Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just call me - MUSH!

Today I finally got to meet my girlfriend Patrizia's new baby. I can not tell you enough how she just melted me! I'm just a big pile of mush I tell ya! She's beautiful and tiny and sweet and just precious!! She just brought back so many memories of my girls when they were little! It's amazing how fast they grow & how easily you forget how tiny they were! Look!! She's just perfect!!
I was in such a good mood just for the fact that I got to spend some time catching up with Trizia! Holy crap! I just did the math & realized we've been friends since 1987! That's 21 years ago!!! O-M-G!! It seems like we just got out of high school & now we're both mommies! That just blows my mind! Where did 21 years go???? I think my mind just shut down.....
After I un-willingly left little Sabrina I went to pick Marissa up from school. She comes out with the biggest smile & tells me that she lost a tooth (her bottom tooth)!! She has been wanting to acheive this fascinating accomplishment while at school because then everyone treats you like something of a celebrity in class--you know "Can I see your tooth?". She went to the school nurse & was given a little treasure box to bring her tooth home in. Seeing how happy she was made my day an even happier one.

BTW-Today the Girl Scout Cookie orders were due. Wanna know whose daughter was the top seller? Mine! Not that I would brag or anything...just sayin'!! Wanna know something else? Today's snack mom brought in.......brownies!!! I went back to my car & just LAUGHED!!


laura vegas said...

what a cutie! all that hair too! i just love babies!

and your girlie ... how cute with the missing tooth! at least she didn't swallow it while eating lunch. alyssa did that ... believe me, we looked for it where nobody should ever look for anything. lol!

and way to go on the girl scout cookies! i used to be a girl scout waaaaayyyy back when ... so i always make sure to order a few boxes since i know how it was selling them! plus, i love cookies!!! lol!

dlyn said...

Aw sweet - and that is one precious little baby!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

now that's a lot of hair...hopefully, she won't lose it all...so sweet!
and congrats on the tooth loss. G swallowed his second tooth that he lost last year and freaked...afraid the tooth fairy wouldn't come. how many cookies did YOU buy??? that's awesome!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

p.s. i tagged you on my blog;0)