Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yummy Treats

Don't they look YUMMY??? Well they ARE!! These are the treats that I struggled with last night. I REALLY tried making them like Becky Higgins but they just weren't cooperating. I ended up nuking a couple of giant Hershey bars in a zippy bag & squirted it onto the pretzels them topping them with the candies. Not as cute sounding as Becky's recipe but it worked AND they came out CUTE!! They were a hit at the Halloween party.
Marissa wanted to be Mulan again for the party saving her new Jasmine costume for Halloween. She looked too stinkin' CUTE! I used some make-up on her eyes & WOW have we got ourselves a problem when the boys start getting their hormones in gear! Gianna looked so sweet & cute in her Aurora costume. She had so much fuun in her little heels clip-clopping everywhere!
Here are just the girls from the party. Can you believe how BRAVE my friend Samantha is to have a boy/girl party??? Her son had about 6 friends over vs the multitude of girls her daughter Ariel had. She had me & her M-I-L helping out but STILL those boys were little TERRORS! As much as I used to want a little boy of my own I'm so glad I have girls...yes i know all the benefits of having boys BUT it doesn't matter because this baby machine is SHUT DOWN!! HAHA!!!
Aren't they CUTE?? All the girls were so well behaved. They played bobbing for apples only instead of bobbing they had to use the opposite hand they write with & close their eyes while using a spoon. They also painted their own little pumpkins & got their faces painted by the grown-ups. Boy the girls wanted all this fancy stuff but had to settle with hearts, pumpkins, flowers, or ghosts from ME! The paint brushes weren't fine enough to get detailed work so I cut them down on their options REAL quick! Later they knocked open a pinata & scurried around for candy. OF COURSE there were SOME kids who shall remain nameless that complained because they only got a FEW pieces of candy. What the???? COME ON it's ALMOST Halloween you'll be getting your share in a few days can't that hold you over???? Actually it was one particular girl that was whiny...she happened to also be the girl that was VERY picky about what I painted on her face! So between all the pizza, candy & sweets the kids had FUN! I came home & felt EXHAUSTED!! I'm torn between wanting to go to bed & wanting th finish the LO that's sitting on my desk! What to do what to do!! I know I'll pop another couple of those yummy pretzel treats into my mouth to help me decide as I crunch into the yummy goodness!!!

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