Monday, February 11, 2008

Sugar Rush

Tomorrow is Joe's birthday. He's been hinting around--wait let me make that --dropping obvious hints about wanting Rice Krispie Treats. So tonight I made him what we like to call "Bricks".

At Disney World on Main Street they sell Rice Krispie Treats so thick you could easily split them up for 4 people. That is, if you're not my husband. So years ago we started making RKT Disney Style. You make them like normal but you make 4 batches. Yes I said 4 batches. I like to make them a double batch at a time cause well I can. Then to top it all off my man likes sprinkles so I coat the top with sprinkles. See? Just to give you an idea of how big these puppies are I grabbed the only ruler I could find, which was a tape measure, I know not a "ruler". Granted I scrapbook. Granted I have several rulers-but just not in my kitchen when I want to measure "bricks". Now tomorrow I'm gonna bake his favorite--French Vanilla cake. Are your teeth hurting from all the sugar yet??

(Just wanted to post this on it's own. I think Rice Krispie Treats shouldn't be mixed up with the previous post)

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laura vegas said...

that's a pretty crazy rice krispie treat! lol! i loooooove rice krispie treats ... can eat entire pans of them in one sitting!