Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Didn't Sign Up For This!!

Today was a lost, wasted day that I will never get back.

One of the moms at Brownies who volunteered to be "Cookie Manager" came over today to enter the cookie sales online. She had made this out to be a very hard thing to do but I kept telling her it shouldn't be that hard. So me & my big mouth offered her my help. What was I thinking????

She shows up at 12:30 with her younger daughter & some lunch she picked up for us. We talk for awhile & afterwards we get in gear & pull out all the orders. We (I) calculate all the cookies & she writes down the totals. We (I) figure out how many extra boxes we need to get & she writes it down. Then it's time to enter it online. We barely start when her cell phone rings & it's her sister with some bad news. Instead of telling her that she couldn't talk, she proceeds to chat for a good 20 mins!! Meanwhile I unload the dishwasher & try to keep busy without getting involved in anything too time consuming. FINALLY she hangs up & repeats the whole conversation in details to ME! WHY she felt the need to share is beyond me. She could have easily gave me a brief-"sorry but I had to take the call it was about my family" type of excuse but no.

By this time I'm annoyed because she invited herself to MY house & then ends up pulling this crap which is downright rude. So now we get back online & proceed to enter the cookie order. Let me just say the program is confusing & the notes they gave her to figure it all out were useless. So I'm annoyed more but it's not our fault so I let it go. We call the "help lady" from Girl Scouts several times & get nowhere near done. The program is doubling up our "extra" cookies we need to order blah blah blah. Now it's time to pick up the kids from school so she offers to go. Which frankly I have to vent & say--"Why shouldn't she have volunteered--did she expect ME to go & she have free reign over MY house?????"

They get back & of course the kids are hungry. I had picked up munchins & they had happily had some. The other little girl started leaving the kitchen with the munchins but Marissa told her that they have to eat in the kitchen (house rules--no food in other rooms). Great. But little by little the other girl kept "forgetting" & tried to leave the kitchen with the WHOLE box. She even snuck in the kitchen where we were on the computer & tried behind my back to do this. I told her firmly that all food has to be eaten in the kitchen & she laughed & ran off. Her mom didn't say a word. What the hell???? Needless to say this continued with our aggrevation with the orders & my aggrevation with her kids.

Another rule when Marissa has friends over is they can not play upstairs which includes their rooms. They have toys all over our den on the main floor & a playroom in the basement that's got loads of toys. So really -- no reason to go upstairs. I heard them all upstairs & after telling them to come down repeatedly I got pissed. Marissa tried being sneaky by cutting through the guest room which leads to my bedroom which leads to the other staircase on the other side of the house --GOT THAT??-- that bothered me BIG TIME. She was being egged on by her friend to do this & that scared me that she falls easily to peer pressure. It's not like I was calling to her from the other room-I was at the foot of the stairs & looking right at them! Of course "Ms. Cookie Manager" was still on the phone with the "help lady" from the girl scouts & ignored the whole thing.

By now it's 4:30 & I STILL had Gianna at pre-school (which is a daycare too. Don't get upset I'm not an un-fit mother!! She can stay as late as 6:30 but I pick her up by 3:30 usually). So I tell the mom I've got to go & pick Gianna up. She's like "oh well if you want to go & I'll keep doing this--sort of thing". Again! Talking like I'd leave her in my house. I told her that from Gianna's school I had to go to Joe's shop (which is no lie--his shop neighbor was ordering me new tires for my truck). FINALLY she gets the hint that she has to leave & wraps it up. Her girls are running willy-nilly all over trying to hide so they don't have to leave which annoyed me more. When we were kids we obeyed our parents the 1st time nevermind the parents of our friends when we were at their houses.

So basically after all this I was pissed off the rest of the night. I felt very taken advantage of. Why do people mistake my being nice for being a push-over?? By the way she also "invited" herself over my house when the cookies come in because I have more room to split up all the boxes of cookie orders. AARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! I told Joe that I'll finish this but from now on my new motto is "Just say NO!!!!"

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