Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I want my mojo back!

I still haven't scrapped in awhile. Don't know what's with me. Sometimes when I feel REALLY guilty about not doing housework I tend to feel less creative. That's probably what's got me all bothered. In the hopes to get some inspiration I've been re-organizing my ribbon drawer. I've got all those yummy ribbons I got from Michael's $1 bin that I keep separate from the rest because the spool are bigger & don't fit nicely in the drawer. I've finally decided to take them off the spools wind them up & put them in the cropper hopper boxes. It'll make searching for ribbons a little easier.

As for little Miss Gianna-she had ANOTHER fit when we got to school. The only way I got her out of the car was to tell her she could put the check in the "mailbox" for me. After she did that she threw a fit & cried. I brought her into class & got a lot of sympathic looks from the center directors'. **SIGH** On the flip side when I picked her up she was still dressed in the clothes she had put on in the morning-that means she was accident free.....until dinner time! I was cooking Joe's FAVORITE dinner of veal parm when Gianna comes to tell me that she did a stinky in her underwear. ***SIGH*** I made her wait a few minutes while I finished frying the veal. I asking her if it felt disgusting hoping to make her more aware & she said yes. After I cleaned her up & made her sit on the potty anyway. I've heard this helps so I'll give ANYTHING a try!

Marissa had a good day at school. She told me she had art & gave me a guilt trip for forgetting to send in a smock for her. The NERVE of me!! Like she can't frickin' REMIND me ahead of time! Last week she forgot her library books at home & did the same thing when I picked her up. I told her that we have to work as a team & I'll help her but she's got to remember too. This girl needs a secretary! Then when she doesn't remind her of something she can pull a Donald & say "You're FIRED"! LOL!!

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