Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jobs I've Had....

In this past week my vast array of previous jobs have been brought up a few times by various people. Which got me thinking...should I ever have to type up a resume I'd have lots of different skills that could get me a job. But probably not. Let's look back on my career choices....

When I was in 7th grade, my parents bought a florist. My older sister Marie & I worked there doing various things. Can you say "child labor"?? I worked the counter & did floral arranging. Which looking back on I still use the skills I learned back then although not often.

During High School my parents bought a deli --go figure -- don't ask--I won't tell you. Once again my older sister & I were expected to work there. By now our younger 2 sisters Chet & Rita were older & worked there too. Not just "child labor" but a "sweat shop"! LOL!! Just kidding people!! It wasn't just a "deli" but sort of gourmet-like. Still with me? I helped work the counter & my dad showed me how to cook in the kitchen. I now have the skill to fry veal to perfection which makes my darling husband most happy!!

Sadly the deli didn't last long. Again --don't ask--I won't tell you!

I needed money like any other kid & got a job doing data entry (through my boyfriend) at a trucking company after school on the night shift. It sucked. But it was fun too since I worked with my boyfriend & his sister Connie. Turned out the relationship didn't last with him but I made a great friend out of it with his sister --go figure.

While I was in High School I went to a vo-tech school because as a little kid I always dreamed of being a beautician. SO I went to "Beauty School". I was not a drop-out -- sorry if that got the song from Grease in your head 'cause it's in mine! I was 1 of the top girls in my cosemetology class. I got my liscence & worked in a few different salons. After High School I did this some more but realized that I now needed health insurance & most salons back then didn't offer that.

I found a job through my sister Marie at an amusement game distributer that SHE just got a job at. It was data entry type of work again. I was working with my sister again. The hours were good. The commute was good. They offered health insurance & 401k. The pay was more than I had ever made at any other job & being that I was just 19 this meant I struck it RICH!

This was the time during which my boyfriend & I broke up. I was heartbroken since he was my 1st serious bf, but hey, I was 19!! While at this new company I met Joe--my future husband--so all was not lost!! But I digress......

After 2 years (more or less) of the data entry position I was approached by the Accounts Receivable manager & offered a position in his department doing Credit & Collections. I was a little skeptical because I never counted myself as someone with superb math skills & knew I'd be dealing with money in that dept. Besides I had been told by several people (that I became very good friends with) that I would hate working for the manager. But what did I do?? I was a kid & ignored all this & went for it! Why?? The money!! I wasn't stupid you know!

I worked there & did my job well--too well. Customers knew if they had a problem with their bills I'd try to resolve it & ended up doing stuff that Customer Service should have been doing. ANY-WHOOO!! I worked there while dating Joe, then marrying him, all the way up to being pregnant with Marissa & going on disability. Then I quit. I hated working for that manager!!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i promise not to ask about your jobs;0) and holy cow @ the whole brownie thing...i so hope k doesn't want to do it when she's old enough...i dread it. my bff was a co leader once and it was a nightmare...i can't believe all the drama she put up with. (lovin' all the pics on the side...btw!)