Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Sickies

I've been feeling a little crappy the last few days with a not-to-bad head cold. This morning my voice sounds like I've been gargling with rocks. I wonder if it has anything to do with my staying up late last night working on a mini-album?? That's a little tease. It's a Valentine album & it's coming out pretty cute if--I do say so myself. I should be done in the next day or so but there's a glitch...her name is Marissa.

The toothless wonder of yesterday's fame woke me up at 5am telling me she threw up in bed. FANTASTIC. (said with great amounts of sarcasm) Her bed didn't suffer too bad since she made it to the bathroom sink. (Are you grossed out yet?) By this time I'm more awake & clean things & her up. I put her back in bed & she says

"Why didn't you leave a bucket in my room so I could throw up in there?"

Wait--WHAT?? So I said...

"Well Mommy forgot to check the calendar to see that this was the night you were supposed to throw up."

No not really.

I explained that I had no idea this woud happen & can't predict the future. Especially since she seemed fine going to bed. Then the lightbulb goes on over her head **ding** & she says

"Oh ok".

Joe was up already & when I caught him up with all the exciting facts he says he feels a little queasy too.

I'm hoping/praying that this is NOT a virus--I can not stand those things. Remember we had pizza delivered? Well we also ordered spaghetti & only Joe & Marissa ate it. So I'm kinda sorta hoping/praying that it was the spaghetti & not a virus. I can not stand those things--did ya notice that? Here she is all bundled up over our towel protected couch --with her bucket-- watching SpongeBob. She's got 2 whole crackers in her belly & has kept them down for about an hour. It's great to be her.


laura vegas said...

poor baby! hope she's feeling better ... and hope it's not getting passed around. lol! my oldest just got sick a few weeks ago ... only she was trying to come tell me she didn't feel good and everything ended up all over the stairs. lol! so gross.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

hope you are all better now...i woke up this am without a voice and a sore throat...yuck! funny about the bucket! i'm thinking of totally installing one permanently near the head of G's bed, because he's in a loft bed and can never make it to the garbage or bathroom in time. yuck, yuck, yuck!