Tuesday, January 22, 2008

100th Post!!! And Some Venting...

WARNING: This is a long post.....
I want to start this post on a happy note.....this is my 100th post!! YEAH!!! Didn't think I'd get there as fast as I did. Especially with all the blogs I check constantly during the day. Which might be the reason why I don't get stuff done around here!! I also didn't think I'd ever have any readers either. My sisters & a few close friends know I have a blog but most of them would only say I have too much time on my hands. Joe knows I have a blog but hasn't asked to read it which I'm happy for. I share everything else with him but would feel weird if he read what I wrote here for some strange reason (although I tell him literally everything). So I just want to say THANKS for listening (that's assuming there's anyone out there reading my blog)...especially tonight because.....I need to vent.

Today Marissa had a Brownie Meeting which was like any other. It was my turn to be "Snack Mom"--no big deal. I asked Marissa what she wanted to bring & she said the sugar cookies from Pillsbury (or something like that) that has little hearts shaped in the dough. I can't call it slice & bake because you literally open the pkg & place the pre cut cookies on a sheet & bake. Voila! Cookies!! So I made those as well as brownies because I can & I did (I confess--it was a box mix--I'm not Super Woman!!).

I pick Marissa up from the meeting later on & asked her if she had fun & she said she did. Then she tells me she's hungry. I said to her you just had brownies & cookies for snack there!! She said "Oh yeah" like it had been hours ago instead of a mere few minutes. So I asked her if the kids liked the treats. She said yes & that most of the girls wanted seconds of the brownies & the troop leaders (we'll call them "1" & "2") had to cut some brownies in half so everyone would have enough. She then told me that "2" said when it's her turn to bring in snack she'd bring healthy snacks, like carrots & cucumbers & celery & broccoli with dip.

Now let me describe for you the person I'm dealing with....she's the sporty type, has 3 kids but you couldn't tell (yeah--my jealously is showing!!) I have never said much to her other than basic pleasantries. Our girls were in some activities together last year & our paths crossed but other than that I never had much to say to her really. Nor does she to me. That's all I really know about her.

The other troop leader "1" happens to live on my street & we've been to a few neighborhood parties together & talked a bit but are we friendly to the point of calling each other for no reason not really. She's a "local" & was raised here. She's a sporty type too & has 2 kids. So "1" is the one I usually deal with when it comes to "Brownie" stuff. She's just more approachable. I talked to her briefly when I picked Marissa up & she didn't say a word about the snack. In fact there were no leftovers that I saw except the extra water bottles that I sent in. See there was a healthy part to snack--water!!

My aggravation is strictly based on what I heard from my 6 year old. I'd like to be wrong & I'm sure I'm taking this way too personal. I don't know if I'm looking too deep into this but it just doesn't sit right with me. Especially since we're selling Girls Scout Cookies right now & that would make her a hypocrite!!! Now---who wants to buy some "Broccoli Bites with Icing"?? Anyone??

Edited heavily after initial vent.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i'm appalled...i'd NEVER send brownies or sugar cookies because they really are unhealthy and we are talking kids...of course , that would be my excuse, because i'd eat all the brownies and cookies prior;0) mean people suck!

laura vegas said...

i have a problem with people like that too. not that i load up the kids with candy ... but an occasional treat is totally fine i think. but you get those people that think you're ruining them for life by giving them a cookie or a fruit snack ... or something that you didn't grind up or pull from the ground. lol!

vent away girl ... always makes me feel better! lol! and don't worry about over-reacting ... i do it all the time ... but i think we all know when there is really something to react too!

congrats on the 100th post!!!