Monday, February 18, 2008

Something Different

After another bad night of sleeping due to the torture in my back I'm feeling better. {{Thanks to everyone for their thoughts!}} I wanted to share something a little different for a change.

On Sat. before the whole "sick" thing happened I made Joe a birthday cake, his Favorite cake. It's called Triple Coconut Cake. It's called that because--well it's pretty much just coconut!! This is a crappy pic but I'm hoping you get the point. And oh yeah in case you're doing the math my hubby is older than me......

Then to back-track a bit on his actual birthday when I was wrapping his gifts & writing out his cards I realized I forgot to pick up cards from the girls to him--CRAP! So I broke down & made these super quick right before he got home! I kinda like the blue one. It could be better but I was in a rush & my brain was shut down--remember I was sick! I used my new scalloped circle punch--love it!
This next card was the card I made 1st & seriously I'm not thrilled with it. I would like a do-over please.
Last Thurs. when I was at Marissa's school for the Valentine's party I noticed her teacher using baby wipes to clean up some desks & some kids hands (not in that order & she did use clean wipes for the kids). So I offered her a pack of wipes I still have from Gianna's diaper days & she accepted. Of course being the scrapper that I am I couldn't give her something bland & boring so I took this un-used wipe container & spruced it up. I did this today & like my work much better when my head is clear! LOL!
I made it to sort of match the pencil cup holder I gave her for Christmas when she was Marissa's Kindergarten teacher last year (she moved up with the class).
So I leave you with that. Something much better to think of me by than buckets!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love your creativeness=0) can't wait to get back in the groove...gotta get my wreck of a room cleaned up. the cake looks quite yummy!

laura vegas said...

a scalloped circle punch ... i'm interested?!?! lol! cute little projects ... i would have never thought to spruce up the wipe containers i use on a daily basis! lol! do you think it would make diaper changing any more pleasant? lol! if so, i'm all for it!

dlyn said...

The cards and stuff are really cute, but the cake is the star of this post ;). Happy B-day to your hub!