Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Raining....

It's POURING!! The old man is nowhere in sight! Seriously. It's coming down in bursts. Now I think it's letting up.....

I'm off to visit my girlsfriend Patrizia's baby, little Sabrina. I can't wait!! I'm sure I'll come home later telling Joe I'm ready for #3. I already warned him about that & told him to smack me if that happens!! LOL!!

Yesterday I got my Feb. Kit from Heather over at Scrapbook Bakery. Can I just take a minute to say it is such a FUN looking kit! It's all reds & pinks & so Valentine-ish!! I'm not even putting it away because I can't wait to play with it!

Which brings me to mention how crazy I've been this year so far with a Scrapping Shopping Spree (say that 3x fast!!). For Christmas Joe gave me some pre-paid credit cards with some obscene amounts of money on them & I let loose! Things I have been drooling over are now in my possession. My only problem now is where to store all this stuff! So instead of being scrappy in 2008 I've been re-organizing my supplies (which I seem to do every Jan). I'm just itching to scrap!! Yesterday I started going through some pics to get ideas on what I what to start with & can not wait for some free time!

Speaking of free time I don't see any in my near future.
Today besides my baby visit, I have to go vote & just for the record it will NOT be for Hilary!!

Then I have to tally up all of Marissa's Girl Scout cookie orders because it's due today when I drop her off for her meeting. And no I'm not the snack mom today! LOL!

Then tomorrow myself & the cookie manager will be here in my messy house to enter in all the orders together. Apparently I somehow volunteered to help out. I have got to learn to keep my big mouth SHUT!

Then the rest of the week I seriously have to clean my house because we will possibly be celebrating Joe's birthday this weekend since it falls on the 12th & that's a Tues. Somehow we still haven't decided on which day.

So that's my week of craziness. Hopefully I can pace myself & get it all done & not wait until the last minute. I usually do put things off till the last minute & then get pissed off at myself. Sorry I'm grumbling but that's what I do best.

Oh & in case you're wondering...it stopped raining & there's the slighest hint of -dare I say-sun peeking through the clouds. That's all from the weather desk--carry on.


Heather Marie said...

So glad to hear that you like the kit! Make sure you save the bakery box...there is a contest on my blog using the box! Hope you get lots of time to scrap soon! :)

laura vegas said...

my dad gave me a bad time about not voting. i can't even remember the last time i did. i don't read the paper, i don't watch the news ... so basically i have no idea of what's going on in this world (and yet i can tell you anything and everything that's going on in the scrapbook world. lol!). so i figure i have no business voting for things i don't know. lol!