Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Info

So I've spent today doing some necessary things & some things very un-necessary. Let me share with you a peek into my day....

Got the girls to school & went to DMV to re-new my driver's liscense. Now I can hear the moan but we know of a not so well known DMV that's about 15 mins away & no matter when you go it's still a shorter wait than any other DMV I've ever been to. Seriously I was in & out in 10 minutes. I think the pic came out ok & the whole experience put me in a good mood.

That mood led me to shop!!

So off I went to Target. I've been wanting to go because it's an addiction of mine (among many) & I haven't been there since Christmas time. I was due. I was having some serious withdrawels!! I didn't have anything in mind that I had to get but you know you can always find things to buy once you're in! Boy did I find things to buy!! I bought the girls some cute Valentine shirts. I bought a few scrappy things. I bought some storage containers that I need to finish packing up the Christmas stuff. I bought a really cute Valentine chip & dip/ cake stand.

the top is pink but it's not showing up that great in the pic.

The inside is also pink but their was too much light to really see it.

I justified buying this because Joe's birthday is Feb 12th & I could use it for his cake. I think I might even keep it out for everyday though--it's that cute! Basically while I was there I just BOUGHT stuff! Don't tell Joe but I spent $300!! I was even shocked at myself!!

After I got home I spent a lot of time reading everyone's blogs & noticed that everyone had updated their blogs so I figured I needed to update mine as well. So what if the Christmas decorations are only 1/2 down!! LOL!!!


laura vegas said...

isn't target awesome?!?! my only compliant is that i can't see to walk out without spending at least $100! lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

shame on you about the decorations;0) totally loving that chip/dip platter thingy...how cute! i had planned on going there today after my midwife appt, but i think you read how that went...(and NO the voodoo last week didn't work...we'll see if this crap did.)

Heather Marie said...

Love the platter. Pink is my color. :) Target is so addicting! I am like you...if I don't go in for a week, I have a withdrawl! lol