Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm a little annoyed with Grey's tonight. What is with the George & Izzy storyline?? They just DON'T fit! SERIOUSLY! I can see her with Alex or Denny but NOT George! And speaking of Denny-whatever happened to her undying love to him?? She couldn't have him so she wants another woman's husband???? SERIOUSLY! Not for nothing but if I were bleeding & had to go to the hospital & found out that she was my Dr I'd just want to continue bleeding. Give me a bucket & I won't drip on the floor but DO NOT let her work on me!! SERIOUSLY!! Now Derek Shepard just makes me love him more each week! I love the speech he gave McSteamy & the Chief after the surgery!!! HE can stitch me up & kiss my boo-boo!! I would NOT kick him out of my exam room OR bed--EVER--SERIOUSLY!! Full disclaimer--I told Joe that McDreamy is on my "freebie" list! He just shakes his head.....

Had a crazy rear driver's side window wouldn't close in my car (thanks to the girls messing with them all the time). Took it to the dealer & found the window is off the track & it's bent BUT they could order me a new one & it can be tomorrow morning IF I'm willing to shell out $337!! Can you hear me cracking open 2 little girls' piggy banks from where you are??? Had to scrap (no not SCRAP) my food shopping---we will not eat until my window is fixed!! LOL! No sorry I just ran short on time!

An hour or 2 after I got home I got a phone call from Marissa's school nurse. Her ear is bothering her & the nurse says it's red inside. Great-possible ear infection. Call me "MOTHER OF THE YEAR" but before dropping her off at school she told me her ear was bothering her but in my rushing around packing her lunch I forgot to giver her any Tylenol. She even TOLD her teacher AND the nurse that I forgot to give her medicine! I asked her WHY she told them that & she said that it happens-everyone forgets now & then! She floored me with that! I just couldn't throw back at her how JUST yesterday SHE forgot her homework at school. I was speechless!

Finally get her to the Dr & there isn't any ear infection thank GOD! But the Dr. says she's got swimmer's ear. My daughter doesn't even SWIM! It was my fault after all BECAUSE just last night I cleaned Marissa's ears & the q-tip must've irritated her ear. Just give me my 2nd "MOTHER OF THE YEAR" trophy-I've EARNED it! The Dr. checks her throat & says it's red & irritated--I must've gone REAL deep with that q-tip!! LOL! She does a strep test & luckily it comes back negative BUT they're gonna run another test overnight just in case. So now I have to call the office to get the results before I take Marissa to school in case she's contagious. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm leave off on a positive note....This morning when I dropped Gianna off at school she skipped in & was playfully hiding behind me when we walked into class. She told me she had to go potty & when she was done she grabbed onto me a bit but Meredeth quickly distracted her & while she DIDN'T cry she gave me dirty looks as I left! I think I'm up for ANOTHER "MOTY" award! What a day...TGIF tomorrow!!

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