Friday, February 15, 2008


Let me just start off by showing you the cute quickly decorated cupcakes I made Joe for his birthday. I made his favorite-French Vanilla cupcakes. Notice I used my cake stand/chip & dip holder from Target?? I found these marshmallow hearts at the supermarket & thought they'd look cute on cupcakes. Guess what? I was right--they DO look cute! But that's all they do is LOOK cute they smell & taste AWFUL! So after Joe tried one I pulled off the marshmallows & tossed them out. Oh well. On Wed I got a special delivery (that I knew was coming). Joe knew my Thursday was going to be hectic (& it was) so asked the florist to deliver these a day early. He spoils us all!!!

Sorry it's a terrible pic but the snow was bright outside. I could've faced the other direction to take the pic but my kitchen was a mess so I opted for the dark pic!! LOL!!
He finally understands that while yes red roses are beautiful & symbolize love they are not my favorite. So he modified his order & sent my favorite--purple!!!
This is from Gianna's class party that another mom (whom I don't know her name) kindly offered to take my pic with the girls. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Right after the party we bolted outta there to get to Joe's shop. He bought tickets to take us to see "Hannah Montana's" 3D concert movie. The girls were super excited!!! I must say that I think she's adorable & I like the music so I had fun too! I had Gianna sitting on my lap towards the end & she was bopping to the music while I bounced her on my knee so to those of you sitting behind us-Hope you liked the extra little show!! Afterwards for dinner we were short of options on where to go eat without waiting an eternity, so we figured we'd get seated quickly if we went to Hooter's & we were right. Sure it's not romantic but I'm easy to please!

When we finally got home we exchanged cards & gifts & then snapped some pics -- of course! Marissa took this one pretty good. I kept nudging Joe in the back to smile & he made this face! Love him!
Here's my tired but happy family before getting sent to bed. I just love them!!
Tomorrow we're having family & friends over for cake & coffee to celebrate Joe's birthday. I'm off to clean my messy house but not before I register my girls' new Webkinz! Talk about Priorities!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet hubby!! And the cupcakes look great! I saw you on SIStv and had to visit, then I saw you on another blog post. So instead of stalking you, I thought I would say Hi!!

Heather Marie said...

Can I have a cupcake? lol They look so good and the flowers are gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed your valentine's day! :)

Rosalynn said...

Hi! Your cupcakes really turned out cute!!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day!
Yes I am finding blogging to be very addicting!!! It's a lot of fun! I just need to get more photo's on it. I did final upload some of my layouts on SIStv, I'll get some on here too.
I will have to go and find you on SIStv. Oh thanks about the heater..My dad is looking at it so hopefully it will be fixed soon!! Thanks again! Have a great day!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

what a great day!!! i'm not a fan of roses and totally hate red and prefer purple (i'm a daisy girl)...sweet of him to include the girls...sounds like a wonderful day!

laura vegas said...

sounds like such a great valentines! i'm not big on flowers ... so my husband knows not to get me any. lol! i wanted to take the girls to see the hannah montana movie ... but they didn't want to go. lol! i love her show and her music ... maybe i should go without them!