Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm excited to announce that my sister Chet has expressed an interest in scrapping! That means I'll finally have someone to scrap with! YEAH!! I'm not much of a crop-goer only because I don't plan my LO's & I'd never know what to pack to take with me. I've always been an overpacker so I'd probably want to take ALL my stuff with me to a crop. So instead I've been going through my stash & giving her stuff & Melissa was nice to do a RAK & draw my name so all the fun stuff she sent is going to my sister. THANKS AGAIN MELISSA!!!

I've just about finished a mini album for Valentine's Day. Yeah I didn't finish it in time but it'll be ready for next year. I seem to do that a lot don't I? Oh well it's still Feb so I feel close enough. I have just 2 pics left to finish & I'll post pics.

It's snowing today & the schools are closed. We've got 5" already & it's still coming down. Joe expects me to go out & shovel the driveway before the ice starts falling. He stayed home later just to shovel the inital fall so I won't have lots to do he says & supposedly it's a light snow. Perfect for snowmen. Does it make me a horrible person to wish that my kids wouldn't feel like going outside to play in it? I have no desire to go out in the cold! But on the other hand they haven't had a good snow like this yet & they would make great pics for LO's (see how the scrapping mind works??). Too late!! Marissa already asked to go she was complaining that it was cold since I had the door open while I waved goodbye to Joe!


laura vegas said...

way to go getting your sister into scrapping ... i have never convinced a family member to try it. lol! can't wait to see the valentines album (you are going to share, right?). i found one that i taught as a class at my lss about 2 years ago ... you'd think i would have stuck some photos in it and did a little journaling ... would have made a perfect gift! lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

that's exactly why i don't go to crops...i'm an overpacker too. and i started a v-day album for the kids last year and it went unfinished...maybe i'll do it when i get back to scrapping. where's the snow pics. the kids were out here, yesterday due to ice, no snow...bummer=0(

Rosalynn said...

Thank you very for the sympathies.

That's awesome that your sister is going to start scrapbooking. How awesome. I'm still trying to get my best friend to but I don't know it's going to

Take care!