Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Friday Blabbiness....

So yesterday I tried REALLY hard to slow down so I could draw out the book Twilight. This way I'd have time to run out & buy the next book New Moon. I couldn't wait so I finished it & I tell you it's so GOOOOOD! A really sweet romantic story! But that's all I'm saying--read it for yourself!!

Of course like I said I didn't want to wait to get it for my b-day on wed. so I went to B & N today & picked up the next 2 books in the trilogy as well as a few others for our Disney trip. I almost have the urge to take some scrappy things with us on vacation but really what are the odds that I'll actually scrap??? Nevermind I ALWAYS overpack & that would just take up my "shoe space"!!

After we left B & N, Gianna & I had an hour to kill before we pick up Marissa from school. I felt the urge to visit my LSS despite having Gianna with me (thinking she'll make sure I'm out of there in time to get to the school). She had no patience for the store at all. Practically from the minute we walked in she wanted to leave and she mentioned it repeatedly. And LOUDLY! Luckily we were the only ones in the store besides the owner & she just laughed. I did manage to buy these cute stamps & they make me want to create a LO of Joe & me--gotta find a good pic!

Since Gianna herded me out of the store so fast we STILL had time to burn so I went to Target. I figured I could bribe her with lollipops there. It worked too! She got in the cart & held onto the bag for dear life while I shopped. I finally picked up the Making Memories kit--think it's called the Garden Party Springtime collection, I've been eyeing it since I saw how pretty the papers are on Laura's layouts. I'm already thinking Easter. Then I hightailed it outta there just in time to pick up Marissa.

As for my haircut--I went to a new salon that my friend Samantha recomended. The stylist cut my hair differently than I've ever experienced but it came out GREAT! She styled it so cool--of course & of course I didn't take any pics that day. I styled it today & it didn't come out too bad but nothing like she did. I'll try again tomorrow & have Marissa take a pic.

I am so grateful that it's Fri. I have been fighting another sinus infection & just want to relax this weekend. It's snowing softly right now but it's supposed to continue through the night & we're supposed to get 4-6 inches. So at least this way we'll definately be staying home. Yeah I lead a wild & crazy life!!

I'm also thrilled that Feb. is OVER!!! It felt like the month would NEVER end!! I'm anxious for Spring to be here already!! I want to pack up my coat & break out my flip flops!!

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laura vegas said...

i NEVER take my girls with me to the scrapbook store. it never fails that they want "just one sticker" ... and then try to get the $5.00 sticker package. lol!

watch my blog tomorrow ... i'm sharing 3 new layouts with the garden party collection! isn't it such fun colors? i just love that collection!