had a serious sinus headache & just wanted to sleep all day. Today she went to school & all was well. She even went to CCD without any instances. Then we ate dinner.

We were having pasta with sauce & meatballs--a common occurance around here. She had requested hers plain without any sauce or butter. O-kay. She then sprinkled some cheese over it & ate--very-very-very slowly. When I told her it'd be time for bed if she didn't hurry up she jammed some pasta in her mouth & kicked it up a notch. All of a sudden she told me her belly hurt & she promptly threw up. CRAP.

We cleaned her up & put her to bed. Obviously she'll be home tomorrow. I'm probably gonna keep Gianna home only so I won't have to take Marissa out. I'm having some serious guilt issues right now because I sent her to school today. Joe says I shouldn't feel guilty because she was fine for a good 24 hours before this happened. I still wonder if I did the right thing. One good thing--

I put a bucket right by her bed.

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laura vegas said...

poor thing. as soon as anyone around here says their tummies hurt ... they get "the bowl"! lol! better safe than sorry!