Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It's weird...Gianna has been really good about getting dropped off at school except for today! I have some reasons as to why but it's all hypothetical. Let me back track a little....

Yesterday was her 1st full day at her new pre-school. Unfortunately her teacher Merideth was out & there was a sub. No big deal though I warned her that Gianna needs to be reminded about the potty. OK. I kissed Gianna goodbye & told her I loved her & she waved goodbye...GREAT!

I called after lunch to see how she was & the sub told me that she was fine except when lunchtime came she was given applesauce but of course MY CHILD doesn't like it & got mad. The teacher took it off her plate BUT the damage was done & Gianna wouldn't eat. I don't think she would have eaten it ANYWAY because they were serving Quesidillias & she's a pretty fussy eater. After lunch it's naptime. She napped & everything was ok. So I got off the phone feeling ok about her 1st day. It's not the 1st time she's gone to sleep on an empty stomach.

When we picked her up she comes running to me & I could tell by her face that she had been crying (her eyes were puffy & red). The teacher told me that Gianna was doing the "pee pee dance" but refused to go to the bathroom so finally she carried her to the bathroom & stayed with her in case she wanted help. She started crying but she peed. Yeah I can see that happening-she's a stubborn little kid. The teacher told me that she was fine & had pretzels at snack so she was ok.

TODAY in the car going to school Gianna told me she wanted to go home. I told her she had to go to school & she would have fun. OK no problem we get there & we walk in but as soon as I try to leave she starts crying! I gave her a hug but then she was clinging to me & refused to let go. AARRGHHH! I feel bad but I know I can't be weak or then she'll play me all the time! So I told her I loved her & gave her to the teacher & left. I know she'll be fine.

Now here's where I have my theories as to WHY this happened.

1. It's all new to her & it's hitting her that she's there to stay ALL DAY.

2. She was forced to pee when she didn't want to & realizes that she's not going to get her way here.

3. Today was ballet day & a lot of little girls were dressed in their tutus. I had asked her if she wanted to dance too (I'd sign her up in a month after she was acclimated) & THAT's when she started crying. So maybe she got upset that she didn't have a tutu too. (say that real fast!!)

When we picked her up today the teacher, Merideth told me that she had an accident & wet herself. She made it to the bathroom but that's when she couldn't hold it anymore & let loose. So her shoes were soaked but she had fresh clothes on. I think the teacher will be keeping a closer watch on her from now on. LOL!! Today for lunch were hamburgers-you know what my daughter ate? The BUN! She'll eat steak but NOT hamburger! She's got TASTE!! LOL!! One of the directors of the school Danielle (who happens to be Marissa's old teacher) filled me in more about what happened when I left.

Gianna threw an all out FIT on the floor crying. They tried talking to her but it didn't work so they left her there (yeah I would too) finally after 20 mins. Danielle finally picks her up & takes her in the office & tells her to stop crying & asked her "Do you want to stay in here & cry or go back & listen to a story"? Gianna stopped crying & said she wanted a story. What a DRAMA QUEEN!! Danielle also noted that Gianna tries to play up her cuteness to get her out of trouble. Yeah I warned them! So they are all on to HER! I wonder what will happen tomorrow when I drop her off. Hopefully she'll realize she can't pull that shit with them there & she'll straighten out! Yeah not MY CHILD..but I can dream can't I?!?!?!

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